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  1. damn, still think well nick this on the 89th minute. Gibson or giggs if he comes on Cmon Utd....
  2. cracking save that from VDS.
  3. damn, nice goal though. Still think well win this well judging by how well were playing.
  4. arrrggghhh 5 live has just gone off due to restrictions Gutted... Anyone have a link to an english match?
  5. All the people I work with are massive RM fans, and they are looking forward to their big match this weekend. Early start today, so no drinks tonight. Bring it on tomorrow though
  6. Fergie wont risk him unless he is fit. Feeling confident now about tonights game, apart from watching it on my hotel TV in madrid, and listening to it on five live. Cmon the mighty reds
  7. AlanT

    Red Steel 2

    Just bought this in Asda as its going for £20, and loving it so far. Will also put this in the bargains notice folder Cheers Al
  8. completely agree, we need some pace to run at them. Nani on for me
  9. Chelsea playing better in attack than us which is a worry crap, that was too easy for them....
  10. Hi Sean, The actual colour playback in game is not as bad as the youtube vid. I dont know if it was the recording, but the colours on that were all over the place. The acutal game is pretty solid on colours, and only on the edges do you see bleeding.
  11. Here is the box and glasses, taken from iphone and will upload pic of the setup below
  12. Hi Robo, I would also say it depends on what screen your playing it on. I am lucky to be able to play it on a 46 inch LCD which is in my home office, and when i get home this evening i will upload a couple of pics if i can. Like i said before, the 3d effect on the corridors is really good and one of the main areas I noticed was the architecture of the environments. You really do see fans/pipes in the background stand out. I for one would like to see if this can be used for existing games. If you dont have it, its worth a punt. Cheers Al
  13. I bought this yesterday as I had a load of credit in Game. I already have the 360 version as I bought it on import before the release last year, I bought the PS3 version for the joker maps. The 3d element is really good imho. The depth it adds to the game is very good, and there is some colour bleeding around some edges. The bits that do stand out are when you go into detective mode. Maybe its to do with the colour. Overall though, if you have the spare cash, or never played this before, I highly recommend it if anyone else wants to know anything more, let me know Cheers Al
  14. Cracking team result that, especially as no mean feat to beat Bolton 4-0 at their home. Bring on Bayern and Chelski next weekend...
  15. what an excellent display. Good finish that
  16. well done Nani, great team play
  17. good spell of pressure there, and vidic has been a rock in defence. Agree we need that second, If we score soon i think their heads will drop.
  18. 3000 seats, thats nuts just for safety reasons. Not to worry, but thanks for letting me know
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