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  1. Leaving Las Vegas. Being drunk and recently split from someone at the time probably didn't help.
  2. Puck


    Sushi Girl. A bit torture porny in places, but otherwise a pretty decent Tarantino wannabe. Good cast including Tony Todd and Mark Hamil, who's actually very good in this. Definitely worth a watch.
  3. Puck


    I went for the years subscription. Worked out at a little over £30 or £2.50 a month. Disco!
  4. Sorry, really can't help looking forward to this. It's bound to disappoint though.
  5. No I mean the unavoidable battles against Anyway finished it, unknowingly, on hard so playing through again on normal. Enjoying the combat far more this time.
  6. Just finished it. I enjoyed the game, but honestly couldn't get on with the combat - I always felt weak and vulnerable, died constantly and just never really felt in control. Handyman encounters were nigh on impossible for me and I came very close to just giving up on the Siren. Anyway pushed on to the end as I was keen to see how the story played out and it was only when the final achievements popped up that I realised I'd set the difficulty to hard rather than normal. I never play games on hard. Dolt.
  7. Excellent. It's brief, but I like what we do actually get to see.
  8. Teaser trailer? Looks genuine, looks good. http://goodmoviesbadmovies.com/2013/03/20/ant-man-teaser-trailer/
  9. Anyone watching Spartacus? Think it goes with the territory - that's just about the most relentlessly brutal TV show I've ever seen.
  10. From the review, I get the impression that Edge may have scored this as low as 5 were it not for the multiplayer. It seems a fair complaint that the gameplay hasn't moved on noticably at all from the PS2 games, but there's been such a long time between the last GoW that I'm really not bothered. Goes without saying I'd prefer the mechanics left as they are than a change for the worse.
  11. No critique of the story whatsoever. Weird for an Edge two-pager.
  12. Is this news to anyone else here? Prototypes to customers in 4 months, controllers still at design stage, problems to overcome with heating, and (understandably) still no price point. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-21677119
  13. A city ravaged by plague, also Dishonoured. I really liked all the previous Thief games so I'm hoping this is good, (and suspect it probably will be), but I reckon it was only finally greenlit following the susccess of Dishonoured* *was Dishonoured successful? I don't know, I enjoyed it though.
  14. EA killed Dead Space. Architects of their own downfall, stupid fuckers.
  15. Doh! Motherfucker has too many names!
  16. A GJL Batman and a Bale Batman exisiting pretty much concurrently would surely just confuse people.
  17. Surely he'll then have to make another three films to complete the trilogy of trilogies.
  18. Think I'll avoid it, I know it's the right thing to do - I wouldn't think of buying it if I saw it in a shop for a fiver. I'll spend the money on DIRT 2 while it's still cheap instead.
  19. I'm tempted by the 75% reduction on MK vs DCU. Not the kind of thing I'd usually go for but I'm a sucker for a bargain. Good game or still overpriced?
  20. So why bother casting JGL then, which was the point of my query? Edit: Ah, sorry mis-read your post. Could be wrong but really would be surprised if they didn't go with Bruce Wayne, whoever they get to play the part.
  21. The new Batman rather than Robin/Nightwing? Surely you'd want to more strongly establish him as such before placing him in a JLA film. Plus I can't see a non-Wayne Batman happening and I can't see a non-Batman JLA film.
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