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  1. This was my go-to through many of the Destiny raids...
  2. The iPad Pro display is 120hz, and is a sight to behold - a huge difference. How this scales to a 55" screen though, I'm not sure.
  3. So, now we all have one - what our your plans for launch day? I'm going to WFH, as no doubt it will take all day to update, and download content...
  4. Which plans? Pricing? Maybe Believing in 'generations'? No Changing from 'we'll give you plenty of notice of pre-orders' to 12 hours? Doubt it PS5 Miles Moranes not being playable with a PS4 controller, despite it being a PS4 game? No I'm also sorry to say that GT7 looks to be a LONG way off. I was going in on both camps - just Xbox now, and I'm not even disappointed.
  5. @Ry that's right, although the £1 option didn't show immediately I don't believe.
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