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  1. Started this the other day as it's free with Plus. Seems rather charming so far. Watched a little bit of a review vid, and the guy mentions it's the sort of game people would play for 30 mins after taking a bath each night. Just something to chill with and enjoy the story before hitting the sack. Disappointed with the combat when I compare it to Elden Ring though...
  2. This thread alone must be responsible for 30% of the sales.
  3. RRR 5/5 This was recommended viewing from Hideo Kojima - after viewing I can see why! Amazing blast of story and action from start to finish with some properly bonkers moments.
  4. Decision to Leave - Heojil kyolshim : 3.8 / 5 This could well change if I watch it again. It's one of those films.
  5. Watching this on iPlayer. Incredible viewing, just sat here mesmerized.
  6. I'm finding kuhn rikon pans to be excellent. They heat up fast and evenly, and the non stick is fantastic. Didn't think much of circulon ones although they are very popular.
  7. Just finished Kiwami, really enjoyed it. Was recommended to skip this one when I was playing through the others ( shouldn't of! ) glad I went back to it finally. Quite lightweight compared to some of the others, but some really good story foundations are set for the future games.
  8. You make that pretty easily doing property management, it's also really fun ( at least for me it was )
  9. These guys have smashed it out of the park! The best game series just got better!
  10. It wasn’t a play through of the game. A series about the actual Sakamoto Ryoma, look him up. I'm relieved not to have to rush Kiwani now, plenty of time.
  11. Looks epic! Watched a 30 episode series about Sakamoto Ryoma last year so will prepared for this.
  12. Started Kiwami today, feels good to back in the Yakuza world! I skipped this when I played through the games in order, and regretted it. Now it was free on plus was a no-brainer.
  13. An ipad with controller of choice seems to do the job perfectly well. My son took my ipad + PS5 controller with him when he went with my wife to visit her family for 4 weeks. Was able to play the PS5 and use geforce now remotely. The initial connection to the PS5 was a bit hit and miss, as I'd need to start it up most of the time for him to be able to connect - even though i'd set all the relevant settings on the PS5 for it to be wakable remotely.
  14. I had a pack of those bottom left ones recently when I was home alone - absolute fire in the mouth. Wife told me after, that she only uses 1/4 of the packet of spice when she makes them.
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