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  1. It also has tanks and flying vehicles (the latter seem to be on some of the other maps too ), and good luck taking those out with some of the weapons you spawn with.
  2. Christ, 5 times?!? Good luck when the game seems to spawn me with double pistols or snipers every other time I die - Cant really do a lot when 2 guys are running at you with a sword or hammer with those loadouts
  3. Oh, that wasnt what I meant though - the queue just up and died after a few hours for me. As in, the game couldnt find anyone at all, despite it matching me with US players etc previously. Very weird. Might have been a fluke though, maybe. Yeah, it has. Kind of sucks, but you need to use electricity weapons instead, so the arc pistol and sniper for instance as well as Dynamo grenades.
  4. I dont really see how its obvious, as the playlist is supposed to include anyone who uses a controller, regardless of platform. Am I missing something? They nerfed that from the Flights. I swear it didnt have anywhere near the kick it now has.
  5. Been playing crossplay and there has been some weird stuff happening, like I get guys sometimes who never seem to miss, melt my shields with one burst, and shoot me around corners somehow. I always put it down to latency, despite the dedicated servers, but now I'm not so sure. Not lost rank as a result (so far, touch wood) but I'm only platinum 1 anyway in ranked crossplay. I'd rather play controller solo/duo, but that playlist seems to have way less players in it for some reason
  6. I definitely wont be doing this next time I have the Repulser and its CTF, honest...
  7. Wow these challenges man.... "In the first minute of a match, kill three opponents who do not have the letter A in their gamertag while riding passenger seat in a mongoose."
  8. I like how the one guy figured out what was about to happen and tried to bail
  9. Its an option in the settings. It appears in the top right of the screen. Mines 26 ms in all game modes apart from BTB, though I think its the servers as it was 26 this evening for most the games, but its gone back to 90+ as of me writing this. Its bad enough that you can get caught with your pants down by 3+ players due to the radar change, but not being to fight back because you've got a terrible connection to the server definitely does not help - I get melted in around a second by what looks like 1 BR spray, yet for them is likely a full clip. Never happens in the other game modes. Edit: Its under UI in the settings - "Network Statistics" for those who want this turned on. Its in no way intrusive btw, so no reason to not have it on at all times in my opinion.
  10. Am I the only one getting 90+ms in BTB? Had a few matches in there with 180ms, and it was pretty unplayable. Not sure why its so high there, seen as its only 26 at most in every other mode
  11. Dunno if its just me, but it feels like they've put aim assist/stickiness in for controller players. Thats not just me right? The flights were a real struggle on controller I felt, at least with things like the sniper rifle and spiker - may as well not have picked those up then.
  12. I got that one from the chest on my solo run, so didnt bother with getting one with the card. Has Tireless Blade (returns ammo on every other powered sword kill) too. Vorpal would be the best roll I guess, for both pvp and pve?
  13. btw, in case anyone was wondering about that "Aim assist is way too strong" video thats doing the rounds, its a bug/glitch. Also I wasnt aware until now, but this is under the M+K controls: M+K also has aim assist in the form of magnetism it seems
  14. I certainly wasnt expecting a demo, as I've played the previous flight. Its a bit of a shame not much changed between the two flights though, given how much feedback they got about the aim assist being so bad. I really hope they dont listen to the m+k lot though, as they just keep banging on about how aim assist is like cheating, whereas they dont seem to realise they have crazy movement compared to controller players to compensate.
  15. Been playing this but it doesnt feel like theres much, if any, aim assist to me, although that may be because I've mainly only played Destiny 2 and the aim assist is so strong there on controller. Also matchmaking seems to just throw people together, whether you're solo or not, so its probably advantageous to go in as a team. I've been getting battered, likely due to going in solo and the enemy players are either in fireteams, or used to the controls far more than I am.
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