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  1. For me the first two were obviously and recognisably works of science fiction so I was happy to go along. Up until the epilogue this last one seems set very much in the here and now, (they're using current model iPhones), and therefore, for me, too much of a stretch. Regardless of what's been happening in Italy.
  2. I didn't think it portrayed a believable near future.
  3. For me credibility stretched too far on this one. I didn't believe the reaction the general public seemed to have toward Waldo. He was offensive rather than irreverent, so much so that I don't think even the students at the hustings would have been impressed. His appeal in reality I believe would be limited to the kind dickheads you find commenting on youtube and I'd be amazed if any of them vote.
  4. So which RE game is the new Tomb Raider most like again?
  5. Puck


    Just noticed REC3 has appeared on US Netflix.
  6. The date in the thread title is wrong and as I'm easily confused... Edit: TVM
  7. Well after misgivings from here and various reviews that this has sacrificed the tension of its predecessors to become a Bayesque action fest I find I'm having as tense and nervy an experience as I did with the first two games. Only managed to play an hour or so as I can only bear to play it in short bursts.[/pussy] Second play through is always a much more relaxed affair.
  8. It's the last (non-handheld) Nintendo console I ever bought. Still get it out from time to time, but it's been affectionately renamed Resident Evil Cube.
  9. The scene in Event Horizon where Baby Bear, whilst in a trance, shuts himself in the airlock without a space suit and only regains his senses when it's too late to stop the outer hatch opening. The countdown while he's begging everyone to let him back inside is horrid. The scissors scene at the end of Eraserhead.
  10. On one hand I quite like that the game maker has gone to the effort to try and help me get the most out of the game and on the other I kind of feel like they should let me play the game however the hell I want. On balance I suppose I'm more pleased than miffed.
  11. Game franchises should more closely follow the James Bond model. Or better yet Carry On.
  12. This article about random not being quite as random as you might expect was interesting. http://techland.time.com/2012/10/12/why-xcoms-random-results-sometimes-arent-and-you-should-play-on-ironman/ Borne out entirely by my experience of classic - if I wanted a different result from a reload I had to try doing something different.
  13. It's also a pretty short game and definitely worth seeing through to the end.
  14. That said I friggin love God of War, can't wait for Ascension. I'm sure there are plenty of people that feel exactly the same about the latest iterations of Gears and Halo.
  15. Complaints that are levelled just as much at Sony exclusive IP, e.g., Gran Turismo and God of War.
  16. My thoughts on the apparent MS backlash. The Xbox is still a great console that remains great at playing games, (it really, really is), and while I can't help but feel super stoked by what Sony appear to be offering and their general attitude to gamers of late I by no means view them through rose-tinted spectacles. I mean PS+ really does sound great, unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment to make it worth my while, but I was initially put off the service because I was still sore from the whole account hacking fiasco and the fucking awful, cavalier way Sony went about dealing with it. It was a right pain in the arse changing all my passwords and just as well there was no subscription for their service with the amount of time it was down. Even now I still feel far more comfortable giving MS my CC details than Sony. As for Sony appearing to genuinely court gamers this time round, well no more so than MS did with both Xboxes, so swings and roundabouts. I’m still hoping that MS get me feeling just as enthused for their next offering when they finally reveal it, because if they do then just like the current gen and the last I'll happily invest in both of their machines. Until MS show their hand though judgement reserved.
  17. Puck

    Packing up the 360

    Yes, I'm hoping the next xbox sounds just as appealing in its own right as the PS4 does so I can enjoy having both sat under the telly. If not then I guess I'm going to feel the pull of PC gaming which is something I'm trying to avoid, (albeit perhaps irrationally). I dunno, I just like consoles.
  18. Jesus H Corbet!
  19. I mostly use my 360 to play games but I've been enjoying a God of War marathon on my PS3 in anticipation of Ascension's release. Since last week I've played through both PSP ports on the Origins Collection, I'm almost through the original GoW HD collection and should be ready to start GoW3 tomorrow. Obviously I'm using the dual shock and guess what, after 20+ something hours of play my thumbs feel just fine.
  20. Oh yeah, the plot won't progress until you've captured, but you're still free to apply deadly force to the alien threat in the meantime.
  21. You can't capture until you've developed the stun device.
  22. Soooo, no box reveal means we can't rule out the possiblity that content will be available via download only and if I get the new xbox as well I'm likely to have to accomadoate two camera thingies by the telly. Oh yeah, and I'll really feel like I'm missing something if I don't have a Vita too. Fair enough, I'm in.
  23. Point is BC should deliver quality at least as good in all respects. I remember playing my PS2 copy of God of War 2 on my original PS3 and thinking wow this looks as good as a PS3 game! If I have to compromise graphics and audio just to keep a game playable, then I doubt I'll play it anyway, so for me a pointless feature. Guess I'll be keeping my PS3 if that turns out to be the case.
  24. Great, so my my PS3 games will look like PSX games
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