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  1. Hole in 1, first ever shot in the golf game! Straight in, didn't even bounce or roll.
  2. Totally agree. Really felt for him at the end of 0... I preferred playing as him during the game as well. Just stared Kiwami 2 after watching all the Kiwami 1 cutscenes - will go back and play it one day as it seemed great. Kiwami 2 seems a big step up graphically from 0 which is nice, I didn't expect it.
  3. Finished 0 last night. Wow what an ending! Pure class and surprisingly emotional. Feel quite bad about not wanting to put more time into real estate and hostess club, but from what i've read they'll be in Kiwami 2, so may as well put the time into it there - and can always come back to it later if need be. Going to catch up on the Kiwami story on youtube, then dive into Kiwami 2.
  4. Awww no, spanner in the works! Got kiwami 2 already installed and about to finish 0. I may come back to 1, as I’ll probably end up playing all of them.
  5. I’ve just started chapter 17 = you’ve got a way to go. Pretty sure I’m about to finish. Wasn’t really sure what to expect, but the storyline is just fantastic.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll finish 0 then play Kiwami 2 - then go Judgement before Judgement 2 - Probably after that 6.
  7. Ah right - cheers. I'll finish finish off Yak 0 then Kiwami 2 ( This is £5.95 on PS Store at the mo ) in that case. Should be able to grab a used PS5 copy easily by then.
  8. Up to chapter 10 on Yak 0, and loving it so much I already started looking at which to play next. Just paid £5.95 for Kiwami 2 ( as it looked suitably bonkers ) on Playstation store - £7 without PS+ sub Going to get Lost Judgement if I see it going cheap, if so i'll play that first - then go onto Kiwami 2 for a bit of variety.
  9. Currently eyeing this up. I've seen PS4 version going for a good price - can anyone confirm if it gets upgraded to PS5 automatically when installed?
  10. Started 0 today. Got it from Amazon for £14 which seemed a bit of a bargain. Only 40 mins in at the mo, but can already tell it's my kinda game Real shame I can't play it with my son...for a few more years.
  11. I think getting a basic understanding of each part of the process is enough, then just concentrate on the aspects that most appeal to you. I dabbled with 3D for many years now and really enjoy it, and it has paid of on enough occasions to of been worth my time. You absolutely have to be willing to put in some time with it and always be willing to learn / adapt though as it's evolving all the time - which I love! I definitely questioned if it was worth the time on a few occasions. I remember getting into rigging and animating characters with Maya and often hitting brick walls...so I made the decision that just wasn't something worth my time and effort.
  12. My son ( 11 yesterday ) splits time between fortnite and roblox which he has been playing with for about 4-5 years now. Roblox seems more of a social thing to him, most of his class plays and they seem to use it mainly as a chat room as well as playing a bit - He still has a lot of fun with it, which is surprising to me as he is amazing at fortnite a seemingly far more complex game. Regarding Roblox, I think part of the success is how accessible it is. You can play it on any device and it's totally cross platform, so most of his friends can access it together. We have a PS5 and he wanted to play FIFA with his mates, but one of them has PS4 ( no PS+ ) the others XBOX somethings then some switch users...so it's a no go. I did enjoy our time together playing Mario Kart on the wii u, and he loved playing breath of the wind and the mario games on switch with me, but alas I think those days are pretty much over. Doesn't piss me off that he plays games at all. But I do dictate that we have to balance it with other physical activities. So we go and play football together weekend mornings, go running ( he did his first 5k last week ) and most recently do some workouts together at home. He'd happily not do this stuff if I didn't insist, but it's having clear benefits on him, and i'm sure he'll appreciate it one day
  13. ”PS Plus Game Hitman 2 Can Run at 4K 60FPS with DualSense Support on PS5” https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/09/ps_plus_game_hitman_2_can_run_at_4k_60fps_with_dualsense_support_on_ps5 Never played a Hitman game so was going to check it out anyway, I’ll give this a try.
  14. Same. We started from the beginning about 3 years ago when my son was 8, and watched a few each day until we caught up. Painfully slow watching it weekly now! Still great though.
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