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  1. 2 hours ago, wretcherd said:

    Started getting stick drift in my PS5 pad, the left stick was moving the character when I wasn't pressing anything.


    Spoke to Amazon customer services and they've offered me a "partial refund" of £134.99.

    Thanks Jeff!


    Amazon gave me 10% or so partial when my controller failed. You did good out of that!

    Sent the controller to SONY and they replaced it.

    Amazon actually told me SONY wouldn't replace it, but they did so without question. ( R2 button broke )

  2. 5 hours ago, Bojangle said:

    Should be fine once it’s done installing. It IS loud when it’s actively spinning the disc though. Thankfully they improved the disc check with the last OS update.


    Phew, you are correct! Quiet as a mouse again.

  3. Used the disk drive for the first time yesterday. So noisy, was quite a shocker.

    Still worth it though as I was installing LOU pt2 which I'd bought for £10. Never had a PS4 so figured there was a whole treasure trove of goodies to be had for a bargain.

  4. 5 minutes ago, gooner4life said:

    Is TLOU2 as tense as TLOU?  It's taken me 8 years across 2 different versions of the game and 4 different consoles (PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5) to get to the snowy bit, i always found it way too stressful to play, but i'm rattling through it now.


    Not just me then! I can only manage 20 min sessions. It's so intense. I feel a little better now the girl joined me, but she keeps getting in the way and gets me spotted.

  5. On 26/05/2021 at 08:07, Majora said:

    GAME are selling new copies of this for £9.99 at the moment: https://www.game.co.uk/en/m/the-last-of-us-part-ii-1285539


    You have to pay £4.99 delivery for no good reason but that's still significantly cheaper than you can get it anywhere else, even second hand.

    Tried to buy this about 4 times during today. Always get an error after payment. Tried paypal and card. Maybe sold out or something.



    tried this morning and payment went through

  6. 15 minutes ago, Shimmyhill said:

    I had one in my basket but only with a pad and years ps+ so bailed on it, don’t want one that desperately - I’ve only tried to get one once this week using hotstock app so seems a good way to get one!


    You'll need the extra pad for when the other breaks :)


  7. 1 hour ago, Majora said:

    GAME are selling new copies of this for £9.99 at the moment: https://www.game.co.uk/en/m/the-last-of-us-part-ii-1285539


    You have to pay £4.99 delivery for no good reason but that's still significantly cheaper than you can get it anywhere else, even second hand.


    Amazing. Was just starting to look around for a used copy of this as i'm close to the end of the original.

    This'll no doubt be on PS+ as soon as I buy it.

  8. 32 minutes ago, SeanR said:

    No PS4 cross-play FIFA21 if you upgrade to the ps5 version  


    which is shitty when you’re 12, and not all your friends have ps5s... so we’re not upgrading it yet.


    You can have both ps4 and ps5 versions installed, then choose to load ps4 version when he wants to play with mates. Massive faf.

  9. On 04/04/2021 at 20:21, Retroid said:

    Despite looking quite well polished there's something about the art-style that's just off and a bit mobile-esque. Can't really put my finger on it, might be the big-heads but genuinely there's just something unappealing despite it being something I'd love.


    The character design is awful ( not my cup of tea anyway ) I think they are trying to be very gender neutral. This would benefit greatly from a little injection of Nintendo or Sega mojo to really make it shine. Seems quite fun though, my son is really enjoying it at the mo.

  10. 22 hours ago, Zio said:

    Mine arrived yesterday. It's huge. Like, I knew it was going to be big, but this thing is massive. It dwarfs the PS4 Pro it's replacing.


    Also, without wanting to be a massive downer on the whole thing, I genuinely had no idea how expensive PS5 games are. I figured I'd grab Returnal so I'd have a nice exclusive to play and it's £70 fucking quid! They're all 70 quid!


    For whatever reason, I cannot mentally adapt to the idea of flinging 70 quid at a game. I just can't. I must be getting old. So right now I'm not really sure why I've bought this beyond being able to play my existing PS4 games slightly better. I'm having some minor regrets about getting so caught up in trying to get one of these. :(


    Other than FIFA 21 which I paid something like £2 for, i've not had to buy a game for my PS5 yet. I did sub to PS+ though.

