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  1. Cracking first half, hope Fergie doesnt get too defensive second half
  2. were 2-0 up and im still nervous, cant beat being a utd supporter at the min with our defence....
  3. Rooney u beauty. Well against run of play but ill have that
  4. For me, it was sitting with the wider family last night, with the current Mrs T, my two daughters, and playing Mario chase from 7 - 9:30 last night. The reason why its a special moment, is the last time we did this, it was Mario Kart 64 many moons ago and both my girls were still at home and going to school. My eldest Daughter has now left home into her own house, and the other has just turned 21. Its been a very long time since we played a game together and more importantly, had a fantastic time. Worth every penny I paid for the Wii U for that night last night
  5. What a game, just glad were winning. At the minute though...
  6. Evans again , wonder what final score will be? 9-9
  7. well taken by rooney there, good to see him back on pens
  8. FFS why do we do it again to ourselves, shocking defending there Get in
  9. Fletch you beauty, i take it all back
  10. FFS, not playing well today. Cleverly on for Fletch, hes all over the place
  11. HI All, I am up for some games in the evenings after 6:30 and usually on the weekends. Be fantastic to actually enjoy a multiplayer game My gamertag is darkstar859 Cheers Alan
  12. How frustrating is Nani... He does realise there is only 9 mins left grrrr
  13. Man, just got in and look at this score.. wtf is going on.
  14. well, its always good to take 3 points at anfailed, but a bit of a hollow victory. Played pants
  15. And i thought we could get better but alas no, been very poor against 10 men. I will still say the red was justified, was dangerous imho
  16. calm down scholesy, dont mess this up
  17. Utd are so poor today, maye Fergie has told the team to take it easy first half. Shocking performance so far Nani is his usual rubbish self On the bright side, can only improve. I hope.....
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