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  1. Just installing halflife/cs now

    How about we all meet up for a game tonight? :P

    Not played CS for a loooong time now, but I'm sure its just like riding a bike.

    Anyone care to name a server and time? Pretty much anytime is good for me, as I'm indoors all day.

  2. Thanks for that dev, think ill be starting in windy though ;)

    Ill resurrect tonka the taru as a whm/blm, I cant be arsed to go through all that advanced job stuff again.

  3. ?

    Is this a joke thread? f not,m doubt it'll be any different on our server... and what about your existing link?

    Just fancy starting a new character, so may as well join you chaps on guarda. I wont be deleting my current character or anything.

    Thanks for the pass stolly. Cant create the content ID at the moment though, the registration server is down as usual. (/sigh)

  4. Still couldnt get my sneal attack to stack with fast blade but then realised I was using a fire elemental sword (doesn't like elements for some reason). Try again with a normal sword - the hp better be worth all this fannying around :)

    Macro sneak attack and fast balde on 2 different macro's, it seems to work much better. I had a lot of trouble using sneak + trick + weaponskill all in one macro...maybe down to lag or something, but a lot of others had same problem. Since I split it across 3 different macro's it always works fine, you just keep alt pressed and bash 4-5-6 or whatever keys you set.

    Also a handy little tip while solo farming. If you get 100tp, ready sneak attack then creep up behind some beastie and press alt+A to engage, as your getting ready to attack bash away at your fast blade or viper etc macro and your 1st hit will be a real stonker.

  5. As for Necklaces, I find them more annoying than useful because they don't bloody stack, argh.

    You should hand the yagudo necklaces to the catwoman thief in winwoods. This raises your fame in both windhurst & norg. Once you have handed in about 250 you are able to accept the quest for the ninja scroll utsusemi, which you can sell for about 140000 gil. Although its well worth keeping if you ever want to use ninja as main or subjob. Ranger is suicide without it.

  6. Here are a couple of screenshots I took of Steelfleece.

    oh, I saw steelfleece the other day as well. I was just about to attack it when some passer bye mentioned it needs a full party of lv60's to kill it. Its was HUGE!

  7. There is a way out :(

    If I remember correctly, from the shut door you take every left turn, or something close to that & after a while you drop off a ledge back into ronfare.

    Thanks mate, ill try it out. So when you getting your ass over to Garuda! ~ ^

    Id love to be on the same server as you chaps, but the thought of starting from scratch again is to much to bear >.< ; Just got samurai to lv59 with all AF armour apart from helmet, and have loads of other jobs on the go.

    I wouldnt mind if I could transfer money and equipment across, but thats not possible ^^ such a shame.

    You all heard about PSO universe?

  8. I thought I had a warp scroll in my inv but I dont! ><

    So now I am stuck in Ranguemont Pass until someone opens that door!

    Beaudicine is a no go zone, Tundar Tigers check as EP++ which means they are VT. :lol:

    If anyone feels like opening that door for me then that would be great.  ~ ^

    There is a way out :angry:

    If I remember correctly, from the shut door you take every left turn, or something close to that & after a while you drop off a ledge back into ronfare.

  9. It is mega-tough. We had a few goes and were mercilessly destroyed.

    It seems there are 2 ways of doing it: you can rush through, bypassing all the enemies and end up at the boss with no weapons or xp, in which case you get killed very quickly, or you can slog through killing monkeys and hoping for some guns to appear, while beefing yourself up. We dont have any rangers in our team, which is starting to make me fear for our success in the later challenges.

    How far did you get totoro?

    Sounds like I had the same problem as you, we had 1 ranger though. I was using a Hucast and even though I swapped mags with the ranger, leveled up lots and fed the mag, still couldnt equip a gun by the time we got to the boss. :o

    ...still, guess it lives up to the name. Challenge.

  10. My Ep1&2 Plus and 3 came in the post this morning, I only got a chance to rip off the outer packaging. The was a nice looking piece of cardboard which I assumed to be the box in flat pack form, there were some cards with pso3 but I can't say I saw any sign of rappy feathers or a memory card :P

    I'm going to transfer my jpv1.1 characters over to plus, test it out with a lower level one first to make sure it works ok. I assume it's the same as transferring from v1 to 1.1.

    I'm up for a card battle bumble with you sometime, just let me know. I'll be somewhere on PSO for a few hours tonight.

    Awwwww, they must have been nice little extra's that my friend included for me :wub:

    Im gonna put the blue feather on ebay for £1000000. Maybe you want to put a early bid in.

  11. It's worth getting the box set for the blue rappy feathers inside a inflatable ball thingy alone! You also get a funky memory card with it.

    And erm...is it possible to transfer character's to use with the new games?

    Previous version is JP EP2.

    Anyone else getting ep3 and fancies a game, give me a shout and we can meet up. I hope I can remember the basic's from the trail :wub:

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