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  1. I think it's even more annoying when you put a game onto a harder setting and find yourself getting stuck. I recently had this with CoD I had it on the hardest setting and there was a point where you had to take a german airfield which was so hard the only way I could do it was to find god, The rest of the game was fine. I think more games should follow the lead of RPG's with a difficulty that can be changed at any point, I've found it a very useful feature in both BG2 and KOTOR.
  2. JPR

    She's a beaut

    It's just not natural, I shouldn't feel this way about a bit of plastic but I do.
  3. This is an enjoyable film, it's defintly worth watching the DVD with the commentary very funny. Not sure about the time line but the next film will be around the time of RE3 as it has Jill and the Nemesis in. The first one took $39.5m at the US Boxoffice and made $5.9m on VHS Rentals not sure about the global boxoffice think it was close to $60m. The budget for the film was $35m, which has been upped to $50m for the next.
  4. Have to say I'm quite excited about this it looks great, plus I like the sound of it being a turn based stratergy. Plus it shows Konami are actually creating a new game and trying out new ideas and adapting a game to the hand held format, not just dumping an old game on us.
  5. According to amazon it is, but not sure about the special edition though.
  6. I just worry about the prices of the games, as that is the big reason I have so few GBA games. I refuse to pay £30+ for a game on a handheld when I can get a console game for the same price which I will get alot more use from. With these games looking like they are going to be more expensive than your average GBA game to produce I just hope we don't see an increase in the prices.
  7. I hope to god they give us genuine alternatives to the gangsta crap music, not just variations on a theme as in VC.
  8. Is there anything saying how you play the game as it looks a lot like you don't actually fully control it as in the other MGS games. It looks more like a stratergy card game, you choose your actions and it does them for you. But however it plays I'm totally sold and I'm off to preorder a PSP, which I suppose means I now have to get a job.
  9. I really wanted this then for some reason or another I never got it. Is there much difference between the PC and Xbox version?
  10. I waited for years for this game to be dissapointed to be honest. The infinite polygon engine looks very good but you spend most of the time on a 2D map of the City. It just ended up becoming repetative and my game just hit a dead end as all the parties seem to be going for me. I do keep menaing to give it another go and start a new game from fresh. Because I think there is somthing good in there you just have to really work for it, which is always rather hard at dissertation and exam time.
  11. I thought ToB was the final part of the BG story. The one game I really wanted was World Sports Cars by West Racing. It looked amazing extremly detailed. GTR looks as if it will go some way to make up for this but the one problem is it only seems to have recent GT cars, But WSC had Mclarens, the Porsche 911 GT1 and the car I was most looking forward to drive the Sauber Mercedes C9.
  12. JPR

    Call of Duty

    This game is great it did seem to go through a slightly dull patch at the dams but the Russian missions towards the end are amazing, especially the levels in Stalingrad and the final level in Berlin. I really don't see anything wrong with it being linear and scripted especially, if it creates the tension and atmosphere that you get in this game.
  13. It's brilliant but it's also crap, I think it is the case of they've tried to do too much. Some of the racing can be really exciting especially the DTM cars, Australian V8's and the Formula Fords but then there stuff like the truck racing, the pickups and the Bridgestone series inbetween which do nothing for me. They don't provide exciting handling or racing they're just a chore I have to go through until the next DTM series. The racing is exciting I have had some really good battles, but one thing I have found is none of them can take corners. Every driver seems to be really cautious when it comes to cornering and I can outbrake everyone and this isn't in a mad smash them up way but taking a corner properly way. At the moment I just want to get through the story and unlock everything because I think thats when the game will come in to its own. I'll be able to cut through all the chaff and concentrate on racing in the series I enjoy.
  14. JPR

    Breed rumors...

