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  1. There we go, that's much better .
  2. Indeed - my still boxed 40k set is now laughing at me. No doubt I'll still buy the new box set...they're stupidly good value for money really. Well, they would be if I actually painted anything from them!
  3. I’m getting a whole load of shit rumour videos popping up on youtube about the possibility. I don’t have enough faith with EA or Bioware these days to have much hope that it will be anymore more than a upping of the resolution, but who knows.
  4. What can I say? I’m a dreamer!
  5. Which is great, because it’s then up to the devs to make something great out of it. The really good ones should be able to push the bugger into doing tremendous things indeed!
  6. I’m currently under the spell (again) of Red Dead, and whilst I’ve always been a fan of US history, I’ve not read a huge amount of it about it. Has anyone got any recommendations. I’d rather have a good ‘general’ history of the period as opposed to a book which gets specific about certain characters or issues etc.
  7. Not entirely sure this is a 'wow' moment, but there's an early mission in Red Dead 2 that I find incredibly moving. Trying to get (and fail) a poor bugger to pay off his loan from Strauss. If you've played it, you'll know the bit. It's significant in that I think Arthur is - by and large - written as a vaguely honourable man. However, he's in the business of being dishonourable and I find him fascinating in how you see in the aftermath of that moment just how fucking conflicted he is. Obviously, it has other consequences for the rest of the game but it's an impressive bit of writing, and acted out wonderfully well.
  8. I thought the story about what happened hundreds of years ago was fantastic. The set pieces where you're gradually uncovering more and more of the story within the debris of the catastrophe was really well done, and overall it took me a while to get into it, but I did enjoy my time with the game. I think the game world felt rather small though - it's not as if the surface area was such, but I really special open-world games allow you to roam without worrying about things for a while. I always felt that wherever you went in Horizon, there was something out there that wanted to kill you. It felt more claustrophobic than I'd have liked. It'd be great to see how they develop the world for the sequel though - I'm looking forward to it enormously.
  9. Also - first view of Libertalia...and the journey through it. Man, I only played again a couple of months ago, and I want to play it again now :p .
  10. To be honest, Uncharted 4 has more wows in it for me than a lot of things, but the whole chase sequence... still ranks up there as one of the most astonishing things I've ever played through in a game. It's absolutely mind-blowing to me.
  11. And we’ll then find out that all the spoilers were wrong, as Naughty Dog have crunched more than they’ve ever done before to change everything. Spoiler: Joel wakes up and it’s all been a dream. He’d been eating too much chilli.
  12. They were certainly more animated.
  13. The first game I played on the Spectrum with parallax scrolling was a pretty awesome 'wow' moment for me. Can't remember which game I played that had it first, but the most memorable example I can recall was in Ocean's amazingly true to the movie adaptation of Stallone's 'Cobra'. Bloody amazing scenes. Edit: Cobra the game was not a true to life representation of the movie. At all. It was considerably better.
  14. Yakuza 6 The final game in my mammoth Yakuza playthrough, and after the journey I went through it was the best one. Fabulous fun, gorgeous graphics and possibly some of the best sub-stories in any of the games. Bloody awesome game. 9/10 (deducted a point because quite honestly there are times when the engine starts to chug with everything going on)
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