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  1. I had absolutely no idea that DA4 was going to be anything other than single player. I'm fairly certain no-one at Bioware thought it was going to be anything other than single-player either. Multiplayer 'bit' tagged on, but nothing else maybe. Absolutely non-news from shit stirrer extraordinaire Schreier then. Fucking loathe this man.
  2. The moral of the story is never make a game that is great. Stick to nice cosy AA titles and never let expectations build up. Life would be so much better if that happened.
  3. Is this coming out for PC? I thought it was, but can't find details anymore.
  4. Had absolutely no idea that it was running on the RE-engine! Man, it is such a cool thing - seemingly able to do pretty much anything a team can muster up with it!
  5. I think the last one is really nice - there's good depth in those shadows, and the eye looks spot on (and a little less cartoony I guess? Not that bottom left looks cartoony, but the pupil is definitely bigger!). Don't be doing anything else though!
  6. I really like the sculpt. I think the movement they got in her is fantastic, and just plain clever. Especially like the way they've done the cutting, so it's as seamless as you're gonna get when sticking her together!
  7. Forced me to spend lots on import consoles over the years, that's for sure. Playing Final Fantasy VII in 60hz was almost like a new game compared to the slog the UK release was.
  8. Not quite as many gems in this one, although she's still a little awkward to paint
  9. Literally, all I need a new Switch to do is have enough power to run things smoothly (and stable) at 60fps. Breath of the Wild running at 60fps just needs to happen. And not just on a sodding emulator.
  10. I assume it's something to do with the slightly different tech used in TVs as to Monitors, but I do find 30fps isn't too bad on the former, whilst running anything at less than 60 on my monitor is almost impossible these days. I don't know how to explain why that should be, but it is. .
  11. This is possibly a silly question, but does the Series controller work fine on PCs without any issues on older games? My Xbox one controller feels like it's about to bite the dust, and if I'm going to buy a new one I'd rather like it to be the newer one if it's all nice.
  12. Not exactly a shake-up, but I'd really like something along the lines of a Wing Commander to appear once more. Not just the ship-to-ship combat bits, but all the daft melodrama and soap-opera stuff that happens too.
  13. That added to the flavour. The heady aroma of coke and shit....
  14. Yakuza 3 is the only one of the remastered collection that probably needed a Kiwami-type upgrade. It's the one which has aged the worst, by a significant margin. I certainly still enjoyed it enormously, but fucking hell some of the battles just become 'turtle country'.
  15. https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=cola+cubes&ref=nb_sb_noss_2 Fill your boots with 'em. Now, give me your PS5.
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