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  1. It hosts some of my most cherished gaming memories, I’m jealous of you going in fresh!
  2. Ordered. However, I’m intrigued about the recent TikTok trend (yes, I know..) of freezing whole garlic and ginger and microplaning it into dishes. Might give both a try.
  3. This is great! Made it to the first sword (if that's a spoiler, you're playing the wrong game...). It's challenging, and I enjoy finding the hidden paths as mentioned above. I can see the difficulty ramping, I've already resorted to cheesing a couple of ads but sense that the game wants the player to take that approach.
  4. Have they released OS 1.1 yet? It depends how much they cling onto that, I guess. The Super NT and Mega SG are out of stock, permanently IMO - until rev 2 comes along supporting the new OS. My Pocket is useless without the jailbreak.
  5. Chinese leaf, along with the largest spring onions I can find. I used to add radish but found it too hard.
  6. You can add me too - stebb0
  7. Well, this is harder than I remember.
  8. @ScouserInExile - I have the very same problem, have also tired different browsers, mobile etc.
  9. Up to a point, yes. The point being lag being set by the speed of light. Or something. Still great though.
  10. I'd imagine the jailbreak will follow after the more feature complete aOS1.1.
  11. I’ve tried that, along with multiple browsers. It’s been like this for a couple of weeks now.
  12. Some reward activities aren't triggering for me. Take todays set, if I click "Lightspeed Quiz" it takes me to a Bing search for Ski Resorts. However I notice that the URL link includes the word 'forewords'. Have I been gubbed? I've been using ABS for several months now.
  13. My FedEx import charge came to £62 FYI. Still no delivery, though..
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