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  1. Vettel is on Question Time next week, not something I expected to type, but of all drivers he's the least surprising.
  2. Obviously I had to make the Harrods livery now I've finally got it. Then tried to recreate the late race look.
  3. I had a 1:18 model of it growing up which I loved, it's always been a favourite car of mine. Maybe one day I'll have enough credits to recreate my other models and add an Ecurie Francorchamps, David Piper and works car to the picture. Would love them to add the berlinetta.
  4. Inspired by the new Formula E.
  5. They stopped Selling Now subs earlier in the year so most places are out of stock now, I got a three month sub from G2A which at least worked yesterday.
  6. Wow, that is a really shit move to pull and doubly so to not give any warning.
  7. Looks like it, well three months, not sure I'd want to risk sitting on a one month Now code until June, but it seems people can't redeem Plus codes at the moment. So if you've got an active Plus it might be worth grabbing a Now code, otherwise wait and see what's happening with Plus codes.
  8. That does seem to be the case, quite prepared for something to go wrong though with my luck though.
  9. PS Plus FAQ Not many places have Now but G2A have 3 months for £17.99, which looking at that should convert any current Plus to Premium. Just bought one and it redeemed fine, already had Plus until 24 but may add another year as I'm guessing this might be the only chance at a cheap upgrade as Now cards won't be around for long.
  10. The Gant board marker is working thanks. You can also use Sport Soft tyres, found I didn't need the second tyre change as I did with the inters. Either way it's slightly faster than the old tune for me, so good to know I still have an easy way to grind for the destined to win Le Mans cars.
  11. I'll give it a go thanks, I was stuck at looking on the left for some reason. I tend to be overcautious now, lose time but better than putting it in the gravel, that's what I need to pressure the CLK drivers to do. It's just one of those corners that seems to give me problems no matter what the game.
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