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  1. That one wasn't so fun today. Wordle 421 4/6*
  2. German Ferrari driver who could have won the 1961 championship if it wasn't for his tragic death at Monza, in a crash that sadly also killed 15 spectators. Was always a favourite driver of mine partly for his name but also because I had a model of his Ferrari 156 F1 "Sharknose" which is one of the prettiest F1 cars. Sadly not genuine as Enzo scrapped them all.
  3. There's a great piece on The Athletic about Barcelona’s financial crisis and there's bit in it about representatives of Barcelona players suspect the club have been leaking contract details and trying to turn the public against them, creating paranoia in the squad. They tried to get around the registration problem with Raphinha but thankfully Leeds didn't play ball and got most of the money upfront. It all feels a bit like Ridsdale on steroids, he can only dream of the fishtanks the Barcelona boardroom could have.
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