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  1. 20 minutes ago, Orion said:


    My other half walked in on me taking one of the hostess girls out on a date to raise her stats. I tried explaining it all but now if I'm seen playing any Yakuza game, I'm asked if I'm enjoying playing my Japanese prostitute dating game  ☹️



    ...could be worse, she could be watching you choose their outfits and makeup.


    My wife was watching intently as I went into a brothel and requested a girl from the menu...luckily it was an ambush. 

  2. Loving Judgment, so good, a real nice change of pace. They've really nailed the game engine, it's so fluid entering into combat now.


    My wife actually likes watching me play, she'd been listening in for the last few yakuza with great interest. Of course I steered well clear of the gravure photo shoots while she's in the vicinity.


  3. 1 hour ago, MatOfTheDead said:

    playing Y4 at the moment and finding it a bit of slog compared to the other games (Saejima's story) does it pick up and get better

    I found 4 to be the opposite. Whizzed through it without bothering with side quests though. Looking forward to 5 after reading the comments about it.

  4. 3 hours ago, joffocakes said:

    Very close to ticking off the completion list in Yakuza Zero now, just grinding out some fights in two of Majima's styles and sending out more weapon expeditions from the weird wee restaurant. 


    Had no real clue how to play Mahjong before this (Like a Dragon's Platinum trophy didn't require it), so I'm pretty happy that I now have a grasp of the basics. I was away from home for three days and couldn't play Yakuza so instead I played Mahjong in the Switch's Clubhouse Games for hours to prepare for my return to Kamurocha, haha. 


    The text in the expedition summaries was so funny. Really highlighted the effort they went to with the localisation.

  5. 1 hour ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    That's absolutely brilliant :D You need a break between Yakuza games so you play Judgment. You sir, have excellent taste!



    Closest thing I'll get to a holiday for a while! 

    Actually stayed in Kabukicho for a while, and it's uncanny how well they captured the essence of the place.

    Shame they didn't include the hotel with the huge godzilla, guess they couldn't get licence to use it.


    Judgment is friggin' awesome! Kamurocho never looked so good ( until I get to last Judgment I guess )



  6. Was impressed by the visuals and animation, but dismissive playing the shooting part -thinking it was all very much on rails 'interactive movie' Then you get out of the car and start walking about...Amazing!


    My first thoughts were - please make the next Yakuza game look like this.



  7. On 04/12/2021 at 16:17, Mr. Gerbik said:

    Always make sure you rock up to the final battle with enough healing items stuffed down your pants to fill an entire Poppo's.

    Was fully stocked from the journey up to the roof. He just kept healing himself then throwing me when I tried to grab him...went on and on and on and on. 


    Currently onto the 2nd fella in Yakuza 4 and rather enjoying it. Definitely lacking a bit of meat, but rather refreshing. Will play judgement  once I finish this before heading into 5 and 6. Then last judgment before 7. 

  8. Made it to what I assume is the final boss in Yakuza 3 ( rooftop )

    Gave up fighting out of frustration, playing on easy so I didn't have to go through this pain...

    Was going to give it a pop once more tomorrow but I noticed no save points on way up, no chance i'm doing all of that last section again!

    Will watch on youtube.


    Pretty painful playing experience after 0 and 2, some lovely story at the end though.

  9. On 23/11/2021 at 14:32, Orion said:


    I started 3 and 4 and gave up on them after an hour or two. I just watched the story bits on youtube. 5 is a fantastic return to form though. Don't miss that one.


    I've got the collection disk with 3, 4 and 5 so may as well give it a go, if I'm not enjoying 3 i'll watch on youtube then skip to the next.


    Got like a dragon as well now, £20 on Amazon today. So i'm all set with the series!


  10. 13 hours ago, gospvg said:


    Coolshop is poor service, took ages for me to receive a game. Hopefully someone else will price match. I also need to purchase both games but not in a rush unless i see for 25 or less. Yakuza 3 to 6 still to enjoy.


    Got a ready to ship email just now, so hopefully it'll get here soon. They also had LAD for under £25 but was out of stock already.

    I'll keep looking for Judgment, as i'd prefer to play before Lost Judgment, and I'll get the remastered 3,4 and 5 disk today, as £23 is great value for all 3.

    Plenty to keep my busy for a while!

  11. Just ordered Lost Judgment PS5 from the imaginatively titled coolshop. Black Friday special £25. Been hunting that down for ages.

    Still can't find Judgment for under £20. 


    Very close to the end of 2 now. Been loving every moment of it so far apart from trying to keep Haruka happy...Bingo golf drove me nuts, so I gave up on it :)

  12. 46 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:

    If you want to skip any I guess you could watch story playthroughs on Youtube but you will miss loads of the side content which often make the Yakuza games. Plus the entire series is up on Gamepass for free right now.

    I’m on PS5. £16 each for 3 4 and 5 on PS store.


    Actually just seen the remastered collection disk is only £20 from a few places. May as well….shame can’t get these on digital from the store for the same price.

  13. I've been taking my time playing through kiwami 2, really enjoying it.

    Spent quite a bit of time winning the hostess league, not sure i'll manage to complete all the gravure shoots though!


    Been hunting around for PS5 Judgment and Last Judgment to play next, can't seem to find for a good price though, even used. 

    PS4 Judgment only £14 on PS store right now, but think i'll wait for PS5 version to go on sale somewhere.

  14. On 03/11/2021 at 19:11, ZOK said:

    That’s what I mean, I want to play it on the telly…but I will check it out on the laptop at least to see how it works if I can check it out for free, cheers.

    GeForce now works a treat in my experience. My son uses it daily on my old 2012 MacBook connected to  HD monitor and occasionally the tV via hdmi. It’s fast and smooth. We even had it running on a Amazon fire stick, but the keyboard mouse support in FORTNITE wasn’t great so he didn’t like it. It worked perfectly with switch pro controller though. I think they are even offering a 3090 powered version now if you want the ultimate performance.

  15. 2 hours ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    The character development of Majima Goro in the course of the Yakuza series, starting out as a crazy-for-crazy's-sake side villain in the first game on PS2, is one of the greatest storytelling triumphs in the history of videogames.


    Totally agree. Really felt for him at the end of 0...

    I preferred playing as him during the game as well.


    Just stared Kiwami 2 after watching all the Kiwami 1 cutscenes - will go back and play it one day as it seemed great.

    Kiwami 2 seems a big step up graphically from 0 which is nice, I didn't expect it.

  16. Finished 0 last night. Wow what an ending! Pure class and surprisingly emotional.


    Feel quite bad about not wanting to put more time into real estate and hostess club, but from what i've read they'll be in Kiwami 2, so may as well put the time into it there - and can always come back to it later if need be.


    Going to catch up on the Kiwami story on youtube, then dive into Kiwami 2.

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