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  1. What kind of bandwidth would you ideally need to play streamed games? I'm guessing my meagre 5.5mb isn't up to the job.
  2. Puck


    No I have to concede it happened, but I find it difficult to accept that people are so easily duped. I don't know, I guess if it hadn't actually happened I'd have trouble believing it could happen.
  3. Puck


    It's not great, but neither is Compliance. There is that amazing scene though where you can't see the Forest for the wood. Anyway been thinking about Compliance a bit more. In The Stanford and Milgram experiments the subjects are removed from their normal environments before being asked to act. The whole situation is out of the ordinary and this must have some bearing on their actions. In Compliance though I really can't understand it.
  4. Puck


    Ah yes, see also the Stanford Prison Experiment. Speaking of which The Experiment (Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker) is on UK Netflix. Loosely based on the Stanford Experiment it's worth a watch if you liked Compliance.
  5. Puck


    Stupid, stupid people. Really, I'm not being harsh here, to commit those acts with so little provocation...
  6. Puck


    I'm calling urban myth. It can't be true. Please.
  7. Puck


    Compliance, what a load of shit. Who honestly believes that people that fucking stupid could drive cars, operate cash registers and fry chicken?
  8. Got the God of War Origins Collection (the PSP GOW releases spruced up for big telly) as a birthday present. Really enjoying them - finished Chains of Olympus and now on Ghost of Sparta which I'd not played before. Of course this means I'm going to have to replay my HD versions of the original GOW and GOW2 and then GOW3 (still IMO the best looking console game this gen). My timing for this is brilliant as I'd forgotten that Ascension is due for release early next month. Couldn't have planned it any better.
  9. Isn't this theme explored in What You Make It, the Michael Marshall Smith collection of short stories?Can't think which story, would have to check at home, but if you remember ever reading it then could be.
  10. I hope the HD re-releases of PS2 and Xbox games I bought work on the next gen consoles. I really don't want to have to buy them again again.
  11. Still not convinced. I reckon the PSP has been largely forgotten by most people. Except maybe Japan I guess.
  12. People get the popular culture they deserve. Just because I see no merit in it doesn't mean I get annoyed about it or with the people that do seem to enjoy it. The world is still full of plenty of things that I do enjoy and the crass majority could easily gang up and decry the things I enjoy as being worthless and shit, so live and let live.
  13. I agree it's sad, but again, like the Spice Girls, I have zero problem ignoring it. Most popular media culture is stuff I don't like whether it be the Twilight films or X Factor, but I really don't find it difficult to avoid and ignore the things I don't like.
  14. Like the Spice Girls it's easy to ignore if you don't like it.
  15. PS Vita isn't selling because people think it's a PSP and not because smartphones are now ubiquitous and play games far more sophisticated than Snake? Not convinced.
  16. Is this really the thread for anyone that's interested in the next COD? Fucking hell.
  17. There was little pleasure to be had from my own particular end game, but perversely I gained two combat achievements in quick succession while it played out that I wouldn't otherwise have got. It felt like the game was mocking me.
  18. How does that increased FOV work in corridors?
  19. Puck

    The Overlooked

    The original Mass Effect. Sure the series has enjoyed a high profile this generation, but the sequels have successively moved further away from the gameplay template laid down by the original becoming cover shooters with RPG lite elements rather than the RPG with somewhat shonky cover shooter mechanics that I so enjoyed in the original. I know it wasn't popular, but I loved the ability, to an admittedly limited extent, explore planets in the Mako and while I like the series overall I absolutely loved the RPG heavy leanings of the original, not just in terms of character progression, but also in the comparative depth to armour and weapon customisation. Reading complaints in the Dead Space 3 thread (from those who are most likely quite justified in doing so) that the series has changed to its detriment from a survival horror game to an action shooter, I can’t help but feel that Mass Effect has suffered far more from this sort of drift as the series has progressed.
  20. I'd had enough killing. Everyone will have their own take, for me though Really, are you sure about that? And even if that were true As I say, just my take and what felt like a natural response to the events I had witnessed and been party to.
  21. There really is no way back.
  22. Sounds fine to me. Looking forward to it.
  23. The dog alien from Alien 3 was actually supposed to be a cow alien when originally shot and was restored to a cow alien in the director's cut. I think they used the same model in the cow and dog versions. Just saying.
  24. Yes, will do. I'm finding my time with this (game?) quite... compelling, evidenced by my questions here. I don't play realistic military shooters, Modern Warefare, Battlefield, Medal of Honour etc, but I'm used to spending a lot of my time being a bit unsure as to why I'm doing whatever it is I'm doing whenever I play games featuring war like Gears and Halo. In those games though I'm happy to be swept along by events, but Special Ops chaffes somewhat. Not sure how much is down to the weight of expectation, (due to the game's reputation), and how much is genuine.
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