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  1. If you watch the Making Of DVD which comes with the LE version of the game, it shows all the voice actors, Michael Wincott is there, and clearly shown voicing the Prophet Of Truth, but John Hurt is not.
  2. I'm in Edinburgh and my copy arrived from Gameplay this morning.
  3. About the Malcolm thing, the last time we actually 'see' him in the book he's simply slipping into delirium from his injuries/the morphine. Then a little later on Grant asks Muldoon "What about Malcolm?", Muldoon just shakes his head. So the implication is that he died, but it was ambiguous enough that it was not a huge leap when we find out that reports of his death are greatly exagerated in TLW, he says he was "only slightly dead", so the idea was that he was in such an extreme state that he was diagnosed as dead in the heat of the situation, but later found out to be (barely) still alive. And Crichton named his sequel in homage to Conan Doyle's book, but everyone knew that, didn't they? The Lysine Contingency? They engineer the dinosaurs with a faulty enzyme in protein metabolism, so they can't produce the amino acid lysine. They are fed it by the park, the idea being that if any of them got out they would not get the lysine, and would slip into a coma and die. They make a passing reference to it in the film too.
  4. So what's happened to this then? According to the Bits' latest story there's only the Philosphers' and Critics' commentaries. Shame, I like cast commentaries.
  5. Sounds fantastic. I love the films, and although I have them all on DVD, I wont think twice about buying this set, both for the 'cool' factor of the set itself, but moreso for the wealth of features which were lacking from the original releases. Brilliant. Anyone else can think what they like about the films, that's their opinion, but to say this isn't a great set is silly. 10 discs is hardly overkill, the LOTR films get 4 discs each, and even if you count those as 3 (since 2 discs are just the film), that's 9 discs, and the tenth is the Animatrix. As said before, if the Revisted discs for the sequels are even half as good as the original's Revisted disc then it'll be a brilliant watch. The films are great, this is my opinion. If this offends your highbrow film-rating sensibilities then so be it. I love the idea that the Wachowskis aren't so far up their arse as some of the people who like slagging them off, they obviously have a sense of fun and balance to let their critics make a commentary track.
  6. Heh, I'm going to come across as a gloating git in this post, but - I got all the skill points in both games (without any guides or GameFAQs), some of them are quite obscure, but more often than not are more obvious than you think, and it's just a case of looking at what's in the level and thinking about it logically. Old Skool, for instance - yes, only R&C1 weapons. Just romped through with the Tesla Claw. And Snow Dan is easy, although I don't want to give anything away. It's a lot easier than you think. B) As for the hoverboard bit from R&C1, I'm actually surprised that it's generating the problems it is, I breezed through it and thought it was not bad, a nice little extra. Probably one of those things that you just either find dead easy or struggle with forever, and since I got through it so quick I never had time to get annoyed with it.
  7. Actually, having a R&C1 save just lets you 'buy' the Gadgetron weapons for free when you reach the shop on Barlow, rather than paying for them. I love both games, they're brilliant, it's a shame that so many people will miss out on them because they'll automatically assume they're run of the mill action platformers and pass over, whilst they'll try games with big names attached without a second thought, like Mario. As for R&C1 looking better than 2.... ehhh, no.
  8. XBox - 42 GameCube - 34 PS2 - 13 Dreamcast - 33 GBA - Somwhere between 10 and 20
  9. I agree, I thought that was hilarious, along with most of Donkey's stuff, both animation/visual wise and the voice acting from Murphy. I also loved when everyone else is shouting at each other and he comes out with his own name. *SPOILER* I couldn't stop laughing for about five minutes after Puss said "Hey boss... let's shave him", just after Donkey fainted. It just started me off, the way he said it was brilliant. Puss in Boots was just brilliant all around, his Reloaded parody was great too. *END SPOILER*
  10. Kudos though, quite tricky, especially for anyone not observing the brackets correctly.
  11. Gradius. Grade + E * + Us * Enterprise E - (Ent + Erp + Rise) = E
  12. The two Ratchet & Clanks are among my favourite games ever, I find it hard to find fault with them, and I think they (and also the Jak titles) put Mario Sunshine to shame, they're wonderfully designed and just fun, it may not appear they're doing anything amazingly new or fresh, but they're just presenting great fun experiences. Mario Sunshine may have the gimmick, which is nice and something new, but it's not particularly fun. PS2 really is the choice for platformers this generation, which is not something I ever thought I'd say.
  13. Well yes, although his death was never a direct event in the first book, merely a shake of the head from someone implied that he was gone, so it wasn't too ridiculous when he came back, I think Crichton loved wheeling out the "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated!" line. Although it was a bit of a surprise at the time, I was glad of it as Malcolm is a great character in both books.
