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  1. Just finished 5 ( 49 hours ) Wow what a finale! ( think i've said that about all of them ) Started off a bit hesitant with it, coming straight from Lost Judgment, but it soon won me over. Installing 6 now :D Going to take my sweet time with this one as it's last in the line - then on to Like a Dragon

  2. Been rather enjoying 5 so far. Coming straight from lost judgment it did initially seem very janky, but soon got used to it. Rushed a bit through the first 2 characters but really enjoying the change of pace with Haruka, so I’ve been doing loads of her sid missions. Feels so strange to be able to walk around the town without getting attacked every 20 seconds. Guessing I’m close to the end of her section now though. Will probably go back and sort the bear out once I’m through - before heading into 6.

  3. Had to RMA a ps5 controller after less than 2 months of light use, one of the shoulder buttons would stay down when pressed. Replacement one is developing issues now as well. It’s a complicated beast, so much that can go wrong. 

    I remember dc, n64 and GameCube controllers ( had the controller keyboard ) having drift issues as well. Switch console was fine for me, especially the pro controller which was perfect.

  4. 58 minutes ago, emerald fox said:


    Those looks amazing


    I make my own. No where near as smart looking as your wife's and with premade wrappers but they are so tasty 


    Does she also make the dough?


    Nope, we get the premade frozen ones. She's had a lot of experience!

  5. On 26/11/2021 at 11:40, p1nseeker said:

    Does anyone here have their photos printed? If so could you recommend anywhere that do a quality job for a reasonable price?


    Bit late, but I had some prints from https://dscolourlabs.co.uk/ recently and they turned out great. I originally ordered some from https://myfujifilm.co.uk/ but they were awful ( exact same files )

    Both printed on same Fuji paper and probably same printer. DS labs also really good value.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

    I'm not doing that goddamn mouse puzzle 20, fucking idiots. Why entering my password isn't good enough I can't imagine. 

    When you finish all 20 it asks you for password again then sends verification txt message. Fort Knox!

  7. 1 hour ago, ryodi said:

    Kiwami 2 complete. The main story anyway. Before I move onto Yakuza 3 which I completed on the PS3 in 2017 I  need to decide if I want to go back and do the Majima chapters and win the last two hostess club tournaments first, especially when I can't press the square button fast enough for the bonus money in the latter. Overall I really enjoyed it, my main annoyances are the street battles which have too many enemies to fight and the power up to minimize them only reduces the enemies to two instead of removing them completely like in Kiwami 1. They also chase you all the way across the map so it's hard to run past them without needing to use a vending machine to clear them chasing you and if that doesn't work you have to go back and find any that got stuck somewhere along the way and beat them before the battle is over.  I ignored the clan builder sidegame because tower defense is boring.


    Last chapter spoiler

      Hide contents

    Majima diffusing the bomb might be the funniest moment ever in a Yakuza game 


    Well worth doing the majima chapters. Doesn't take long at all and some real sweet story.

  8. 11 hours ago, Lorfarius said:


    5 is a bit of a beast, even if you rush through it's easily 40 hours playtime.


    Both games are beasts from what I've read. 

    I initially went with 5 and played it for a while ( driving was cool ) but it looked so bad after Judgment that i'm now installing Lost Judgment. I'll come back to 5 after.

    5 seemed really glitchy with the animation, but I'm intrigued about the storyline.

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