    Going off topic from Breed I know which was a shocking game, but the prview in EDGE this month was awful just like other parts of this months issue. I think quite frankly it was tainted due to them thinking that it was wrong to make a game based around Chernobyl and to be honest I don't really care what the opinion of an English journalist is, Ukranian yes, English no at least not in the context of a game preview. If you want a proper preview go and read the article in PC Gamer far more informative and has got me very excited about the game.
  15. Is this what you are looking for Altitude it was in issue 114.
  16. Who actually nominates the games because some of the catagories and nominations made no sense to me. Such as the adventure game including MoH and crap like TR:AoD and the Matrix getting nominations, also the new catagory made no sense to me.
  17. That is one of my all time favourite tracks. I've been meaning to play this game again for ages, I'm defintly going to have to dig it out this afternoon.
  18. I've finally found out somthing about him, he used to write about computer games in Sonic the Comic. He did the news and reviews, he also did "The Q-Zone" which was the hints section under the name "Game Guru".
  19. Bill Bailey was one of the zombies in the crowd over the fence and infront of the Winchester, you only get a quick glance of him but he is defintly in there.
  20. But look 3-4 years ago I hardly remember any deals and offers on at GAME, go in now and there is always some sort of deal 2 for £30 etc, because more and more people have started to purchase from websites and move away from GAME. look on here virtually no one buts from GAME now most people use Play or another website, but I know personally a few years ago I got everything from GAME. This trend will keep growing as more and more people become aware of the benefits of the net and more confident in using it. So while the competition isn't very large or direct at the moment it is there and growing. But a price war is the type of thing that will kill of this growing competition. It will harm smaller websites and will just portray the image that shops are cheaper so people will carry on sticking with GAME.
  21. Yes but it will also harm websites as they will have trouble like the indie's in competing on price. Indie shops may not have a god given right to exist but we are certainly better off for them as they provide competition, which is this case is no bad thing.
  22. Because in a price war you are likely to end up selling at below cost. While thats ok for the big guys such as GAME and department stores any long term price war can damage the position of the smaller independent shops and put them out of business in the long term, which isn't good for anyone except GAME.
  23. Ccompletly forgot about these I've sent a mail to get on the list. Could you tell me what the measurments are for the small size please?
  24. JPR

    IndyCar Series

    I was playing this last night for the first time in ages, and have come to the conclusion that it is one of the best racing games on any consoles. Because it is one of the few games that you actually race in, we all know about GT and there is racing in PGR but not at this level, its only equal is probably Motogp. Racing is full of wheel-to-wheel battles that are more exciting and tense than any other game. As often you can’t actually see the opponent you know he’s on the inside or outside but you not always sure how close he is, then you throw into the mix the fact that you are racing on an oval, which means your flat out 200+ mph with a solid concrete wall on the outside. So ease off and you lose your place, stay flat out and you may keep your place but there’s just as much chance that your stuff it into a wall. The racing really tests your nerve and skills you constantly have to be looking ahead trying to judge your speed will you make the corner, will you stay ahead, do you need to ease off. Last night I had one of the most exciting and scary moments I’ve had in gaming for a while. I was 30 laps into the race in the lead lapping a back marker who was very close to me in speed, so for a lap and a half I was flat out with this guy on my inside banging wheels with me, scraping the outside wall a couple of times so close to losing it but I kept my foot down and got him. You also have to throw into the mix the crashes, which are modelled really well you get cars flying about, which can trigger other crashes. You’ve got smoke which can really impair your vision and it’s all happening so quickly that you’ve got try and dodge your way through as there’s no time to slam on the brakes. Plus the best thing is you don’t need to cause the crashes. It’s also backed up with a really good driving model. There’s a decent range of settings for the car, which actually affects the performance of the car, so you have to spend time tweaking them in order to pull out that all-important extra 10th of a second. Then in the race you can alter the balance of the car or the fuel mixture to adapt to the different situations. Also something I haven’t read much about is the rumble feature, which really adds something to the overall feel. It’s used to give proper feedback you can feel when your cars a bit skittish or what the track surface is like how bumpy it is, which probably doesn’t add a great deal in terms of actual control but does make it a more complete experience. Then there are the un lockable items you get the usual new liveries, but you also get some really good and informative video clips about the Indy 500 that any self-respecting motor sport fan will find interesting. This really is a great game, and anyone who’s looking for a good racing game that actually involves racing they should look past the fact that all tracks are ovals and give this a go.
  25. Wow I wasn't too sure about RE4 before I thought it sounded interesting but really needed to see it running. Now that I have all I can say is it's tied with HL2 as my most wanted game this year and wow again. I'm also still really excited about killer 7 but my main worry is that the game wont capture the stylish, fast paced action of the video. i just eep rmembering the first video of Daikatana I saw which I though looed amazing and we know what happend there. The third game looks like psycho Pikmin on acid what more could anyone ask for?
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