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  1. 6 episodes down and loving it. Really excited for the rest of the Netflix Defenders.
  2. First episode is really good. I was a massive fan of the comic in the 80's and 90's and this feels really authentic. Murdock's apartment is just like the loft he shares with Karen in Born Again. Seems really well cast as well, although Foggy should perhaps be heavier.
  3. Nothing in here to put me off http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/daredevil-review-netflix-what-critics-787533 The Roger Ebert site's review seems vey positive.
  4. I like the suit, not got a problem with it at all. It's a million times better than the torture garden effort they squeezed Affleck into, but I really like the Ray Stevenson Punisher so what the fuck do I know?
  5. Had a real Demon's/Dark experience today. I defeated CB first encounter and FG on third attempt, however BSB been kicking my arse for a while now and I hadn't seemed to be getting any better against it. Discovered I might be able to summon NPC assistance, so thought I'd check it out. Got to the fog door and no summon sign to be seen, but fuck it, I'm here now, may as well have a punt. Blow me if I didn't beat it, with 7 blood viles left and only 2 antidotes used! Only had 14 blood viles on me at the start of the fight, no molotovs and zero expectation of winning. Pure melee fight, (apart from the three bullets I used to finish it off). Recklessness is rarely rewarded in these games, but I think a lack of hope made me less fearful[/Daredevil]. I've had similar experiences with bosses in the other Souls games.
  6. Do you get anything for defeating Father Gasgoine? I'm used to big soul drops from bosses, but don't remember getting anything after defeating him, (apart from an immense rush).
  7. My retail copy has arrived, but bloody hell, the update is taking ages to download. Not that it helps me now, but for future reference, would it have been possible to download the update before I had the game?
  8. Not least, going back and playing Demon's/Dark. Man, I'd love to be able to go back in time and play Demon's Souls for the first time again.
  9. Puck


    Don't know if it's been mentioned already, or if it's something that many will be interested in, but the excellent Let's Scare Jessica to death is up on UK Netflix. I love this film, does a really good job of evoking the paranoia and sense of isolation felt by the lead. It's one of those films that lingers with you a while once it's finished. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0067341/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  10. Ok, getting really, really excited about this now, but not without some trepidation. Firstly there’s the seemingly diminished effectiveness of shields and shielding – in all the Souls games I shield a lot and never really got to grips with parrying. That said the faster movement and greater reliance on dodging in Bloodborne, might not feel quite so different as I always play dex heavy characters, (no 2-handed melee weapons or heavy armour for me in those games). That perhaps is where my biggest concern lies though. I use my high dex in the Souls games to land massive bow damage from a distance and it’s a tactic I use a lot. That’s how I’ve played through all 3 of the previous games and I have a feeling that won’t be possible anymore. In fact, do bows even exist in Bloodborne? But as I say, I am super excited for this. I’ve completed Demon’s Souls and both Dark Souls through at least NG+ and I trust From to have created a game I find so compelling that I’m encouraged, through brutally harsh, but instructive lessons, to become really good at. Next Friday school begins.
  11. Puck

    Dying Light

    You can carry on with side missions once the final story mission has been done.
  12. Slightly OT, but you may have the inside scoop on this - some the maps on the hard copy and digital versions of the original Dark Souls guide were sized wrong and obscured large chunks of (important) text. Was that ever put right?
  13. Puck

    Dying Light

    It does? Well good, it should have. Looks like I'll be jumping back in sooner than I thought.
  14. Puck

    Dying Light

    Absolutely loved this and really cannot understand the slightly luke-warm reviews. In 6 – 12 months I’ll be firing this up to play through again for sure. Now bring on Bloodborne! Edit: Actually, I think this game could really do with a new game + mode.
  15. Finished watching this last night. Not started season 2 of Agents of Shield yet, but I found Agent Carter more enjoyable than season 1 - I think it benefitted from a shorter season and more focused story line than the over long AoS and its distinctly unfocused first half. Liked the scene at the end and I'll definitely be looking out for a second season. One tiny thing that does grate is Howard Stark. I like this version of the character and I know he was introduced in Captain America, but the difference in character from the Howard Stark we see in Iron Man 2 is pretty huge.
  16. Puck

    Dying Light

    Good thinking, reckon I'll start employing that tactic too.
  17. Puck

    Dying Light

    That's excellent, thanks for that. I've done all the side missions that can be done during the day and have come back to the Slums to work my way through the night time ones - this is the last. I really hate going out at night.
  18. Puck

    Dying Light

    Quick question regarding the side mission Voltage: I know the objectives have to be achieved at night, but do they need to be achieved all on the same night? None of the guides I've looked at online are clear on this. Thanks.
  19. Didn't the Dreamcast run an MS bespoke OS? I seem to remember there actually being an MS logo on the console.
  20. Frozen Synapse, iPhone and iPad versions, both currently free.
  21. First three pages of my roster. No room for 2* characters - I play a lot.
  22. Anyone else here play Marvel Puzzle Quest? I've not been able stop playing since first installing around 18 months ago.
  23. If Spider-Man is part of MCU Civil War then surely it has to be Parker anyway.
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