    You get a huge catalogue of games to play from there + the play at home stuff like Horizon.

    I completely skipped PS 2 3 and 4, so a lot for me to catch up on, it's all fresh to me.


    I also tend to buy games used ( I got a disk version ) so grab a bargain a month or so after initial release.


  11. 47 minutes ago, klargon said:

    Haven't really been looking at this thread, but is it just me who thinks it's an ugly, tacky lump?  Set mine up last night.  I hadn't really considered the Series X to be anything amazing, but comparatively it has a significantly higher build quality.  Don't get me started on the fact that I can't plug my controller in to update the firmware because the paltry 3 USB's are already in use for the external drive and PSVR...


    Not a huge fan of the looks. To be honest though it fits in rather nicely with my TV and stand.




  12. 12 minutes ago, Alan Stock said:

    After a few hours on my new PS5 yesterday I noticed that the right trigger on my controller is kind of 'clicking', i.e. there is a hardish resistance point that I have to click past to get full depression, compared to the left trigger which is smooth all the way through. Is this normal? I'll be pretty pissed if its buggered, thankfully I bought another controller in the bundle but don't really want to unbox it if I don't have to because I was hoping to sell it. It hasn't affected gameplay much but I haven't played any shooters etc that require a lot of right trigger useage.


    I just RMA'd one of my controllers. The right R2 trigger started staying locked down when depressed. New one on the way back to me right now.

    I do worry about the longevity of them.

  13. PS+ for £40-50 is a bargain if you've never played the games available. 

    I've never played any, and am now overwhelmed with some amazingness to play though for the next year or so.

    Since getting my PS5 i've been working my way through uncharted 4 which seems never ending. I'll follow that with Last Guardian then Last of Us.

  14. Right trigger on one of my controllers just broke. Presses down and stays down unless you flick it back up. 

    Hardly used it at all really, certainly has never been hammered.


    Amazon say I can send the whole thing back ( controller was bought with PS5 ) for full-refund, but they won't just replace the controller...

    Guess I'll try to go direct to SONY.

    What a FAF.




    All worked out quite nicely in the end. After Amazon telling me SONY wouldn't real with the controller and only offering full refund on the entire console, we finally agreed on a 10% refund - £45 which I was happy enough with. I gave SONY a call anyway, and they will swap my controller for a new one. Result!

  15. 23 minutes ago, Monkeyspill said:

    How do you actually get alerts from Amazon? I’ve signed up but it’s never worked for me. The only Amazon emails I ever get are junk.


    I had alert from stock informer when I was able to get one from Amazon.

    Also received the one earlier today for some reason, thought it'd turned it off.

  16. What worked for me with Amazon was using the app.

    I was actually out of the house when I had a notification from stock informer. 

    Tried clicking the link and using chrome game me errors, so I used the app and it worked instantly. I was already logged in, which would of helped as well.

  17. Setup was a bit of a faff for me. Didn't have a PS3 or 4 so everything was from scratch.

    I tried using PAYPAL as payment for the PS+ trial and it kept giving cryptic error messages.

    Thought i'd try doing it via the website and that didn't have the trial option and seemed to log me out every time I clicked a link.

    Then tried the app with no luck.

    Finally gave in and used my credit card to pay, which worked first time. 

    I also had trouble removing the payment method as well, as I don't want it saved on the account ( after reading about the hacking )


    Almost bought last of us and uncharted, but luckily found I get for free with the PS+, so that's nice.


    I actually worked on the store design for PS3 and PS4, this version is defo nicer but still not great.


    Looks amazing on my ancient 1080p TV, but i'm going to treat myself to a new 4k TV with 120.



  18. Just in case anyone is interested.


    You can get FIFA 21 for about £11 ( ends today )


    If you don't already own any FIFA games:


    Sign up for EA play ( 1 month trial 99p)

    PS+ trial or take out 1 month 


    Installed FIFA 20 from EA play - FULLY

    Get offer to upgrade to 21 for £11


    Can also upgrade for £11 if you already have 20 or 19 installed

  19. Managed to order a PS5 today finally. My son is really wanting to play FIFA.

    Would it be wise to just buy a used copy of the PS4 2021 standard edition for now so he can learn the ropes, then get full fat PS5 2022 version when it's released?



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