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  1. My current rig as had to rearrange some items due to PS VR and Pro.
  2. Huge thanks for highlighting Shop-To, who have available orders. Despite me pre ordering with Amazon in March they changed the delivery date this morning from the 13th to the 14th. This was just for the head set, the other orders for games and move controllers were still showing as delivery for the 13th. I know its only a day difference, but i have tomorrow afternoon and Friday off work. Consider me on the hype train for this and i have Battlezone, VR Worlds, Batman and Until Dawn for the games.
  3. http://www.manutd.com/en/News-And-Features/Football-News/2016/May/club-statement-manchester-united-confirm-jose-mourinho-as-new-manager.aspx Its finally official. Be interesting to see who his first signing will be? Personally, i think he will win us a few trophies and do well. I would like Giggs to stay and in 5 years take over from Jose. He would have worked with Ferguson, Van Gaal and now Mourinho, You cant get much better in the game to learn off imho.
  4. AlanT

    Just Cause 3

    Just had a quick go on Xbox one. With the patch there is a long load once you start. Once your in the loads are hugely quicker now. Make sure you have the large patch installed when you play if you have it tomorrow.
  5. AlanT

    Just Cause 3

    Been playing for a couple of hours earlier and I really like it. Frame rate did take a hit but a 2G patch just dropped. Will provide update tomorrow. If you liked JC2 this is better imho Cheers Al
  6. Just an FYI, simplygames have just taken the payment from this from my pre-order. I dont think they will ship this early, but fingers crossed. Man this is an expensive time, better not tell the current Mrs T .....
  7. Count me in please, Gamertag Darkstar859 Ordered from Simplygames so hopefully should be here a couple of days prior to official launch Cheers Alan
  8. I am 100% agreement with you. Saw this last night as working away from home on business. Cinema was packed and I thought the film was top notch. Cracking pace, great leads and for those who aren't familiar with the story, many tense moments where i didnt know where it would go. Highly recommended from me, and cant wait to drag the family when i return home to see it again...
  9. Hi Majora, same thing my end on the dl content. I think it should be fine Tuesday. 45 mins on the download patch for me so time for lunch then I am the Batman...
  10. Have sent a PM, but would really appreciate an invite: Darkstar859 Cheers Alan
  11. DJHD-NPNB-56H9 Code for PS4 Europe if anyone wants to use
  12. Hi, I have the X52 pro, and bought it off ebay for this game specifically. I am really struggling to set it up correctly and keep referring back to the keyboard. It does work with USB 3.0 If anyone has any tips to set this up, be greatly appreciated.
  13. I think it was just out for father's day, and do know its out general at the end of the month. It was very busy on Sunday, so hopefully it will smash at the box office.
  14. Saw this earlier today with the extended family, and each and every one of us loved it. Funny, emotional, stunning visuals and cracking story. Cannot recommend it enough, and we all loved it, and the age ranges with us is from 21 to 46...
  15. Bit late also, but feel free to add me GT - Darkstar859 Cheers Alan
  16. AlanT

    Battlefield 4

    Have added you and a couple more people from here, my xboxlive gamertag is Darkstar859 will be on tonight from after 7 ish, and be great to work in a decent team
  17. AlanT

    Battlefield 4

    I really like the new maps but from 21:45 last night it became so laggy it was unplayable. I dont know whether it was the influx of people using voice comms on the Xbox one, but ever since the teams joined it was knackered Do we have a platoon for the RLLMUK? I always mark targets, and it is frustrating when other team mates simply dont do it. BTW, I am not very good, but always do score in the top 7 of players in rounds, so feel free to add me if anyone is playing in the evenings Cheers Alan
  18. FFS Cmon Utd. Getting battered all over the pitch here
  19. AlanT

    Battlefield 4

    I am on for the next few hours if anyone wants to join. xboxone and Darkstar859 is my gamertag cheers Alan
  20. Yay, delivery arrived. But am in London village with the family and wont be home until 4 today. Next gen only few hours away now. So close....
  21. Hi all, Add me to GT:Darkstar859 Taken next Friday off work, and while I also have the PS4 on order, have ordered DR3, Forza, BF4 and Ryse and its been confirmed by Shop-To I am genuinely excited we are at the start of the next gen, I always remember day 1 launches and the feeling of unwrapping the box and setting up the system, then launching the game for the first time. Personally I find that fantastic, and even the current MrsT is looking forward to it.
  22. This is abysmal I have to face the city scum inlaws tonight as well......
  23. Any consolation have to get better. Been a good start to second half and we are a better team than them
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