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  1. Ryse is great! It knows exactly what it is and doesn't pretend otherwise. It does have a questionable grasp on historical accuracy, but that's a minor niggle .
  2. Well, it's definitely different, and well done in terms of what I assume she's wanting to achieve. I don't particularly like them though I'm afraid. I don't 'get' the colour choices at all
  3. It's the Game Good Boy.
  4. I fucking love Crysis. Well, I love almost all of Crysis. The end boss is a terrible, terrible thing, and the Ascension level is something that I might have approved of if it had been on rails and I was just shooting stuff (and by approval, I mean I'd have tolerated it because it does look pretty). Everything else is just awesome. The remastered version is still crap, and whilst I think the C2 and C3 remasters are probably the best ways to play the games now, on PC the original game will always be definitive (bugs and all). I mean, look at this - original at top (obviously): Bloody terrible. And - sure - the ray tracing might make the lighting more true to life, but it doesn't look half as good. Anyway, everyone should buy a 4090 and play this, because we will never see its like again. Never. No-one would be stupid enough.
  5. I think the odd occasions when you're a passenger in a car offer some of the most wonderful instances of realism. The mix of people, architecture and sound kind of all mixes together and I'm always taking snaps of it - they look remarkably realistic really.
  6. Oh, of course it's unnecessary, but it's never stopped me from questionable purchases before and I'm damned if I'm gonna start now
  7. I wish it could be seen in a shop somewhere. I'd love to give a whirl - I'm not much of a handheld gamer at all, but the prospect of having this little thing as a device to use for a pretty complete emulation machine that I could take to friends and hook up on the TV is a strong enticement!
  8. No, there was a lot of free stuff, but there was always the intention for two paid dlc parts.
  9. This is taking on a life of its own. The colours are taken from a mongoose, but it's kind of hard to believe it when you see what's happening! I am enjoying my painting again though. Making sure I do something every day has brought me back from the lethargy I was in for the last few months.
  10. I'd be amazed if your 3070 doesn't run the thing perfectly well at 1440p. It'll be lovely.
  11. Buying a new GPU means replaying everything again to see the almost imperceptible differences that only us special financially challenged people understand. I am very much not stuck for things to play
  12. Well, I'm still not sure if the game will be any cop, but I'll pick it up because it just looks so damn pretty...
  13. And for that price, it's game of the century! Far and away the best bang for buck you'll ever have. (And that's saying nothing about all the actual banging you'll probably be doing in the game - Geralt is a filthy, filthy swine).
  14. I've found it a rare day that a Steam sale price is less than I can find it elsewhere unfortunately. A few times it's been so, but it's recently it's not been enough for one of my usual spur of the moment 'click buy now'. Which is a bit of shame. Edit: That being said, I did just buy the Crysis Remastered Trilogy . The first one still doesn't look as good as the original as far as I'm concerned, but the other two are much better games than they're sometimes given credit for. Aside from some truly appalling story-telling, there's a whole lot of fun to be had killing people like Predator!
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