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  1. What I played of it seemed great. It's just that I'm not great at it, so the chances of me ever finishing the thing are remote
  2. I have no idea how well it runs on PS4, but as a game it's fucking awesome fun. I do like a game where there's no wishy-washy grey colouring when it comes to the villains all being right proper cunts. By contrast, the heroes are all levels of multi-layered characterisation, which still kind of surprises me - considering the game is effectively about killing nazis! The Old Blood is fantastic too, as is the sequel. Buy them all. Now.
  3. I guess in technical terms it's probably not completely pushing the PS2, but I've always thought Final Fantasy XII was a genuinely beautiful looking game.
  4. They’d do that to me, just to make me pick up an Xbox once again....MS hate me so much.
  5. Well, that was a pretty great campaign. Loads of thoroughly entertaining stuff throughout it. Nothing anyone does with this franchise will be as good as the first Halo, but this comfortably fills second place for me. Only thing that had me stumped was how to take off whilst flying one of those helicopters...honestly, I was there for 10 minutes before I worked out what to do :p . Hope they don't take too long to get Halo up on the PC though - I'm in the mood for more action!
  6. Any news if 3 4 and 5 will come out on the PC? It's be a right arse if they don't.
  7. Other than the sound mix being pretty fucking awful (hopefully they'll do something with it. I'm not even sure what's going on with it half of the time), Reach is absolutely awesome. The thing I always forget about the Halo games is not to go running head-first into battle. Doesn't matter how many times I play the games, I always forget this upon restarting them and consequently get royally slaughtered. I then swear profusely and play something else for a bit. And then I go back to it, actually pay attention for once, and everything falls marvellously into place. Not ever playing much of Reach, this is a real treat
  8. Considering what we saw of him in Last Jedi, he came straight from three months in Vegas.
  9. JoeK

    Google Stadia

    I do think it'd be absolutely lovely to think that each time someone bought a Stadia, some little bugger at Google had to rush out and pick up an Xbox from the local store and hook it up to the others. Just the thought that Google conjured up this whole idea and actually have no idea what they're doing is clearly improbable, but makes me smile inanely.
  10. If you're playing on an Xbox, then you can play them whenever. On PC, they've got some sort of staggered release schedule happening throughout 2020, so you'll only be able to play 'em as and when they're released.
  11. I think infinite is gonna go open world rpg-lite. You can kind of see little snippets of this in halo 5, but I reckon this time we'll get the full Monty. At least I kind of hope so. (I'm gonna be so wrong)
  12. The only thing that seems reasonably clear is that Valve do what Valve want to do and it usually doesn't quite sync with what the gaming public might want/expect them to. Most of the time, I honestly don't mind too much. There's a vast plethora of games out there - and were it not for Steam, most of these would never have gained enough visibility to get noticed. So I have absolutely no hesitation in saying they've done huge amounts of good stuff on the whole. I just lament this particular passing because it genuinely looked like a game I'd have paid full whack to play as soon as humanly possible! It also looked like it was well on the way to crossing the finish line. But, it could well be that in actuality it was going to turn out absolutely shite so Valve decided to shelve it. I'm going to guess we'll never know for sure, and it's a big shame. Honestly, it could have been like the original Scooby Doo game on the Spectrum all over again. I never did get to play that particular interactive cartoon, and ended up buying a fucking awful 2d scroller.
  13. That really is . It's so annoying to have anything like this cancelled when you get a chance to see just how into the project someone clearly is.
  14. To be honest, I'm with you. I think even if HL:Alyx was coming onto more traditional platforms I'd most likely take this over it. I don't want a prequel to HL2. I wanted either episode 3 or HL3. And that was a fair few years ago when I was still really motivated by it. Ah well.
  15. So, this isn't the best video or anything and I'd really only watch it if you've completed the game, but for once I do rather like how they've tied the game into the new films a little...
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