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  1. FilmSaw #12 - https://filmsaw.com Haven't seen this for years, but it must have left an impression.
  2. This or That answers: Fuel to the Flame Two Doors Down There’ll Always Be Music Kentucky Gambler Girl in the Movies Light of a Clear Blue Morning I Will Always Love You Love is Like a Butterfly Yellow Roses Traveling Man
  3. I'd recommend avoiding Far Cry 6. Immortals would be OK if you haven't played Zelda:BOTW, it's clearly trying to copy it. Valhalla if you have a lot of free time and enjoy the other Assassin's Creed games.
  4. 🕹 High Score Day #12 - https://highscoreday.com That was pretty easy (except for the last one)
  5. OK here's one... either too easy or too difficult, not sure
  6. Membership of Gamepass? No, the points are just tied to your Microsoft account.
  7. George Orwell - The Complete Novels Free right now (might have been posted before, sorry if that's true) .
  8. There's a few free games, Destiny 2 without any of the expansions is on there, PUBG is there too. The subscription service - Stadia Pro - costs £8.99 a month, and is pretty limited. I bought the Stadia new and it came with a month's subscription - I'd run out of stuff I wanted to play within days. It's probably best to check the Stadia store occasionally to see if anything is on sale, assassin's Creed Valhalla was on there for fifteen quid recently, as an example. Did you get a chromecast to go with the controller? You'll need that or something similar to be the 'receiver' for the Stadia service. I wouldn't say you've wasted 15 quid, but unfortunately if you want to play the best games on Stadia you're going to have to pay pretty much full price for each game.
  9. I wonder how anyone would feel playing 2 without experiencing 1. 1 is difficult, but gives you the chance to progress if you take your time (and accept its going to kill you a lot). 2 is brutal from the very start. And I think I've had a few unfair deaths... Might be wrong on that, not sure. Edit : thought I was posting in the Gamepass thread. Fairly sure 2 has had died on its arse there.
  10. I'm pretty good at the first one, and I feel the same. It's just too difficult to be fun, a major disappointment after the brilliant first one.
  11. Wish I'd known this, I thought actually playing the game (until I got any achievement) would be worth while. It wasn't.
  12. Not play them? What Microsoft pay the developer or publisher is based on how much each Gamepass game is played.
  13. With the 20 quid deal (Stadia controller and Chromecast) you just get a month of Stadia Pro. I can't really get too excited by Stadia Pro to be honest, there's stuff worth playing but it's all stuff that's on Gamepass anyway... I can't really see a reason to go for it. It's a shame, the technology is there but the content just isn't.
  14. I'm glad you mentioned the Mentalist! But Justified (even if you didn't like it) sets out it's stall within the first 2 episodes. I always thought it was divisive enough to make you a devotee or just... Not bothered? As a series I'd give it a 5 (or 4.5 as it did go a bit formulaic for a bit)
  15. I can't tell if this is some kind of joke... If not, why the hell did you watch so much of it? Also, you are wrong.
  16. 19.99 for a Stadia controller plus chromecast Ultra.... Got to be worth it, right? https://www.hotukdeals.com/visit/thread/3827733
  17. It definitely expires after 90 days.
  18. Even special goggles won't protect you from the technical shoddines. I wouldn't bother if I were you.
  19. The a to b is hardly pedestrian though, it goes for a full-on park our thing. It's better than the Dead Island games.
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