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  1. It's an odd one - for me, JD is possibly one of the most consistently enjoyable strips that's ever been made but I'll go through long periods of time effectively forgetting about it, and then suddenly feeling the need to run through them again! I still get a huge buzz from the older epics (and a lot of the smaller self-contained works). I think one of the reasons for my shifting in and out of the JD consciousness is that I've never been a huge fan of anthology comics - so whilst I've enjoyed 2000ad periodically, I've always preferred to have a nice block of story in one place. There's been plenty of times that I've been avidly following a tale, and then something crops up and - bam - missed out on two/three weeks-worth of vital info!
  2. I’m shocked and appalled that in these days of 3d printing, no-one’s worked out a way to just bung all the PS5 innards into something that doesn’t look like it’s been shat out of a moose’s bottom.
  3. Why are you two shitting on your consoles? Does it keep them from overheating?
  4. Sounds vaguely like Mass Effect: Andromeda! Which isn’t a bad thing really.
  5. Of course it is! I honestly didn't think a smiley face was needed. However, Space Marines are and will always be the most popular army people buy, and I do think you see a lack of substantial updates for other armies because of this sometimes!
  6. They were in the old days. But, like a lot of fun things from Rogue Trader they vanished to add more of the Emperor's finest...there's going to come a day when literally the only 40k figures you'll be able to buy (and play games with) will be Space Marines.
  7. Final got time to carry on with the Crimson Court figures...
  8. It is the annoying problem these days - the term 'videogame' has become an almost redundant catch-all term that doesn't really do any justice to stuff like this. And whilst I absolutely loath the term 'interactive experience' (I find it tiresome and pompous), I honestly struggle with working out what a better term might be . So, it is my game of the year...without being a 'game' in the strictest sense of the word. Which kind of grinds my gears somewhat.
  9. I don't think there's going to be anything that'll beat it for me. I'm excited about a few other games coming out, but I suspect this will be the only game this year that has made me genuinely happy throughout and giddy with pleasure from beginning to end. It's absolutely mesmerising, wonderfully funny, and laced with some tender emotional beats too. Plus, Calvagio.
  10. Just keeps on getting better and better, doesn't it? Absolutely the best game I've played in the last few years, and by a pretty huge margin. It reminds me of something Douglas Adams might have written. £13.99 on Steam - I've have happily paid a lot more. Joyous experience.
  11. Fuck me. It's been a long time since I've been so thoroughly enamoured with a game. If anyone was watching me, you'd have been able to tell I was excited by the way I was flinging the controller around like the guitar it absolutely, definitely was. Man, this could well be my game of the year, even at this early stage in the preceeding.
  12. JoeK


    I do like the way the first three points of the match have already been better than the majority of slam finals in recent years
  13. Anyone know what the new update to RDR2 is for, as I just wanted to boot it up for a quick trundle only to be treated to a 119gb download. To which I stuck two fingers up at the screen and took to doing something else. Why the buggery fuck I can't just play the sodding thing without a new update is beyond my little brain to grasp.
  14. Is it me, or does the action look more panned out in certain areas? A bit more like the earlier games? Might just be the way they shot the trailer though.
  15. Hang on...didn't you carry on with the game a little bit further? Maybe...pop over to the vineyard home of yours? I hope so.
  16. Fucking hell - Revolutions might have some really fun bits in it (and the 'real world' sfx still hold up rather well), but the last 30 minutes or so are interminable bullshit. I mean, clearly no-one could be arsed with it anymore. Oh well.
  17. Well, as expected there are no practical differences from the 3090 to the newly installed 3070ti. Although quite why the thing is considerably bigger than the previous card is always a little odd.
  18. I tried to put the wookies put of my mind. Wookies and gaming never work well.
  19. I’ve got no idea how they’ll do this at all. The story remains fantastic, but mechanically the original feels clunky as anything these days (to me at least). Real time combat would help but I could well understand fans being thoroughly upset if that happened. Looking forward to seeing how it all pans out I guess!
  20. Depressing as it may be, I just went ‘yay!’ at the tv when Uncharted 4 was announced for PC .
  21. I think they might have modelled in a camel toe there…it felt disturbing.
  22. Thank you! I’d been meaning to add this to my wish list when I first saw it and then promptly forgot. I may well pick this up soon
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