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  1. The VTOL level has gone, I played this for most of last night as the current Mrs T was out with my daughters. Still yet to complete it, but thought you might like to know. My personal view is that this is superb. Playing in 3d on a 46 inch tv with dolby headphones is one of lifes little pleasures imho One of the points I have noticed is the sound. In one of the levels where you are inside a building, the sound of the weapons firing is very loud, and you can hear the crack of sniper rifles from guard posts etc. Much better than my pc could kick out.
  2. Brilliant, thanks for that downloading now but its taking forever to even get to 1%
  3. Wonder what time this will be up on XBOX Live? Just checked and its not on yet Absolutely cracking game, and looking forward to playing this in 3d and using my xbox pad to play this.
  4. Amazing piece of TV, that is all :-)
  5. Couple of them from work (glass trophy's etc), and some from my daughters, hence the pictures of them dotted around the room
  6. This is mine, used to to be the kitchen in our place, but we built an extension where the garage used to be. Hence plug sockets on the walls where the game shelves are The chair is below the shelves on the back wall opposite the TV Also, the TV is full 3d, and while i know a lot of people here are not into 3d, I think it adds a lot to movies and games. (when its done well) Welcome your thoughts Cheers Alan
  7. Superb first half there by the team, need to keep up that momentum second half and get another to make their heads drop. Park has been immense but needs to keep that up, could be an option to bring nani on mid way through 2nd half
  8. Get in, feel sorry for the keeper there
  9. Great goal that, were off to wembley!
  10. He's a fantastic keeper, for me this game is made for Nani to make the breakthrough
  11. What a game, cracking stuff
  12. Great result tonight, good game as well, so bring it on at OT
  13. I use this site mate, if its not on TV. You do know its on ITV? http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/58497/1/watch-chelsea-vs-manchester-united.html
  14. Get in, great pass by Giggs
  15. If its any consolation, I am still in work, watching the game on an iphone while I am on a conf call with the US until 2 this morning.
  16. FFS what is going on Where is the fighting spirit, Gibson is doing nothing in midfield
  17. If it's any consolation I don't think I have seen us play worse in a first half. We must get better second half, and remember Blackpool. Fingers crossed anyway
  18. Gutted at that, no way a pen imho They should also be down to 10, gotta keep our heads up now. Berbs and Rooney for the win
  19. Beautiful move that from the team, shame it bounced off the bar keep this up Utd, and dont slacken off!
  20. I use this one mate http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/52197/2/watch-wigan-athletic-vs-manchester-united.html
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