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  1. Gutted at that, no way a pen imho They should also be down to 10, gotta keep our heads up now. Berbs and Rooney for the win
  2. Beautiful move that from the team, shame it bounced off the bar keep this up Utd, and dont slacken off!
  3. I use this one mate http://www.firstrowsports.eu/watch/52197/2/watch-wigan-athletic-vs-manchester-united.html
  4. Balls, were off out tonight and have to leave in 20 mins. I just know utd are going to have a storming second half and im going to miss it fingers crossed chaps, and ill be checking the forum
  5. arrrgghh my usual site has gone down (www.firstrow.net) anyone know any decent links so I can watch the game?
  6. Phew, played like crap first half, and hate to say it, Rooney coming off was the turnaround we needed. Stunning second half though. What a game
  7. What is going on with our defence, Cambell is 3 foot nothing!
  8. We need more control in the midfield, Gibson just isnt cutting it in this game. give credit to Blackpool though, playing very well Still plenty of time left though, thank flip
  9. even with my stupid stream, great header
  10. Anyone have any decent links? Mine keep stopping
  11. Could have been worse, at least Wolves did the business
  12. absolute cracker, well done nani
  13. early days, but man what was going in in defence then giggsy should have done better there
  14. Anyone watching the game, good stream here http://www.firstrow.net/watch/29393/1/watch-bolton-wanderers-vs-manchester-united.html
  15. count me in chaps, Live tag Darkstar859 Will be online in the next 20 mins, and will try to add to the rllmuk reach 2 tag Cheers Alan
  16. Im in, gamertag Darkstar859 Cheers Al
  17. I wonder if shop to will post them this weekend? I am away with work from next Wednesday until Friday and out next weekend Anyone heard anything from them about shipping at all?
  18. Hi, I emailed the chap from wheel stand pro, and he does do an "upgrade pack" which you can mount the logitech onto, and just switch over the wheels. I cant find any intel on the web around whether the pedals will work from microsoft to Logitech which would make life easier. I am scouring the net trying to find a cheap ish Logitech Pro wheel, cheapest i can find is Amazon UK. Anyone know any better? Cheers Al
  19. "Does anyone know if Game or Gamestation will be selling transfer kits today?", sorry messed up the quote thing I spoke to my local Game yesterday to see if they were selling early as reported in these pages, they said no, but did confirm they are selling the transfer kits. Official ones were £14.99, at least at my local Warrington branch. Cheers Al
  20. AlanT

    Split Second

    Just had a quick blast on this and completed the first few races. Am loving it so far, but i did really enjoy the demo. As to the music, when your blasting through a race and explosions are going off all around you, I think the music really adds to the game. Have the 360 version by the way, and playing it with headphones. Just wish I didnt have to visit the mother in law tonight, stupid birthdays
  21. were chasing shadows now. Need to hold onto the ball
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