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  1. An update but not much of one, title and promise of more later this year. Source
  2. Some brief bits of gameplay. Also some new screenshots:
  3. Bit too much kerb and I'm flying into someone, amazingly I didn't get a penalty or lose a place as they kept me on track, felt bad about it. Couple more liveries which are simple but I'm quite please with, even got a few likes and comments which was pleasing to see. Simple is best with the Toyota as it's a pain to put decals on.
  4. Saw mention earlier this week that their next game was looking like something sci-fi. I wasn't expecting this but excited by the prospect, always enjoy WH40K games and really enjoying WoTR at the moment. Will be interesting to see how the different fates work out, I've seen plenty of mention that the different mythic paths do offer real changes in WoTR, not just a slight dialogue and colour alteration. Not had chance to experience them myself yet, as still trying to complete my Angel after 187hrs, so I won't complain if they say it's a bit shorter. How much does Rogue Trader lend itself to some sort of trading/management type mode? I'd be happy if they didn't have anything like that as I feel the conquest mode can break up the flow of WoTR and get in the way of what I really want to be doing.
  5. Doom 64, you can use a password to take you straight to the level needed and it usually doesn't take long to get them after that. Got my three in about 5 miuntes last week. https://www.trueachievements.com/game/DOOM-64/achievements
  6. Games from the Hong Kong launch, so might be some differences for us and doesn't include the PS3 streaming. Handfull of games I'm looking forward to trying, especially Assetto Corsa Competizione and Ys VIII, so quite happy with that.
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