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  1. Sorry to bring this back, but its due for release in 8 days Please say its still on track for this..
  2. I noticed that, and thats the one I have ordered. Is it confirmed the Pro controller is included in the bundle?
  3. fantastic stuff, only bit of telly everyone watches in our house, which in itself is a first....
  4. I adored the original on the ST, and this is looking great at the min. Be interesting to see how it controls with all the commands on the xbox controller
  5. credit where its due, city have played far better than us in the game. Tactics all wrong from us Dear god i sooo dont want to goto work tomorrow and i am up at 4 due to working in london :-(
  6. cmon ashley, get a pen he he he
  7. now fergie, giggs isnt doing anything at the min
  8. i am still sure we will score, just hope they havent got another by then..
  9. interesting change from them, defensive minded. might give us a chance if rooney and nani can get some movement going
  10. were poor, and cant even get a good break set up when out passing just isnt crisp enough cmon reds, sort it out i really dont want to goto work if we lose tonight grrrr
  11. same here, just booked tickets to see it again with my brother tomorrow morning, and as im away with work next week, me thinks ill be seeing it again on Tuesday or Wednesday. Be interesting to see the box office figures for this, as the US isnt out for another week or so I believe
  12. We saw this last night too, and while I thought i was simply fantastic, I took the current Mrs T and my 2 daughters (22 & 20). They all loved it, and we all want to see it again. That has never happened before... Bravo to Whedon and the cast This is why I love cinema and an absolutely brilliant film.
  13. Well done Wigan, well deserved win tonight. Sort it out Fergie, I hate we do like to make it harder than it needs to be grrrr
  14. Passing is just poor, at least we go on a run after a defeat, but this is still a dismal display.
  15. Good grief, what are we doing. Should be 2-0 down now...
  16. for some inane reason i still think we can nick this. been a lot better in the last few mins.... Cmon you reds
  17. Hiya, I am using this one http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/118366/2/watch-wigan-athletic-vs-manchester-united.html Utd have been shocking tonight, nani on for Rooney.
  18. Snap, and im off down to Game (have game cards from xmas to use) straight after a customer meeting. Cannot wait
  19. Hi all, So reading this I have finally succumbed and pre ordered the wifi version, with Fifa and Uncharted. The remote play etc is of real interest to me, does anyone know if this is available as a feature on release or not?
  20. Nice goal there by berbs, it wasnt a red card, but never mind, me thinks we have this in the bag already, and could do with a couple more to get our goal difference up...
  21. oops sorry stupid phone.., I dont even have the play option yet.
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