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  1. Up to chapter 10 on Yak 0, and loving it so much I already started looking at which to play next. Just paid £5.95 for Kiwami 2 ( as it looked suitably bonkers ) on Playstation store - £7 without PS+ sub Going to get Lost Judgement if I see it going cheap, if so i'll play that first - then go onto Kiwami 2 for a bit of variety.
  2. Currently eyeing this up. I've seen PS4 version going for a good price - can anyone confirm if it gets upgraded to PS5 automatically when installed?
  3. Started 0 today. Got it from Amazon for £14 which seemed a bit of a bargain. Only 40 mins in at the mo, but can already tell it's my kinda game Real shame I can't play it with my son...for a few more years.
  4. I think getting a basic understanding of each part of the process is enough, then just concentrate on the aspects that most appeal to you. I dabbled with 3D for many years now and really enjoy it, and it has paid of on enough occasions to of been worth my time. You absolutely have to be willing to put in some time with it and always be willing to learn / adapt though as it's evolving all the time - which I love! I definitely questioned if it was worth the time on a few occasions. I remember getting into rigging and animating characters with Maya and often hitting brick walls...so I made the decision that just wasn't something worth my time and effort.
  5. My son ( 11 yesterday ) splits time between fortnite and roblox which he has been playing with for about 4-5 years now. Roblox seems more of a social thing to him, most of his class plays and they seem to use it mainly as a chat room as well as playing a bit - He still has a lot of fun with it, which is surprising to me as he is amazing at fortnite a seemingly far more complex game. Regarding Roblox, I think part of the success is how accessible it is. You can play it on any device and it's totally cross platform, so most of his friends can access it together. We have a PS5 and he wanted to play FIFA with his mates, but one of them has PS4 ( no PS+ ) the others XBOX somethings then some switch users...so it's a no go. I did enjoy our time together playing Mario Kart on the wii u, and he loved playing breath of the wind and the mario games on switch with me, but alas I think those days are pretty much over. Doesn't piss me off that he plays games at all. But I do dictate that we have to balance it with other physical activities. So we go and play football together weekend mornings, go running ( he did his first 5k last week ) and most recently do some workouts together at home. He'd happily not do this stuff if I didn't insist, but it's having clear benefits on him, and i'm sure he'll appreciate it one day
  6. ”PS Plus Game Hitman 2 Can Run at 4K 60FPS with DualSense Support on PS5” https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2021/09/ps_plus_game_hitman_2_can_run_at_4k_60fps_with_dualsense_support_on_ps5 Never played a Hitman game so was going to check it out anyway, I’ll give this a try.
  7. Same. We started from the beginning about 3 years ago when my son was 8, and watched a few each day until we caught up. Painfully slow watching it weekly now! Still great though.
  8. my R2 trigger started locking into place when pressed. SONY replaced it. It was purchased from Amazon with the console. I contacted Amazon initially and they told me to return the console and controller for refund as they cant replace...but wouldn't just replace controller. They also told me SONY wouldn't sort it. I called SONY anyway and they were happy to RMA it. Shortly after AMAZON also agreed to refund £40, so was all good.
  9. Just ordered 0 £14.99 from amazon. Going to start it when I finish Last Guardian. I see it's a 18 which is a shame as was hoping to play it with my son. Not played any of the series, but it's always caught my interest since the first version as I loved Shenmue back when it was released on the DC, and it seems to have similar vibes.
  10. Never had a problem with motion sickness in games until recently when I started playing Last Guardian on PS5. Not sure what it is exactly, it's not to severe but I'll only play in 20-30min bursts then have to turn it off.
  11. Carbonara. I keep it simple with no garlic, parsley, onion, cream or milk. Just Panchetta ( wife and son didn't like guanciale ) eggs, black pepper and parmigiano or pecorino. So simple and quick, but needs to be judged just right when you mix it with the cooked spaghetti. So satisfying when it comes out just right, beautiful and creamy.
  12. I found it similar during the day. Playing at night was fine.
  13. About 56% through now. Definitely hit a wall and feel like i've had enough as it's getting very repetitive. - Just returned to base and Quiet jumped out of the heli and started writhing in the rain...interesting. If my wife is in the same room, I always turn the view away from Quiet when in the heli, in case she shoves her ass or tits in Snakes face. Fab game, i'll take a break for now and see if it's got enough to lure me back in a week or so.
  14. Walked past a BT sports van that had a satellite dish on top earlier. My instincts told me to plant some C4 on it, fortunately I didn't have any.
  15. Not sure tbh! I'll have a check later to see if he is still there. He probably got auto assigned to a unit. I captured quiet earlier, she's chilling in a cell. Not joined me as a buddy yet though.
  16. Mixture of the following + some random googling. I still don't fully understand it, but seems to be going well enough. Sometimes my finances go massively into the red and i'm not exactly sure why. ....I accidentally tossed the wrong grenade once and summoned a strike hele to an empty enemy base - THAT was a costly mistake. Make sure to claim rewards and get troops doing the combat missions. I focused to upgrade fultons from early on, so I could extract tanks and containers. Fulton EVERYTHING. I also check soldiers for skills, stats and ranks, and make sure to fulton them back to base. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DA2FA77mbQM&t=402s&ab_channel=Revolver84
  17. Been absolutely loving this. Sunk a unholy amount of hours into it already, it's a real time sink. Just when I felt it was getting a little easy, the enemy started to step up their game - genius how they adapt against my play style, and you can overhear then chatting about it. The base management stuff was all a bit confusing, just about got used to it now after watching a few youtube vids. Didn't really notice the lack of 'next-gen-ness' until I arrived in Angola, still doesn't distract from the actual gameplay - A PS5 update for the textures and lighting would be amazing, but will probably never happen unfortunately.
  18. I don't mind the intro. The bit where he bends over and you see his arse crack through the gown was hilarious!
  19. Just purchased this from the PS store for £3.99, think it's that price until the 7th. Been looking for something to play after LOU2 and GOW wasn't doing it for me, so ended up on this. Still on the into
  20. Finished this last night. Absolutely captivated from start to finish. Wow, just wow! Such an emotional rollercoaster Played LOU then LOU 2 back to back without really knowing much about it before starting. Feel a bit empty now...not sure what to play to fill the gap.
  21. I've been eating tinned sardines with salad for lunch for a few years now. It's such an easy thing to prepare. Started on the posh ones with chilli or lemon, but soon realised the 40-50p plain olive oil ones are just as good ( I do go for Tuna occasionally as well ) Lately been chucking in lots of pickled gherkins and red cabbage.
  22. Taters are great. I think they get a bad rep because a lot times they get drowned in butter or mayo or people can't eat them.
  23. Amazon gave me 10% or so partial when my controller failed. You did good out of that! Sent the controller to SONY and they replaced it. Amazon actually told me SONY wouldn't replace it, but they did so without question. ( R2 button broke )
  24. Phew, you are correct! Quiet as a mouse again.
  25. Used the disk drive for the first time yesterday. So noisy, was quite a shocker. Still worth it though as I was installing LOU pt2 which I'd bought for £10. Never had a PS4 so figured there was a whole treasure trove of goodies to be had for a bargain.
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