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  1. It's also happening to Anno 2070, but the devs at least are going to see if they can update the it and get it back. Still not completely clear what will happen when the online is turned off but I seem to recall the online was quite integrated into the game, time to reinstall then wait and see. Source Source
  2. Good job we have safety advances to protect against the sausage kerbs, thankfully the driver is fine.
  3. For a second there I thought done it in three. Wordle 385 5/6*
  4. I couldn't get anywhere close with the LMP1 cars, I ended up using the Red Bull X2019 to beat them.
  5. After making my Trek SegaFreddo I thought why not make a Sonic level.
  6. You have to claim one at a time, if you do them both together then you need to restart the game. Annoying I've only just seen this the day before they likely patch it.
  7. I had a run like that where after 8hrs of failing to beat the first boss it felt like the game was taking pity on me and saying if you don't do it now you never will. So I got to the boss with a great weapon, large and full health bar and a few healing consumables feeling great about it, dropped down and the bugger didn't spawn. I was really starting wonder if I'd made a mistake getting Returnal then. Took me another hour to finally beat it, but then I went and beat biome 2 on my first run, makes no sense. Glad I was stubborn and persisted though as I absolutely love it, should have known my enjoyment of anything Housemarque would be greater than my aversion to the mention of roguelike. Might have to go back to it this weekend and carry on up the tower.
  8. I've been enjoying the late bake into the inner loop.
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