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  1. Well that's the point, you're supposed to be interested enough to click on the links that come up. So Microsoft coverage of DOTA league gets more interested parties etc Clicks = money
  2. It's not the default mode, but even the 'casual' mode has problems introducing you to the game. You can set off in the wrong direction and not find anything to do - probably best to play with a guide for the first hour or so. It's not a game for everyone to be honest.
  3. It’s very pretty, but I found the combat (I.e. the actual game) extremely annoying. Also the valour I accrued didn’t seem to get carried across to the Game Pass rewards app. Deleted.
  4. I think so, it's just a bit of a disappointment if you expect to get the same amount of satisfaction that Fallout 3/New Vegas gave at the time. It has a lot of unnecessary additions such as base building, and the dialogue options / different paths to take are simplified to a near brain dead level.
  5. I don't think that's true to be honest. The original (PS2) version is the most atmospheric and weird, the remake takes off the weirdness filter and just let's you experience the story and gameplay. And its a pretty awful copy of Resident evil, gameplay wise.
  6. Maybe worth it, the battle pass lets you do the challenges (grind for xp, or get points for playing different ways) The game doesn't actually change with or without, but I found it more fun once I was getting those achievements, points and skins.
  7. Go for it, it's easy to enjoy casually (and you might even win a few games) - whether or not you want to persevere depends on the building mechanics.
  8. You'll need to do the 10.99 one now. Those 14 day codes only work on new accounts so don't bother trying with an existing account.
  9. It wasn't the best of them, still great though. The scene in the pub though - that had Tarantino levels of tension, with an amazing pay off, just loved it.
  10. Well that was a complete waste of time - with inverted controls.
  11. 2 is perfect really, despite it being a bit gnarly on the technical side. It’s such a big dumb fun game you can’t really complain about it too much. 3 was the same but shinier graphics, but they added enough annoying bits to make it less loveable. 4 was utterly joyless from the start, unpleasant to look at and tedious to play. If you’re new to the series, ignore 4 and give 2 or 3 a try. 1 also exists. I haven’t played it.
  12. I would have thought Frasier was the best example of this in the last few years - Niles and Daphne getting together killed a big part of the show, and while it didn’t turn the show completely to shit, it was definitely the start of its decline. It did allow Daphne’s appallingly unfunny family members to make up a big part of the show too. Not sure about Buffy - I remember things being much worse when Riley was involved. A least with Angel, we knew that it was a doomed relationship and there would be... fallout, shall we say?
  13. Aargh got to this late (Celebrity Masterchefm was on) is this properly live? I know it isn’t happening now, but if I start now, will I be watching from the start?
  14. What was the last Far Cry you played? 3, 4 and 5 are pretty much the same game with differences in story and length (and some unpopular hallucinatory sequences). I’ve played them all (except the Stone Age spin off) and I’ve found it all a bit downhill since number 2. New Dawn was shorter than the other recent ones and had a much better pace to it, felt fun for most of the time I was playing it whereas other recent ones turn into a chore eventuality. It does have some major annoyances near the end though.
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