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  1. I felt like this, I don’t enjoy games that make me work for them and not with them, if that makes sense. i tried to play Advance Wars 2 recently, as soon as I came across the introduction of a troop carrier I switched off. It’s like pre determined chess.
  2. I have £2-300 to spend on a barbecue, ideally within the next week. I'm looking for gas, for typical family and entertaining cooking. Any recomendations?
  3. No your fine, they’ve made them all hermaphrodites for balance.
  4. Cancelled mine too FWIW.
  5. Or just pop the roms on MicroSD card and away you go...
  6. I skipped Foresaken and came back for Shadowkeep. I’m finding there’s so many quests that having nothing to do is a long, long way off. I do miss the old Raid days on PS4 but don’t see them coming back. I just don’t have time to level properly like I used to. And I have no idea about consumables and upgrades anymore. Currently 905 playing a few hours per week.
  7. Yeah, they're latest tweet confirms the presence of a MicroSD slot which I wasn't aware of before now.
  8. Playing on a 2018 iMac at 4K has spoiled my progress... it’s lovely, and one game of crucible boosted me 15 power.
  9. I’m playing on Xbone. If I play the free version with my same character in Steam, will it mess up progress? Or can I jump into crucible and continue to power up?
  10. Hi all, I have defected from PS to Xbox. My xbox handle is... stebb0 Well, that's my identity exposed
  11. I'm moving away from Playstation, don't want to keep paying for two subs and GamePass is just so good. Believe me when I say that it was a tough decision It does seem to run a lot better on Xbox though, apart from loading times.
  12. I'm in, on XBOX (don't hate). -I bought the £50 didi version. Forsaken not included? WTF? -HDR on XBONEX is a lot better than PS4Pro, perhaps my setting? Crisper and richer too. -Nav is terrible, absolutely terrible. -Lack of df0, Lordscotland, Soi and the G&T team on the whole makes me sad. -Any XBOX players wanna be my friend?
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