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  1. I think it probably launched two years too early. They should never have released the PS4 and Xbox One versions, although I guess the contractual obligations to make these were hard stamped so no choice there. I think had it come about like it is now then I reckon it would have been in with a strong shout - I've been completely changed from my very negative original views of the thing for sure. I think it's a marvellous game in many ways - I still think there are plenty of areas I'm no so keen on from a story point of view, but they kind of vanish into the ether when you get lost in the world itself. Absolutely day one for the DLC and can't wait to test out the old 4090 with all that path tracing stuff - despite not really understanding much about it
  2. I do find it fascinating watching some of the US senators and reps talking about all this sort of stuff and you clearly get the idea that none of them have any clue as to what it is they're actually saying. It's like the waffle going on between them and the bloke in charge of Tik Tok - they seem to be using some of the right words, but it comes across as complete and utter ignorant bullshit. I assume they have someone in their offices how draw up these questions, but fucking hell I don't think they're paying them enough.
  3. This is such a delightful game. It’s like a brilliant anime series full of bonkers stuff happening all the time. And it’s all the good type of bonkers. And the soundtrack. I know its good when I find myself humming it randomly.
  4. It is indeed. They took a lovely simple game (with plenty of scope for strategy) and made it into something I have no idea about at all.
  5. They are beautiful models, but by fuck are some of them bastards to put together. I refused a commission to do some because of an issue I had with a previous one - whereby I got so frustrated I took the clippers to it and chucked it out the window.
  6. @Naysonymous If you ever do a second run-through, I do urge you to try and get into Gwent - there's a pretty great mission where having at least a fair hand will reap some pretty good rewards (and it's a fun mission too - as far as I recall anyway!)
  7. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone know if the ACA Metal Slug games are decent on the Switch? I have a few of them on PC, but having them all on the handheld feels like a much nicer idea
  8. Wasn't he doing stuff with Netflix too? Maybe there's gonna be some cool game documentary thing coming along?
  9. I think if you’re enjoying this bit then you’re gonna have a ball with the rest…shit jacks up significantly!
  10. That's cool. Definite improvements each time you pop something up now . I'm busy painting this one up - a Twilight figure sculpted by someone else given the go ahead to see what happens. It's a very odd figure. It's got some really lovely details on it - much moreso than the usual Twilight ones - but the pose is really very awkward and flat - almost like it's on a 2d plane. Still, I'm much more happier with it now that it's got some paint on it, that's for sure.
  11. I think you kind of have to get used to the Nopon and learn to accept that they seem to be the Xenoblade equivalent of ewoks. I'm not totally taken with them. Whilst I continue playing the first game, but there's a metric fuck-ton of the little buggers so I have no choice.
  12. Just saw this flash up on my phone now . Sixty is no bloody age at all.
  13. I'm not really one for demos, but the one I do remember is for the original Silent Hill. Not sure what game it came with but my god that scared the shit out of me. Atmospheric as all hell that was.
  14. Well, that was a complete and utter waste of my time - I decided to buy CoD: Modern Warfare as it'd come to Steam and was at £25. I feared it was going to be vaguely cursed, as it's the only game I've ever bought from Steam that failed to accept payment the first time in trying. Finally got it to download (which took hours), and it proceeded to not just crash, but throw me out of my PC. Three times in a row. Took me to the splash screen first, mind. Allowed me the good grace to sort out all my settings and make a damn account with Activision (booooo). I decided I'm too old and impatient, so it was a quick click on the 'refund' button and now I can pretend I've got funds for some other game.
  15. So, if you haven't bought anything from Very before and open up one of their store account things, it'll entitle you to 20% off your first credit purchase. I bought an OLED switch, Zelda and a Pro Controller for £310, which I thought was a bloody super price really, and paid off the credit the next month.
  16. I'm the company's painter . http://worldoftwilight.com/ You'd have thought after all that time I'd know what most of the things are, but I fail miserably at that. Thing is though, I tend to find these sorts of things a much more difficult proposition to paint than something like that Horus - GW figures are so full of detail you're effectively painting in blocks and not going outside of the designated lines, whereas most of Twilight's figures are such that you have to fill in the details for yourself - those new three caused me to investigate two very different ways to add detail (one with some small bits of sponge, and another with a make-up applicator!). So, I usually learn more about stuff painting these than I do elsewhere! As for cleaning brushes - aside from water, I don't. I see absolutely no reason to waste time doing it. I firmly believe that unless you're using oil paints or enamels, then acrylic paints need nothing else, and brushes are meant to be punished within an inch of their life, and then used as basing brushes and glue brushes and dry-brushes before they get chucked in the bin.
  17. Little bird things. I don't know what they are really.
  18. It's a constantly impressive console, considering the old tech inside the thing. The screen is fantastic, although I do confess my eyes are not quite what they were, so I can't use it like that for long periods of play-time as I just feel terribly sick (Metroid Prime is a huge 'nope' on it unfortunately). However, the joy and pleasure of just bunging the thing in the dock and see things magically shift to the tv and then back again does not get old. It's by far the best console I've ever had, and is a wonderful companion to my main gaming arena on PC. Plus, if you like Japanese RPGS from Japan (sorry), then you kind of have to get one because it is absolute heaven for all that fun stuff.
  19. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch

    Well, the Switch has certainly reinvigorated my fondness for RPGs from Japan, that's for sure. It's amazing just how good they feel on the console. I had FFX come in the post yesterday, and I'm chuffed at how lovely it is on the thing. Ah, the collection is building rapidly...whether or not I ever finish any of these things is besides the point
  20. JoeK

    Nintendo Switch

    Is there some special patent in the rumble effects that Nintendo is not willing to share with third parties? I'd kind of like the Hori grip pad pro ones, but the lack of feedback is a big fat 'no' - so used to physical feedback on these things, it would be annoying not to have something.
  21. Rosemary and Co brushes. Have used them for over a decade now, and never been let down. I don’t tend to use the kolinsky series 33 much anymore, as I’m pretty brutal with them, so tend to prefer their standard sable ones and their sable/synthetic mix ones which are brilliant for my needs!
  22. I was thinking of your paint jobs earlier . They were great!
  23. Lovely, just got the Gaunt's Ghosts box set to paint on commission - been wanting to give these a go for a while now, and getting paid to do it sounds like a bit of a result really
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