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  1. And make it slim.
  2. It would have been inconceivable to think in 2007 that during the next 6 years the PS3 would go from being the home of the poorest versions of any multi-platform titles, used almost exclusively for playing blu rays to my gaming console of choice. Don't get me wrong, I still use the 360 a lot, and my last big multi-platform purchases of GTAV and Dark Souls 2 will be on 360, but that's largely due to habit. At the beginning of this gen the differentiators, the exclusive console titles I wanted to play, were only to be found on 360 - Crackdown, Mass Effect and L4D. Now however if I look back and tally lifetime console exclusives that I've most enjoyed it turns out the PS3 won - Uncharted series, WipeOut, Demon's Souls, God of War series (yes I genuinely love 3 and Ascension as well as the PS2 and PSP HD ports) and of course Last of Us. On Xbox we have L4D, Crackdown and the first Mass Effect, all of which are pretty long in the tooth now. Halo, Gears and Forza just don't do it for me, but if they did I'd possibly be bigging up Killzone and Gran Turismo. Possibly. It's not just the games either. The PS3 dash started poorly, but has improved with each update - remember tor a long time there wasn't even any in game access to XMB! The same can't be said for updates to the Xbox frontend and whilst I agree with those that would argue there's a little hysteria over the Xbox dash these days, it's clearly true the console is not as focused on games as it used to be. Xbox still clearly has the best pad, but DS stick positioning has never been a problem for me, my complaints lie with the comparatively loose and floppy sticks and the awful triggers. On the other hand though if you do want more than gaming on your console the PS3 beats 360 hands down - blu ray, Netflix is loads better and it played media from stick and supported internet browsing long before the 360. I've just recently cancelled my gold subscription, (had one since 2006), as for me it just doesn't represent good value for money anymore. PS+ on the other hand, which I only subscribed to this month, has already paid for itself. So there you have it, a complete role reversal in the space of one, admittedly very long, console generation. Just one last thing, I really, really don't want Kinect and until my opinion changes on this there's no way I'll ever pay for it.
  3. Harsh. I think any failings the PS3 may have suffered have largely been rectified in its own lifetime. Within the same span of time however MS seem to have forgotten everything that made 360 great and replaced it with hubris.
  4. Puck


    iOS versions show which region you're logged in to at the bottom of the home screen.
  5. £2.99 for KoTOR is mental! Being able to play games like this and Baldur's Gate in bed on a hi-res touch screen is even better than the future I eagerly anticipated in my teens! Except for the silver foil catsuits.
  6. Don't know if I can be arsed. I set up my Uplay account for AC2 I think, but I changed all my passwords some time after that when PSN got hacked, so they hold old info for an email account that doesn't get used for anything much now anyway.
  7. No I'd read that before. Somewhere in this thread I think.
  8. Sequel confirmed according to Dread Central. http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/68039/paramount-confirms-world-war-z-sequel-works
  9. True, if there was anything substantial to add, in terms of explaining their vision, then they surely would have attempted to communicate this to the consumer before their complete volte-face. Kinda moot though, going purely on what the consumer did know from MS, there was a resounding meh.
  10. Geeze, it really doesn't matter whether what MS were offering would have made our gaming lives so much better or not. They put their vision out there and nobody wanted it. End of story. Add it to the Segway list of great theoretical ideas to make the world better that in practice no one fucking wanted.
  11. This is good news - was resigned to owning only one console next gen, and while mandatory kinect and its mad desire to couple with my sky box will prevent me picking up a bone up at launch, I can definitely see me getting one once the price is sub £300 and it has a nice little back catalogue of cheap, second-hand, exclusives to enjoy.
  12. Um, ok *backs slowly out of the room*
  13. Not me, I don't give a shit. Do you give a shit? Of course not. It's like the irony of a chef in a failing restaurant that likes to unwind playing Cooking Mama of an evening. Barely worth raising an eyebrow - when you buy the machine it goes without saying you should be able to play whatever you want without dumbass authentication restrictions. Just sounds a bit odd when you hear about it.
  14. They'll miss their respite from shooting people, no longer able to simulate, um, shooting people. Well that's not really the point but still, after a long day of actual war my sanctuary is Halo and Gears?!
  15. Puck


    Silent Hill: Revelations has arrived. (In the US at least). Edit: I've just watched the first half hour - please don't take my post to be an actual recommendation.
  16. Mobile bone.
  17. Have we got an actual UK release date? I seem to recall 31 Dec being mentioned, which kinda puts the kybosh on getting this at Christmas.
  18. Definitely, but at this stage of the game perception is everything. Sony have definitely won the hardcore gamer and desevedly so, but until people get their hands on these machines any apparent shortcomings under the hood have been quite effectively hidden. As it stands MS showed some pretty wicked looking games and I'm not quite ready to write off their chances for success with the bone. Time will tell.
  19. In terms of Xbox One being underpowered compared to the PS4, I have to say (trying to be objective) that their respective E3 conferences didn't actually show the bone as being such. I was surprised at how good the MS games looked and doubt, initially at least, that Joe Public will notice any difference here either. Not enough to sway me, not with all the other crap going against it, just sharing an observation.
  20. Was enjoying WHQ until I got to level 6 and was told my characters are at max. Is this really the level cap? Pathetic!
  21. Wasn't an argument, but I take your point. I was just surprised by how cool the new pad sounded when gaming seemed conspicuously absent from the Xbone announcement.
  22. Controller sounds ace. Assuming that it is it would make no sense to invest so much in the new console's controller if games aren't intended to be very much front and centre.
  23. What lovely arms!
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