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  1. Hi Chaps, Seriously thinking about buying the official MS Wheel now in preperation for Forza 3. However, before I dash out is this fully compatible with existing 360 racers? The new NFS, PGR 4 etc? Would be interested in your thoughts on the wheel as well Thanks Alan
  2. Hi Chaps, Am reigniting this again due to ODST coming soon. Anyone fancy a decent game tonight? I will be on from 7 ish. my gamertag is darkstar859 Cheers Alan
  3. I used to use a throat mic in the Army. Very uncomfortable imho. Each to their own of course
  4. oops, serves me right for having that extra glass of red after dinner. cheers chaps
  5. I have to echo the reviews on this game, its superb. i got it yesterday morning, and played it until late last night, and throughout today. Best game of the year. The visuals are excellent, and the feeling of being batman is brill. Moving around and deciding how best to take down henchmen is great, and working out how to stategise your attacks, is just brilliant imho. Cracking stuff Wont post anymore for spoilers for the rest of you, but excellent story as well. Well done Rocksteady
  6. Gutted, just recieved an email from the ebay seller, there was a postal strike in London alledgedly yesterday, which means I wont recieve the game today. Im away with family saturday, and flying out Sunday to Lisbon with work. Only have tomorrow to get to play it. A long night ahead me thinks...
  7. I'm using this site for watching the match if anyone is interested http://sportzpal.net/ Cant believe we missed the pen. Owen is having a mare. Wonder if berbatov will be on 2nd half?
  8. Exactly the same as me. Paid extra to get this tomorrow. Looks a great game though... Just got to explain this to the current Mrs T when it comes
  9. Hi Skycaptain, Where did you manage to get that if you dont mind me asking? Supposed to be a cracking film Cheers Alan
  10. Hi everyone, sorry for being late to this. Am popping down town later and buying this. Anyone fancy a game this evening? My gamertag is darkstar859 Cheers Alan
  11. Hi everyone, Here is a question for you. Would you actually look to buy this if it was bundled into a set top box, of which you would recieve a guaranteed pipe to enable you to play games at a high spec position, and/or stream movies at HD standard? What would interest you in the price point for this. Would you prefer individual transactions for games/movies, or maybe a subscription price structure which would enable you to play any games on the server for a Gold, Silver or Bronze type service. I appreciate its a big question, and I would appreciate if you could let me know. PM's welcome on this, and I dont want to say much more in an open forum. Thanks Alan
  12. Just finished work, got in, had some dinner the lovely missus cooked me for when i arrived in the door, and ready to go. Am I sad being a 39 year old businessman who dashes home to watch this?? Bring it on chaps
  13. Anyone have any links for the game this afternoon? Looking like liverpool are winning at the min, so need to win today
  14. Hi Chaps, I have just subscribed, and as part of the deal, you recieve all 200 covers as postcards. Not a bad deal if anyone wishes to subscribe. I am thinking of placing them inside a couple of large frames, and having them mounted in my office. The current MrsT isnt too happy about that , but will cross that bridge when it comes to it. Looking forward to when they arrive, and will post pics if anyone is interested Cheers Alan
  15. im up for it, please add me Gamertag darkstar859 sorry for the crappy gamertag...
  16. "To try & put this in some kind of context, how many people reading this thread have had their PS3 or Wii fail in such a manner?" Hi Jarek, my launch 360 died the week before bioshock was released, but it gave me an excuse to buy an Elite, and trade in my returned 360 for credit in game when it was returned. While I agree that it wasnt ideal that the 360 went belly up, BUT, my lovely wife bought me a launch PS3, and I am on my 3rd PS3, as the first two failed after 2 days operation. The first issue was no screen on the HDMI, despite changing all the settings. The second was it simply didnt turn on. Sony were ok, but just said take it to game, and they will replace it. With the 360, you can easily recover your gamertag, and swop your harddrive. With the PS3, with all the firmware updates etc, it takes a long time to bring it back to how you want it. My point is, I have had more problems with my PS3, than with my 360. And recovery time is easier for a 360 than PS3. They should all be working 100% though, but when you have manufactured over 10 million consoles, something will go wrong from time to time. Cheers Alan
  17. I have been dipping in and out of this since it came out last Friday. I think its a great game, and definately worth a purchase imho. Cheers Alan
  18. Hi everyone, I like most of you on here is an avid gamer, but unlike some of you, I am a 37 year old family guy, juggling with a career and family, while still indulging in my favourite hobby which is games. Gaming is great imho, as when it gets it right, with galaxy and Assassins Creed as an example, its great to while away the hours and experiece the full immersive nature of pure gaming. However, I currently have PGR4, COD4, Ratchet & Clank, Metroid Prime 3 all vying for attention, while still working hard, and looking after my family. Who has the time to play games with all this? I am lucky to have a few hours at the weekend to myself, and I was wondering how you manage it. Or am i just getting old Cheers Alan
  19. Add me if you want to chaps, would prefer to play with grown ups rather than little nerds who think its great to swear, call you fags etc etc My Gamertag is Darkstar859 I know its a lame tag, but i brought it over from the orginal xbox... BTW, awesome game of big team battle last night, whereby there was only myself and another friend on the reds against 6 players on the blue, and we won!!! Shotgun and ghost teamwork rules
  20. AlanT


    IMHO this game is the stunning, and pure next gen. Stunning graphics and design setting, which when coupled with the audio left me feeling genuinely scared. However, this came crashing down, as just as I arrived in Rapture my xbox died. 3 rings of death GGGRRRRRR. It was an original launch machine, so not a bad innings. MS had better turn it around quick though, or they will feel my wrath Stunning game me thinks, and I will be looking at the game box with emvey when its released. I wonder if the current MrsT will let me buy a new elite????? 8)
  21. Here is my setup, apols for the poor quality pic on the first screen, but you can see the golden triangle as me and my mates call it, ie PS3, 360 + HD DVD & Wii Cheers Al
  22. Hi Everyone, the Game shop upstairs in the trafford centre in Manchester has loads of GAME component cables for the Wii. They had no official ones though, and they are £20. Damn the wife and kids for not letting me get some Zelda goodness until xmas day
  23. Depends on where you go, but my local game in Warrington are superb. They phone me to say when sell dates have been broken, and as I know them well, if I dont like the game, they will swop it. Not very often though.... They are good guys in Warrington, have a keen interest in games, and if your friendly and honest, they always help out. My 2 pence worth, but give them a shot if your in the area :-) Cheers Alan
  24. Dont get me wrong, Kameo is nice imho, in a generic adventure way, but my most enjoyment on the 360 so far, has been COD2. That and power sliding around new york on PGR3. I havent played too much of Condemned, as its bloody scary...
  25. I agree with the most of the commments here. Of all the launch games, this is my most played. PD0 looks the most "next gen", but the combination of sound, graphics and overall atmosphere in the game is stunning. The tactics as quite good, as you are contstanly having to outflank the enemy. Being an ex-member of the army, its quite fun, especially seeing the old 7 Armd Bgde battles. A nice little touch is when I accidentaly shot a member of the allies, and was called a wanker... Well done activision I say
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