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  1. Cracking goal that, weight of the pass superb get in, thats better
  2. prefer Valencia to Nani imho, too wasteful with the ball. Fulham have been very poor, but its still 1-0 Hope we pick up the pace second half
  3. Cracking game and team performance today, well done lads
  4. Clean sheet as well would be brilliant today
  5. Stunning from RVP, bravo sir
  6. great pressure there, cmon boys we can get some more Giggs is on fire today
  7. Loving this, if anyone wants to add me for multiplayer, gamertag is darkstar859 Cheers Alan
  8. Phew, big win that, especially when our defence was shocking.
  9. You are fucking kidding me, what a load of crap fergie, our defence is a joke
  10. me thinks one team will end up with only 10 men or less, only hope its them not us
  11. Yes, get in boys, with Shitty losing lets get all 3 pts now
  12. Bloody hell, should be 3-1 down here. cmon Fergie, sort it out second half
  13. WTF is going on with this game! The ref cant change his mind once hes blown can he???
  14. FFS just got in from visiting family, cmon Utd, you can play better than this
  15. Superb first half that, our passing and movement has been spot on
  16. All we need now is the hammers to beat the pool and it will be a super sunday
  17. what a game, on so many levels
  18. still time for us, Rooney has been amazing today
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