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  1. I think it's fantastic so far - and I'm really only very early in as far as I can tell There's an awful lot I'm kind of winging at the moment, but it's got me kind of hooked.
  2. If the sequel to a franchise comes out that I’m a fan of I have to buy it immediately, play it for about 5 minutes and the proceed to go back to the original game in the series and play each one until I get to the new one. It will be at precisely this moment that epic fatigue sets in and I cannot be arsed to play it. But by the time I do think about it again, the game will be a fiver in the shops and I’ll have yet to start the thing properly.
  3. I think the world looks pretty damn amazing, but I also think there's too many things in it that take me away from the awe that they clearly wanted me to feel. Little details - like the shitty way of doing far away traffic in the distance (especially bizarre in the desert areas). Characters endlessly repeating the same dialogue sequences all the sodding time (the main culprits being the two police officers having an argument right when you leave your apartment near the beginning of the game - those two don't do anything else in the game apart from moan). Crowd animations are fucking useless in terms of making me believe in the city - they actively take away atmosphere from the world for me. I genuinely think I got more sense of reality from Novigrad in Witcher 3. I think the structure of the game is absolutely broken. I think the main story is poorly integrated into the world, the user interface shows that CDPR have learnt nothing from years of making fucking useless, pointless shitty menu systems that actively piss me off each and every time I have to open them up. It's a game I don't love, and I really wanted to love it - but there's just too much wrong with it all for love. But I enjoyed it a lot. There are plenty of moments that do work. Isolated missions and little things that hark back to my absolute love of Witcher 3. It was worth the money to play it. It's just that there's the feeling throughout that there were just too many people jumping in to offer up new things and new ideas and there seems to be a fundamental lack of management and some overall responsibility of just making it as good as I really thought it was going to be. If it were me, I'd cut my losses and just make a Cyberpunk 2. The world is big enough to let this one go, and give us something that really does make my jaw drop. I think anyway.
  4. FPS boosted Gears 1, 2 and 3 would make me happy. Possibly Red Dead 1 and 2 too? But I'm not greedy.
  5. So, can you use an external drive to store PS5 games on? I know you probably won’t be able to play them, but from what i’m reading, you can’t bung them on there just to transfer over when want to play ‘em. Is this right? Because that seems to be a colossal pain in the arse if so.
  6. I've been looking forward to this for ages now. Played a first intro game...yup, definitely up for this one Although, I keep on thinking this would be the perfect game to play on my iPad...in bed...with the lights off. (No-one can see me wet myself)
  7. You might be a bit out of luck in terms of the latest code, as I think the cut off date was today
  8. I am toying with the idea of just spraying them black, and then lacquering them really. Might be the only thing that pushes me to get out the old airbrush and play!
  9. Didn't they do similar things in Max Payne 3? I seem to remember some fun stuff going on with that.
  10. I’ve got a couple of longer 2.1 cables lurking around somewhere, so that won’t be an issue.
  11. Could someone do me a favour and give me an accurate measurement of the PS5 power cable? There seem to be various different opinions on the bloody thing online, and it would be good to get it right. If it's not long enough I'll have to pick up a longer one from somewhere! Ta!
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