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  1. Has the dock got a thunderbolt connection? If it does, then the idea of using an externally housed GPU would be a fairly cool option.
  2. I didn't like Evil-lyn's voice particularly. I know who was doing it, but it didn't seem to gel with the visuals for me.
  3. I really enjoyed it. It’s very much feels like a kid’s tale that adults can enjoy as well and that’s as it should be I think. Think the only thing that I’m not keen on is having Hamill doing the voice of Skeletor. Any time he does an evil voice, it’s basically Joker.
  4. Same voice actress as in the game Edit - Ignore me! I'm an idiot. It's not who I thought it was at all, and now I feel inadequate.
  5. Also, I can't get over the fact that Teela is space-racist Ashley Chambers. It's upsetting me in ways I can't quite explain. Edit: Clearly I was very, very wrong. But Sarah Michelle Geller's voice is a dead ringer for the actor who voices fans' most loathed Mass Effect character
  6. Is the opening of the first episode a little homage to Fist of the North Star? I hope so, because it looked pretty much identical
  7. And the Twilight KS has launched...and funded A few snaps...
  8. It reminds me of Disney’s ‘Nella the Princess Knight’. I’m still trying to work out if this is a good thing or not.
  9. Minute of Islands It's a rather beautiful little game, and there's something about it I find incredibly charming, but very dark too. Reminds me of a Grimm fairy tale in some way. Seems to be a fairly easy platformer type thing really, but I was taken with the thing since an early demo, and it's living up to the promise so far. Makes a nice palate cleanser from all the open worlders I seem to be playing at the mo'.
  10. Scratch the stability part. Running with Vulcan, and there's a terrible flashing/strobing effect going on at various points. Going to turn it off for now - it wasn't as if I was having much of an issue playing the thing without it I guess.
  11. @BadgerFarmerThanks for reminding me of this! Saw a trailer of it ages ago and thought it looked pretty swish, so on the wishlist it has gone (I presume it's released later today in the UK on Steam - nothing yet).
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