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  1. Journey is the ultimate in chill for me
  2. I’m really looking forward to watching this. However checking my local Vue cinema and it doesn’t seem to be listed. Am I too early to be checking release times when it’s not out until Friday or are Vue just not screening it?
  3. Awesome thanks dude. Not sure if this is better quality or not but here is the Link
  4. First play with photo mode. Wow! edit: what’s the best way to upload these photos?
  5. I’m 30 hours in and loving it. Gorgeous graphics, fun different ways to approach machine takedowns. Shoot from a distance and farm detachables, stealthy take them down unseen, full on plough right into the lot of them swinging and dodging, lay down traps and lure them over. Enjoying the story as well it follows on well from the first game. Can see me putting a good 80+ hours into then I might take a peak at Elden Ring.
  6. I think it started with uncle nasty calling Horizon shite which just annoyed the people who are actually enjoying it. Which is what it’s all about, you know, enjoying the games you’re playing. Comparison is the thief of joy.
  7. Holy shit! I’ve only sunk 3/4 hours into this but my god it’s fantastic. Has anyone mentioned the graphics yet haha simply stunning!
  8. I’ve never played this but want to play Horizon 2 so I’ve just finished watching radbrad run through the whole game. 20 episodes but a hell of a lot quicker than me playing it myself and I now know the complete story going into the new game…
  9. Just had a 18 game winning streak in ranked. Pretty happy about that!
  10. At last! They’ve implemented a stop to geofiltering. I can already tell the difference with more games being at lower pings https://www.halowaypoint.com/news/closer-look-halo-infinite-online-experience
  11. I started a new account yesterday just to see if I could get to onyx again. After the first 10 games it ranked me diamond 1. A few games later I got to diamond 2. Every single game after that (maybe 10) I’ve been the only diamond 2 player in the lobby, everyone else has been onyx. How does that work?
  12. Is it just me or are you getting pulled/geofiltered into US servers after 8pm? I played a few solo duo ranked last night and got nothing but 105ms lobbies where I usually get 17/21ms ones. I can still get triple kills on them though…
  13. It’s like we’re playing Tennis not a racing game I shit you not, I got exactly the same time as you in S2 class 00:47:247! but it put me in the place below you even though the time was exactly the same so I then squeezed another hundredth of a second out of somewhere. I’ve only been able to play so much because I’ve been off work with covid. Sadly I won’t be able to compete much after this but it’s been fun thanks @Meatball
  14. Ok that’s good. It’s not just me then. Thanks for the link
  15. I’ve put a couple of times on the board. It’s a fast track and I’ve enjoyed playing a racing game again as I’ve not played any in years (I mostly play Halo). Question regarding tuning. I’m just using what ever tune appears when searching for a tune and then buying the upgrade. Are you guys actually tuning the car yourselves and if so how? Is there a guide or a general rule to go by, I wouldn’t know where to start!?
  16. @Oz how are you capturing full games? I’m guessing you’re on PC with a capture card??
  17. Do you play with a full team? That’s the only thing that’s kept me going. I find a full team of UK players usually pulls a EU server so you don’t get as many laggy/desync issues. What rank are you as you’re welcome to join us sweating it out in Onyx
  18. Haha thanks @Oz my teammates helped for sure though as one of the guys had a pretty low shield. Still very clutch though! It was the guy that dropped on me out of nowhere that took me by surprise, you can see I actually turn around just before he melees me as I heard him running up behind me (PC38x's saved my life and the best headphones I've ever used), had I not heard him and had the repluser it would have been game over for sure!
  19. Game winning play. Oddball on Recharge, one round each and both teams team tided at around 80 seconds each. Final moments, they have the ball…
  20. Absolute polar opposite of last nights game tonight. We won 10 and lost 1! I got my first running riot in a Onyx ranked playlist and this sneaky little flag play… 3 guys returning their flag at our base. I killed one with a grenade and weakened the other two, then halfway through a gun battle grapple the flag to prevent it from being returned, drop out of danger, get the double assist and then cap the flag. Felt so good! there’s no sound for some reason??
  21. And herein lies the problem with matchmaking. Not only the quitters but the servers. The amount of times I get US host or just as worse EU servers with US players on just eating bullets. Not to mention the occasional desync, makes me just want to play a game that works…
  22. My friends and I got the drubbing of our lives last night. I’ve never been spanked so much on Halo. We had a 9 game losing streak, it was painful. We’re all onyx players some in high 1700’s. I went from 1588 to 1559. Only thing I recorded was this little staying alive double kill…
  23. Nice dude! I love these little micro moments in Infinite. It’s as satisfying as get multikills imo
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