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  1. AMD drivers are still thoroughly shite, and MS doesn't ask nVidia to help much because the green in their logo is too close to the Xbox green
  2. I love Digital Foundry. I enjoy watching their views on things. I suspect there are a fair few people who do too. And the people who don't give a shit about things...well, they just don't give a shit about 'em. I find it thoroughly bizarre when folks cry 'bias' whenever something like this happens though - that really grinds my gears something rotten though. DF are so far from being biased in their approach it's faintly insulting when this kind of argument crops up. And it crops up so often
  3. Honestly, I think it’s more beautiful that the already gorgeous Ori. It might be I just prefer the darker aesthetic, but it’s just glorious. Like all these games though, I’m terrible at them. They’re the only genre these days that make me regress back to my Spectrum days where joysticks and computers would be hurled uncontrollably around the place.
  4. Non computer game was this: First computer game that I can distinctly remember is probably this: Along with: They were brilliant .
  5. Honestly, all they have to do for me is show me all the Gears of War games running at 4k and 60fps, along with the beefed up version of 5 and that'll be pretty fucking great
  6. It's a good move all 'round. There'll be more than enough to faff about with on the new console anyway. Christ, the amount of games I want to replay on it and see just how much more they've been improved by the machine is enormous anyway. So, fuck it - let them have the time they need to get the thing right. It's a game they really need to get spot on. I mean, all of 343's games so far have been fucking awful at launch so it'd be nice to have a game from them that I don't buy immediately and have to wait a couple of years before it actually reaches its potential!
  7. Have Sony been doing okay again recently then? I know the Playstation always made money, but I was under the impression that the rest of the group was suffering losses all the time? Have they turned it around?
  8. Spiders always feel like a dev team just waiting for some big publisher to give them a huge amount of cash to let them make the AAA they really want. All their games have some really great ideas going on, and generally decent artwork and design, but the sheer amount of jank in their output always disappoints. I really want to love something like Greedfall, but in the end life's too short to muck about with something like this when there's far better stuff out there Sony should buy them out and give them lots of dosh.
  9. It looks very exciting indeed! All the different weapons . Can't wait.
  10. Save up some more and get the bloody PC version then. God knows how you can make a simulator on a console with just a joypad :p
  11. I can see absolutely no appeal to flight sims unfortunately. Looks pretty, mind you. Can’t see it as a system seller to all and sundry however.
  12. All I suspect is that we won't see anything genuinely jaw-dropping on the Series X until they decide to stop making their games run on everything. The only console this gen that has eked out every drop of performance has been the PS4. I'm looking forward to the Series X enormously, but I'd prefer one machine only, and one machine that is pushed to within an inch of its life.
  13. Well, as usual with HBO stuff there's a whole lot of money being spent on it. It's not quite doing it for me at the moment though. To be honest, I kind of prefer my Lovecraft vibe with fish people in it!
  14. You can't defend the indefensible. I refer the honourable gentleman to this article: https://www.progressiveboink.com/2012/4/21/2960508/worst-rob-liefeld-drawings Clearly, he should have been sentenced to life for crimes against humanity.
  15. They probably smell something chronic though, so I’m not sure they’re completely benevolent.
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