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  1. 1 hour ago, Lochenvar said:

    Over the last few years, my wife and I have been creating an increasingly elaborate puppet show thing for the kids who come around at Halloween. Last year I ended up teaching myself enough Blender that I could do a projection-mapped background:




    I was hoping to do something new for this year, but I haven't used Blender at all since, so I'd basically have to learn it all from scratch again.


    Does anyone fancy collaborating on something?


    That's so cool! I hope the kiddies who visit are impressed.

  2. The Yak 3 cover looks so strange without the cigarette, they really should of just used a different image rather than removing it. A lot of talented people worked their arses off for years crafting that game, then some nob head butchers the cover art in 10 seconds.

  3. Got this for my son when we visited Nike Town just before Jubilee.

    Personally would of gone for the red shirt, but he loves a bit of purple.

    It's way more colourful than this picture suggests.

    Looks very cool in the flesh, the logo and shield are iridescent.


    ...oh man, that West Ham shirt is shocking. I was hoping they'd come with one worth buying this year.



  4. 22 hours ago, sprite said:

    Thankls @Qazimod and @Sarlaccfood ... sort of seems like I can spend my £50 better elsewhere...


    Like in a savings fund for a PS5 :P 


    You'll also get the game free with PS plus. Playing at the moment. It's the PS5 version and seems to have the DLC as well.

  5. 5 hours ago, HarryBizzle said:

    My D3100 is ancient and bulky. If I want something compact with a fast piece of glass (not necessarily interchangeable, but preferred), where should I be looking ?


    First thought would be Fuji :) Really comes down to usage and budget though.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Gavin said:


    We've done all the Souls games in co-op on xbox before but don't get enough time to play these days so I'd say it would probably take us a year to get through it, especially because we'll be trying to hunt all the trophies!


    So, with that said, if we go halves on a year's subscription on HIS account with my console setup as his home console (and vice versa I assume?) we should be able to play through it that way?


    As in, no need to have a subscription each?


    Also, I see there are free games per month on PS+ like Xbox Live Gold/Ultimate, can these still be played after the subscription ends?


    Sorry if I'm being a bit dumb here!



    It appears under Playstation Plus collection, so not part of the monthly 3 games.

    Can't say for sure if it'll stay for much longer when the subscription model changes though!


    If you play co-op from 2 different locations and machines i'd assume you'd both need PS+ - I could be wrong though, as i'm pretty new to it myself.





  7. 5 hours ago, Gavin said:

    Hey folks can someone please answer this question?


    My friend has a PS5 with a digital version of Bloodborne installed (not sure if PS4 or PS5 version).


    If I buy a PS4 can we set up a gameshare thing where we can co-op the game together without me buying the game?


    I assume we need the subscription service to play online so can we share one subscription too?


    I tried googling this but got all confusedalized!


    Thanks in advance!



    Bloodborne is one of the free games you get with PS+ subscription - which I believe you'd need for online play.

    Just subbing for a month to PS+ should do the job.

  8. 2 hours ago, megamixer said:

    I agree with playing Zero first.


    However it was a treat to go backwards and play the prequel out of order after starting with the series from the PS2 original.


    But with the Kiwamis, they were made with Zero's existence in mind and so there are little bits here and there purposely added to provide continuation after playing Zero.

    There was a bit at the end of 2 featuring Goro and a watch that really tugged at the old heart strings. That would of been meaningless if I’d not played 0 first.

  9. Based on couple of peeps suggesting here, I actually skipped kiwami 1 after finishing 0 and went straight to 2 after watching the cut scenes on YouTube. I played all through on easy as was after the story more than the battles. May just play kiwami 1 soon though, as close to finishing LAD and will have a empty void in my life!

  10. 47 minutes ago, Malc said:

    I'm hoping they will make it easy to upgrade from one tier to another, and back down again depending on what I want to play each month.


    For example I intend to stay on the Essential tier all year, but then upgrade to Extra for 1 month to try out Returnal, and then the following month revert back to essential tier once I've had my fill. If they can make that a seamless transition then they will get a bit more money out of me each time a new game hits the service.



    Exactly what I was just thinking. Would like to pay a month or 2 extra just for Returnal and Death Stranding.

  11. On 24/04/2022 at 00:20, Calashnikov said:

    Main actor guy is like a Justin Bieberlake-level icon in Japan and the agency who owns his ass ain’t happy about the potential for PC modders to mock up skins where you see his tadger. Therefore no game on any format is allowed his likeness ever again. I’m not even joking.


    I read that he didn't like doing 3rd version of projects or something along those lines - because they are usually inferior.


    I remember his bandmate was found naked, drunk and asleep in a public park in Tokyo few years ago. Was massive news over there. 


  12. 12 hours ago, Orion said:

    Finally finished up 6. Going to miss old Kiryu. Onto Like a Dragon next. Hoping to pick up an S in July/August so will get the Judgement games then.


    Same. I'm fair way through LAD now and keep hoping Kiryu will pop up at some point. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, CovisGod said:

    Just started my first ever Yakuza game (Like a dragon) only a couple of hours in but I’m loving it so far. Is the whole game proper cut scene heavy? Or is it just setting the scene? I think I’ve only been in control of the character for maybe 5 mins of the first hour and a half

    Way less as you get in to it. I was actually loving those early cut scenes.

  14. Couple of hours into 7 now. Never been a far of turn based combat so was a little worried but actually rather enjoying it so far, feels rather relaxing. Story seems interesting and some of the side quests (cinema) really had me laughing. Wonderful stuff. Perfect antidote to Elden Ring which I’ve also dipped back into mop up some of the harder bits I skipped.

  15. Just finished 6 - Wow what a emotional rollercoaster of an ending! Defo one of the best in the series for me - all absolute bangers though, and the greatest gaming experience i've ever had. Really glad I got to play them all in order back to back ( apart from a Eleden Ring interlude ) Fell quite empty knowing this is 'probably' the last in the series for Kazima...

    Anyway, LAD installing at the moment, looking forward to getting stuck into that. I'll take my time with it as nothing to go straight onto afterwards :(

  16. 4 hours ago, SuperCapes said:

    So I decided to play Lost Judgement first, and I am absolute loving it. For those that have played the pair, would going back to the first feel like a step down, and are the stories separate enough?




    1st one is just as good if not better, think I actually preferred it. Technology wise, pretty much the same as well, it won't seem dated at all.

  17. Finally finished it! Had to respec a couple of times and tried different things. River of blood DEX did the trick in the end.

    Really glad I made it through the experience, even if I didn't totally enjoy the ride.

    Back to Yakuza 6 for me now!

  18. Finally up to what I presume is the final boss. Finding it a chore now, and really just want to finish it so I can put it to rest and move onto something else!

    I load it up, have 2-3 tries at the boss then turn it off again frustrated. Got it to about 30% on 2nd phase so sure it'll happen at some point...


    Beautiful art direction as mentioned loads of times already, but lacks joy. It's such a depressing game. And at over 100 hours in I have no idea what's really going on story wise. Ultimately worth it for the experience, but doubt i'll be replaying anytime soon.

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