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  1. GAME are doing the deal of the day on their website again. They currently have Far Cry on offer for £18.99 + £1.50 p&p, with 39 in stock. If only I had a DVD drive.
  2. It's actually going to be directed by Uwe Boll (shock) with a budget of $25 mil and start production next year.
  3. I'm going to go back armed with the T&C and just hope they don't say you've already done this once this week. Well actually twice but that's the bonus of having two GAME stores in town.
  4. There are actually plans to make a Far Cry movie, so i was actually just trying to start a topic about that because I wouldn't actually do somthing as stupid as post a topic in the wrong forum.
  5. Sorry I got my pages mixed up obvously this was meant for general gaming.
  6. GAME are doing the deal of the day on their website again. They currently have Far Cry on offer for £18.99 + £1.50 p&p, with 39 in stock. If only I had a DVD drive. But obviously I just want to start a topic about the possible movie.
  7. I often find myself walking around the house in the style of Sam Fischer. It really does work you can sneak up on people, but I've not quite got to the stage where I hit them over the head with the butt of my gun yet.
  8. Has anyone traded anything to get the Xbox live starter kit, if so what? My local GAME in Nottingham said it was at their discretion and they wanted the four trade in games to come to a value of £20 or more. Also one of the Stores in Nottingham said that the offer ended on Thursday.
  9. JPR

    The OC

    It appears Ch4 didn't take much notice of your confessions last week to likeing the OC, as they've decided to drop it from both Ch4 and E4 until autumn. In order to make way for more BB5. Yet they still seem to be showing friends the show that everyone has seen each episode about 4567 times, a show that personally I'm sick and tired of. I'm just glad I'm finally going to be getting broad band soon so I'll be able to download and see all the shows that Ch4 seem intent on messing with.
  10. JPR


    Both volumes of Futurism are really good, CD1 of Vol.2 is probbably my favourite. You should defintly check out Felix Da Housecat, Kittenz and thee Glitz features the amazing Silver screen which has spawned many excellent remixes, the rest of the album is very much in the same vain a sort of 80's electro mix that is effortlesly cool, but it isn't always the easiest album to listen to I've found. Felix released a new album yesterday Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever which carrys on in a similar vain to kittenz with it's 80's electro, but with some 70's funk thrown in. The album is excellent, had me jumping all around the room I can't reccomend it enough. I'd also reccomend XFM's Remix vol.2 while probbably not strictly a electro clash album there are some really good remixes of elctro clash track such as the Jacques Le Cont mix of Silver screen (my favourite) and an electro clash style mix of Gomez's Shot Shot. There's also the compilation called Electroklash very good and This is not the 80's is supposed to be excellent, but I haven't got round to getting it yet, also American Gigilo is supposed to be good, another on my to buy list
  11. JPR

    GT4 Prologue

    Aston Martin DB4 GT I'm now extremly excited. I'm not going to buy prologue I'll take a gamble that it will be in the pre owned section in a month or two.
  12. It's ok but I don't think it really fits in with episode IV title a new hope. The problem is the word birth it's a word that sounds hopeful, it really needs a title that tells you that's darker tells us somthing bad is happening such as Rise of the Sith, or the Dark Empire.
  13. I think it's even more annoying when you put a game onto a harder setting and find yourself getting stuck. I recently had this with CoD I had it on the hardest setting and there was a point where you had to take a german airfield which was so hard the only way I could do it was to find god, The rest of the game was fine. I think more games should follow the lead of RPG's with a difficulty that can be changed at any point, I've found it a very useful feature in both BG2 and KOTOR.
  14. JPR

    She's a beaut

    It's just not natural, I shouldn't feel this way about a bit of plastic but I do.
  15. This is an enjoyable film, it's defintly worth watching the DVD with the commentary very funny. Not sure about the time line but the next film will be around the time of RE3 as it has Jill and the Nemesis in. The first one took $39.5m at the US Boxoffice and made $5.9m on VHS Rentals not sure about the global boxoffice think it was close to $60m. The budget for the film was $35m, which has been upped to $50m for the next.
  16. Have to say I'm quite excited about this it looks great, plus I like the sound of it being a turn based stratergy. Plus it shows Konami are actually creating a new game and trying out new ideas and adapting a game to the hand held format, not just dumping an old game on us.
  17. According to amazon it is, but not sure about the special edition though.
  18. I just worry about the prices of the games, as that is the big reason I have so few GBA games. I refuse to pay £30+ for a game on a handheld when I can get a console game for the same price which I will get alot more use from. With these games looking like they are going to be more expensive than your average GBA game to produce I just hope we don't see an increase in the prices.
  19. I hope to god they give us genuine alternatives to the gangsta crap music, not just variations on a theme as in VC.
  20. Is there anything saying how you play the game as it looks a lot like you don't actually fully control it as in the other MGS games. It looks more like a stratergy card game, you choose your actions and it does them for you. But however it plays I'm totally sold and I'm off to preorder a PSP, which I suppose means I now have to get a job.
  21. I really wanted this then for some reason or another I never got it. Is there much difference between the PC and Xbox version?
  22. I waited for years for this game to be dissapointed to be honest. The infinite polygon engine looks very good but you spend most of the time on a 2D map of the City. It just ended up becoming repetative and my game just hit a dead end as all the parties seem to be going for me. I do keep menaing to give it another go and start a new game from fresh. Because I think there is somthing good in there you just have to really work for it, which is always rather hard at dissertation and exam time.
  23. I thought ToB was the final part of the BG story. The one game I really wanted was World Sports Cars by West Racing. It looked amazing extremly detailed. GTR looks as if it will go some way to make up for this but the one problem is it only seems to have recent GT cars, But WSC had Mclarens, the Porsche 911 GT1 and the car I was most looking forward to drive the Sauber Mercedes C9.
  24. JPR

    Call of Duty

    This game is great it did seem to go through a slightly dull patch at the dams but the Russian missions towards the end are amazing, especially the levels in Stalingrad and the final level in Berlin. I really don't see anything wrong with it being linear and scripted especially, if it creates the tension and atmosphere that you get in this game.
  25. It's brilliant but it's also crap, I think it is the case of they've tried to do too much. Some of the racing can be really exciting especially the DTM cars, Australian V8's and the Formula Fords but then there stuff like the truck racing, the pickups and the Bridgestone series inbetween which do nothing for me. They don't provide exciting handling or racing they're just a chore I have to go through until the next DTM series. The racing is exciting I have had some really good battles, but one thing I have found is none of them can take corners. Every driver seems to be really cautious when it comes to cornering and I can outbrake everyone and this isn't in a mad smash them up way but taking a corner properly way. At the moment I just want to get through the story and unlock everything because I think thats when the game will come in to its own. I'll be able to cut through all the chaff and concentrate on racing in the series I enjoy.
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