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  1. Hello. Years since I’ve been here, but was hoping for some help. I enjoyed playing L4D solo as friends moved on to other games and spent probably hundreds of hours playing L4D solo.


    This brings me on to B4B. Really enjoying the solo game, but really annoyed that progression is completely locked out of SP.


    Playing the campaign with randoms has been a heartbreaking experience, but the game won’t let me play in a private lobby with less than 2 players (not on Playstation anyway). Does anyone know a way I can play the online campaign with bots on Playstation and earn supply points? Thanks.

  2. Japan now available via unblock-us. Didn't notice anything not available elsewhere (except for loads of domestic film/tv (which is ok if you speak Japanese I guess)) apart from Mad Max 2. So that's my evening sorted.

  3. I'm not a fan of the Nolan Batman films, but this confrontation would have more chance of making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up of it was Bale rather than Affleck. I think that's what really jarrs. I think Affleck will be fine as Batman, but he should have had his own film first which teased at the events to come.

    When Cap and Iron Man throw down, (barring unforseen tragedy) it will be and has to be Downy and Evans. Just wouldn't work otherwise.

  4. I agree that while he doesn't improve you do end up warming to Foggy as the series progresses. I think that the

    college flashbacks

    help with that.

    I'll say again how amazed I am that they

    kill Urich!

    . I mean this is MCU and that character is a staple of

    Spider-Man as well, who of course is also now in the MCU, so they can't use him in any Spider-Man solo films either.

  5. VA is kicking my arse!

    Got to say, I'm not enjoying this as much as I hoped. Don't get me wrong I think it's awesome, but (and I know many here will feel differently), I really enjoy playing the Soul's games with a guide and I got an email from Amazon saying Bloodborne's is subject to yet further delay.

    I'm enjoying it enough to know that I will see it through and after that a NG+ is all but a certainty, but Scholar of the First Sin arrives this week and I can see me taking a BB break to play that while I'm waiting for the guide to arrive.

    It's not shields I miss so much as bows :(

  6. One thing that keeps bothering me, but can't really be helped -

    Whenever I hear Fisk talk, I keep getting flashbacks to Vincent D'Onofrio's turn as the cockroach in Men In Black.

    It's not spoiled because of plot points, it's just something that can't be un-noticed once you realise it.

    I'm exactly the same with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Finally got round to watching the final season of The Office US a couple of weeks ago and all the trailers now make it sound like the Avengers will be facing off against Robert California. Can't say it does anything to diminish the threat earth's mightiest heros are facing though.
  7. Just started ep 9. This is definitely top drawer TV and an excellent live action interpretation of the comic. D'onofrio is so good as Fisk and really loving the gradual introduction of

    The Hand.

    Surprised no one's mentioned how superb the opening credits are.

    I think I've run out of superlatives.

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