  14. The two R&C games are in my top ten titles ever, I absolutely adore them, and I can't wait for 3. They just do everything right (for me), some top notch platforming action mixed with a wonderful third-person combat system (particularly 2, with it's strafe function), and masses of the most imaginative, crazy and fun weapons and gadgets around. The characters, plots and cutscenes are a joy, as are the mini-games. The final boss in 1 I never found a problem, challenging sure, but once your worked out a tactic (several ways you could beat him), it was just a matter of executing, I thought it was one of the most satisfying end bosses I'd seen. And the bolts - maybe it depends on how you play it, but I've never met a situation in either game where I haven't had enough bolts to buy a required item, in fact having masses more than needed. The only ones I had to play through more to drum up the cash to purchase were the items intended to be gained that way, such as the high-end weapons and armour.
  15. I liked a similar bit in ROTK where the armies of Mordor are bashing down the gate, and Gandalf says something like "You are soldiers of Gondor, and no matter what comes through that gate, you will stand your ground!", then the gate crashes down and three massive trolls charge through, Gandalf's face is priceless, pretty much summed up by "OMG?!?!".
  16. You mean San Diego? I think JP3 is ok, suffers from simply being mediocre I think. Lost World is great, I love the atmosphere of it above all. Jurassic Park (1) is my favourite film of all time. Stunning. I would give a limb for an Extended-Edition style version with extra bits from the book put in. B)
  17. - The afforementioned T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park, also the Raptors in the kitchen. They just do exactly what they're meant to so very well. - Most of the already mentioned Matrix-scenes, but also The Siege - the sheer balls-out chaos of it, and the Super Brawl which not only looks amazing but acts as a synopsis and ending to the trilogy all in one battle. - The ending to Twelve Monkeys, where it all comes together as it was fated to, that slow motion shot of her looking around for him (as a child), and then him walking off to the car before "What A Wonderful World" plays over the credits. - ROTK where the battle is met with the Oliphants, and also when the Eagles turn up (at last). Also, when Frodo is lying and says he can't remember the Shire etc, then Sam says "well let us be done with it then!" and carries him up the mountain. - The "Long live the king!" scene in The Lion King.
  18. They never said they were picking up "Spaceships" on sensors, just "ships" - which technically you could count planes as. Whilst it was obviously designed for the dramatic reveal, it's not unreasonable really that their sensors simply picked up flying craft (classed as 'ships' by them) moving towards them, but didn't identify them until they were fired upon. How many episodes have we seen someone say "I'm picking up three ships on sensors..." or whatever, before then subsequently scanning further to determine what they were exactly. Anyway, I thought it was a fun last episode, even if it did feel as if it was all wrapped up a bit quickly, I would have liked to see some more of the reformed Xindi council etc. As for the Natzi-aliens thing, well yeah it's bizarre, but at least it wasn't predictable. My bet is that Daniels teleportimagicaformated Archer out of the explosion in an attempt to save his valuable-to-the-timeline life, but buggered it up a bit and messed up time as a result.
  19. I'd love to play, although I'm not very good. I've done most of Brutal and a few tracks on Insane, but I can't finish Brutal because of bloody Blink 182, I can usually get to one bar of finishing. The game is great though and it'd be nice to play someone in the barren landscape that is the online mode.
  20. I dunno, going by his designs he'd probably enjoy that.
  21. I don't know about anyone else, but personally, while having consistency and 'realism' is a nice extra to a film that makes it a bit more believable, I'd rather have 'cool factor' any day rather than having it all perfectly logical. Why not just get the eagles to drop the ring into Mount Doom while you're at it? The story in Aliens sets things up with sufficient reason that the film has it's premise. The company sending in a massive insanely well-equipped army of troops might have been more logical (to some), but it wouldn't have been as good a movie. Besides, one of the main themes of the universe has always been that The Company aren't perfect - far from it. They're faceless (in the films anyway) and ruthless, but they're constantly mis-judging how dangerous the aliens are, which is where the problems come in.
  22. I'm a massive fan of the series/franchise, not only having watched the films buit read (as far as I know) every novel in the series. I think Aliens is the best of the series, and it set up the universe in the way that all the fans know and love, just left with Alien it would have just been another 'monster in the shadows taking out everyone one at a time' fest (albeit the best of it's kind). I love the way that The Company sets it all up - far more menacing than simply making it random encounters in space. It's the vile human attempt paired with the horrific nature of the beast that makes it so compelling. Also, the aliens in Aliens are definitely smarter than that in Alien, and the Queen (and structure of the Hive) gave so much to the universe. I don't think that Aliens ever reduced the sheer terror of the original creature - getting impregnated was just as scary, and just because there was large numbers of them doesn't stop them still being horrific. If you need to be locked in a big empty spaceship with no weapons to make a creature scary, then there must be a problem with the creature. Certaintly, the books always retained the fear of a single alien, even in scenarios where the whole of Earth is over-run with the things. When the humans encounter a hive, it's not just thousands of cannon-fodder creatures, but a whole army of the most horrific things you can imagine. I don't think Alien 3 is a bad film, it's just not a particularly good one either, especially as it 'does a Terminator 3' and undermines the story of it's predecessor. I'd love them to make a new film which brings in the Elephant aliens, their presence in the books I also thought was uber-eerie, and it would bring something new to the (film) series oter than simply new breeds of Xenomorphs.
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