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  1. cant believe the amount of empty seats in the stand. Would have looked at a ticket if I had known. Bolton is not that far from me. Lesson learnt for next season then me thinks....
  2. Cracking thanks Hoop. Hope its a good game today, goes without saying we need the 3 points. Maybe fergie has an eye on Tuesday hence no Rooney. Like to see how Berba plays as the font man in this one
  3. anyone got any links for the game? cheers Al
  4. superb performance by the team today. Dare I say it, but is the springboard for the run in for the season? Hope so, as in the last 2 games, this is the best i have seen them play for ages
  5. what a goal that was, superb play by the team
  6. anyone got any links for this? usual site i use isnt showing "myp2p" Cheers Alan
  7. What a game, roll on the gooooners on Sunday. Time for another beer.
  8. Brilliant block by Rio there. Cmon utd....
  9. Well said sir, had to be tevez. Knew it would come to this. Rooney in 92 minute
  10. Literally only played this for half an hour, and first impressions for me are very good. The art style and direction is excellent, and the combat certainly feels great I got the PS3 version, after reading the previous posts this looked the one to get. FYI, the local Asda near me in Warrington didnt recieve the delivery, but blockbusters had it Will post further impressions later this evening if you want. Cheers Alan
  11. I bought the new X41 off ebay, there are a couple of ebay shops selling them. Cost me £151, but if you can afford them I think they are excellent. Also, I have connected mine via an optical switch to my PS3, so you can listen to both 360 and PS3 games, with the added bonus of DD for blu rays. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Cheers Alan
  12. Excellent thanks chaps Cracking game this, but doesnt half eat up the hours. The current MrsT is none too happy
  13. Chaps, need some help here. Recieved this the other day, and so far have only just completed the first mini boss i believe, which enables me . Now, while I love it so far, and yes I have died a lot, when I try and move onto Any help on this would be appreciated, and also could someone explain about magic and how to obtain this? So far I am on soul level 9, but have no magic. I am a knight, and tried to upgrade the shield and sword, but dont have the relevant material. Does it get better, as it looks great, and I really want to progress further. Am I playing it wrong?
  14. Sorry it was the US version, off ebay. Chap is selling them located in London. Depending on the strike, maybe recieve it Saturday, even though I paid for next day
  15. This film is going to be stunning. IMHO I have always found Jim Camerons films to be excellent, yes even Titanic. Roll on dec, and im going to book tickets for the Manchester Imax, and my local Odeon. Cant wait for xmas now
  16. Due to this thread, I ordered this yesterday from Ebay. Its the one with artbook and CD included. With next day delivery came to £48, which I dont think is too bad. Cant wait for it to arrive
  17. Yup, it is for me. Not on the dash, but by using the shotcut option and then latest download. Just playing around with it now, but works like a dream, quite impressed to be honest.
  18. It appears that Sky werent ready for it to be loaded as soon as Microsoft did, hence the issues. No ETA yet, but believed to be back on this afternoon.
  19. I think they have stopped this now, due to the issues with signin. you can still access it via the quicklaunch option, then select latest download. i still cant access the player though, only managed to input my username and password then bombed out
  20. Yay, Shop-to copy just landed on my doormat, and im working from home today. Cracking service tbh, and first time I have used them. Must resist turning on my PS3, as I have crap loads of work to do Ahem, maybe just a quick go..
  21. Through the next day option with Shopto just ordered this. I know its only saving 24 hours, cant wait, and its cheaper than game
  22. We were lucky at the end there. Maybe even have won it. However, Nani is simply not good enough and dont even start me on Foster Still a points a point
  23. Hi Chaps, Seriously thinking about buying the official MS Wheel now in preperation for Forza 3. However, before I dash out is this fully compatible with existing 360 racers? The new NFS, PGR 4 etc? Would be interested in your thoughts on the wheel as well Thanks Alan
  24. Hi Chaps, Am reigniting this again due to ODST coming soon. Anyone fancy a decent game tonight? I will be on from 7 ish. my gamertag is darkstar859 Cheers Alan
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