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  1. Looking at the various videos of this on Gamespot, I really fancy the look of this. To be honest, i think I would prefer not to have the crosshair, as mentioned before, it can add to the authenticity. Makes a change to see an easily controlled squad based tactical shooter. (I hope, as I have yet to play this)
  2. AlanT

    Fu***ng Flood

    they may be cannon fodder, but SPOLIERS when they appeared in Halo2, I thought they ruined the flow and just rehashed the original too much. I like the Chav analogy though.
  3. AlanT

    Fu***ng Flood

    Dear all, I have played many games from an early age, from the lowly ZX81 (with the 16Kb RAM pack oh yes!) through to owning all the major consoles today. BUT, for the life of me I cannot stand the FLOOD. I adore the AI of HALO 1 & 2, especially on legendary. But for the life of me I just cant stand the incessant onslaught. Does anyone feel like this, or is it just me becoming more grumpy in my years? N.B. My apologies if this is covering old ground, but it isnt often I can post, or have the time to stay on here for long.
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