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  1. I dunno, the Dragonlance stuff is pretty good.
  2. It was quite broken in crucible to be fair, but the melee range nerf is a bit over the top.
  3. Also Argos has the option to add to trolley right now, but you cant actually check out......for some reason Edit: No stock, yet, but I dunno why they allow you to add to your shopping cart, then cockblock you, when they should just not allow you to add to cart in the first place.
  4. Nope, despite the button allowing you to try and nab one, it then says out of stock.
  5. Here we go. Last chance, but not for today. Fuck knows when, but keep an eye on Argos and supposedly Curry's (again).. Obviously there is no guarantee either of these pages wont fall over the minute they open up for orders or whatever (lets face it, they obviously will), so please bear that in mind.
  6. I knew they wouldnt have any. Its still showing that they have stock when I goto their PS5 bundles, but that's likely their website being shit. Massive waste of time.
  7. 26 mins for me. I know there wont be anything at the end, but you gotta try at least.
  8. I'm not leaving this queue, even if there is nowt at the end of it. Been in it way too long now to just give up. Not that there wont be anything at the end other than massive disappointment mind
  9. I just refreshed the page and its updated. Not all bundles are out of stock Few others too, but by the time I get to log in they'll be gone. This queue is just out and out rubbish. Edit: Bundles tried to auto correct to Bungles, which would be more apt for all the retailers today.
  10. Doesnt surprise me. I'll leave the queue going just to see, but today has been a monumental waste of time. More fool me not getting it in September I guess.
  11. If you click any of those pre-orders it goes back to the same queue time. I have no clue if this means they've not sold out yet or not. Edit: I clicked both the Miles Morales bundle and the one with just the media remote to see if there was any difference (have them both open in 2 windows) and the queue time was the same. Wonder if I can pick which one I want.....
  12. Yeah same here. I dont know whats going on with their site, but I can go there and see the console pre-orders, so does that mean they've not sold out yet?
  13. The bar in the bloody Game queue just doesnt seem to want to move. I dont think this is going to happen, but I'll leave it run. I havent had fucking breakfast because of this shit
  14. Still in the bloody queue. Today has not been a good day. So far. Can Game turn it around?
  15. Thats true, but there was also bugger all on twitter. No clue when stock would actually be up, or even if it would be after it didnt appear at 12.
  16. I managed to get one to checkout multiple times but it wouldnt complete the transaction. No warning from Amazon at all either as I had signed up for email alerts. Terrible.
  17. Today has been a shitshow. Looks like Game is the last chance, but I'm not holding out any hope.
  18. Its gone. Keep getting the retailer isnt selling it anymore.
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