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  1. Skill tree's - it feels like you're playing with a gimped version of the character, heightened when you complete a game with an incomplete skill tree a la Ratchet and Clank.
  2. 'Just fit' - think of the heat! This thing needs space to breath...
  3. I’m dairy free and avoid carbs. I’m worried about quinoa imports, though
  4. This is a really odd selection of games to show. Most look like up-cycled indie games.
  5. Apart from Clanks suit, has there been any ray tracing? #justsayin'
  6. Does anyone know what time this finishes? It has 'catch up' written all over it. Unless it finishes with a £299 mic drop.
  7. They really aren't choosing games which showcase the system at all.
  8. I was watching a stream of some guys that had been up for 48 hours. Their confusion at the end was something to behold.
  9. That was shite. Essentially a 2 hour long advert for the reveal on the 9th.
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