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  1. Nope for me. Not to say it's not worth it, just hard for me to justify. I always tend to pick up games 2nd hand nowadays though as i'm in no rush to play on release day ( which is why I never buy digital releases )
  2. I had alert from stock informer when I was able to get one from Amazon. Also received the one earlier today for some reason, thought it'd turned it off.
  3. Just had alert for Very. ...oops nm.
  4. What worked for me with Amazon was using the app. I was actually out of the house when I had a notification from stock informer. Tried clicking the link and using chrome game me errors, so I used the app and it worked instantly. I was already logged in, which would of helped as well.
  5. Setup was a bit of a faff for me. Didn't have a PS3 or 4 so everything was from scratch. I tried using PAYPAL as payment for the PS+ trial and it kept giving cryptic error messages. Thought i'd try doing it via the website and that didn't have the trial option and seemed to log me out every time I clicked a link. Then tried the app with no luck. Finally gave in and used my credit card to pay, which worked first time. I also had trouble removing the payment method as well, as I don't want it saved on the account ( after reading about the hacking ) Almost bo
  6. Just in case anyone is interested. You can get FIFA 21 for about £11 ( ends today ) If you don't already own any FIFA games: Sign up for EA play ( 1 month trial 99p) PS+ trial or take out 1 month Installed FIFA 20 from EA play - FULLY Get offer to upgrade to 21 for £11 Can also upgrade for £11 if you already have 20 or 19 installed
  7. Managed to order a PS5 today finally. My son is really wanting to play FIFA. Would it be wise to just buy a used copy of the PS4 2021 standard edition for now so he can learn the ropes, then get full fat PS5 2022 version when it's released?
  8. Was super lucky. I was out on my morning walk, just checked my phone and then had a notification pop up from stock informer ( i'd checked it earlier this morning so tab was still open in chrome ) Clicked it's link through to Amazon but kept getting errors adding it to basket, so tired the app and it worked first time. Confirmation email came instantly. Was going to have a moan about Argos earlier, as I'd had a quick check at 1:20am when I got up for a pee.
  9. Just got one at Amazon using app
  10. Wheeler dealers. Can't get enough of it. Prefer the Ed years but the other bloke is ok as well. Did a nice XR2 Fiesta the other day.
  11. Just sellotape a PS4 to a PS1 and job done.
  12. I'd prefer to buy a new / used one for a better price then hunt a few used games. You can most of the top games for around £30 each, play them then sell them on again.
  13. Seems rather steep for me. How old is it, still under warranty? You could get a new one for £280 at shopto https://www.shopto.net/en/switch-consoles/?utm_source=Website&utm_campaign=Super Mario 3D All Stars Switch XL Mario Kart and Luigis mansion are nice, rest are a bit meh.
  14. Thankfully doesn't make me regret recently selling my switch
  15. Retailers don't actually make £450 per console, would be interesting to know how much exactly, I'd guess than £100. There is usually not a lot of profit in console sales, even loss by the manufacturers in some cases. It's just about getting them in homes. The money is made on software sales and peripherals. It's the scalpers making the most profit out of this, fuelled by the likes of CEX and people willing to pay crazy money.
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