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  1. Sometimes the bird just balances on the edge and returns back to normal. Seems to happen quite often. Slaughter a few of the sleeping guys then try again, or just re-rest to reset it. I find rot breath works a treat to take out large groups of the little tubby chaps. Need to finish them off with sword after though.
  2. Looks nasty, but will investigate! Thanks. *edit Was fun getting to the boss. Alas it destroyed me though. Will comeback another time.
  3. What boss is that? I've been hanging around that area recently.
  4. Same. Gave up trying as it was a complete waste of time. Just google a questline and follow it now.
  5. I found an axe with Whorefrost stomp. It’s my goto whenever I struggle against a boss or die repeatedly in a dungeon. It really is easy mode when you get the rhythm right.
  6. Zelda still holds the top spot for me, much more varied pace, play styles and emotions when playing the game. It has all that Elden Ring has to offer plus lots more. I am enjoying Elden Ring, after being quite lukewarm with it a the beginning, but more purely from a combat perspective. I have no idea what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and who I’m doing it for. I fell like I’m playing a sort of WoW with enhanced combat, but without the story, multiplayer and Cities.
  7. I did this. Came unstuck with those backstabbing little imp / goblin bastards though. Now I just roll into the room and slash the crap out of everything ( still die a LOT )
  8. I felt the same and gave up on shield, seemed useless against anything decent. Now dual wield katana instead and doing much better with rolly polly dodges. I have seen some decent shield usage on youtube so it's probably worth revisiting - Interrupting casting and stuff so would be good to learn how to do that for if / when it's needed.
  9. Looked really interesting. Massive Kurosawa vibes.
  10. Yes! - Found an item to mitigate the loss the other day.
  11. To me this is the gaming equivalent of self flagellation. I'm full of rage and loathing while I play it, but still come back for more in short doses. So often I die because of my own cack handedness, pressing the wrong button at the wrong time - oops I used a HP pot rather than swing my sword! Took me ages to work out why I kept dismounting during combat as well, then realised it was because I was stress pressing the thumbstick to hard ( crouch ) I do suffer a little from something along the lines of motion sickness with this as well, something i've never experienced before from a game. Strange. ( PS5 )
  12. They get marked on the compass to help guide you back. I lost similar amount when some twat knocked me off a cliff.
  13. Doesn’t seem to work for me, seems other having same issue. I do see other ghosts running around in general, none seem to come from the stains though.
  14. Just firing this up. Seems there is a patch PS5. Was wondering what the bloodstains are for. I see them everywhere but they do nothing when checked, is it something class or item specific?
  15. Can a Vagabond cast a healing spell? I could learn the small HP heal spell and attached it to the up arrow on d-pad. It doesn't seem to allow me to actually use it even if I take some damage, it seems like I have enough FP to cast it.
  16. I started vagabond and samurai. After hour or so with each settled on vagabond mainly for the shield. Part reason I like samurai was they look so damn cool, but would probably end up ditching that armour soon enough anyhow. Seems the class is easily changeable down the line anyway, so not such a big deal.
  17. I spent a good few mins trying to attack a tree…I thought it was a mob. It was doing a really weird characterful bouncing motion. Had a horrible first experience with the mount…was fighting guards in the camp near where I acquired it and one of them pulled out a massive horn ( I know right! ) summoning the whole camp….so I did the right thing, mounted up to escape. Made it a little bit away when the mount vanished and I was stuck in space unable to move on the invisible mount allowing the guards to butcher me.
  18. Actually seems quite reasonable at £49 from Playstation Store, was expecting £69. Usually go disk based so I can sell on later, but think i'll go digital as they'll probably be plenty of DLC in future.
  19. LOVING 6. Beautiful stuff. Cheered out loud just now when Pocket circuit fighter stepped up!
  20. Just finished 5 ( 49 hours ) Wow what a finale! ( think i've said that about all of them ) Started off a bit hesitant with it, coming straight from Lost Judgment, but it soon won me over. Installing 6 now Going to take my sweet time with this one as it's last in the line - then on to Like a Dragon
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