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  1. I've done the intro section so many times now, and it's never got boring! I seem to notice different things on each play. Although my favourite bit in all the game is with Jimmy Brooks. Don't care what medium it's in, that whole bit culminating in 'I'll remember that name. I've got a good memory' is just some of the best acting you'll find. It's wonderful, and I'm always captivated by it, despite seeing it play through at least ten times now. Something like that.
  2. So, this is probably a really stupid question but I have a Series X which was bought with the all-access thing, which is kind of 'there' when you start the machine and attaches itself to your account when you sign on for the first time. I'm assuming that this built in thing kind of vanishes when/if I decide to flog the thing on doesn't it? It's not like some bizarro perpetual thing gifted to the machine itself and can allow someone else to use it. There. I said it was a stupid question.
  3. Dwelling on my slight lack of motivation to paint at the moment. Despite having a number of commissions on the books (thankfully, no rush on them at all) I'm going through one of my slightly lethargic stages. This happens a lot, and it usually passes after a while. However, the last year was a continual cycle of this, and I really need to shake out of it I think. Which is why I'm going to try and commit to doing some personal painting in between paid gigs. It feels like it's been years since I've actually bothered to paint anything just for the pleasure of painting, and if once done I can sell them to someone that would be a nice bonus. So, I've put in a cheeky bid for an AoS Dominion boxset on eBay, and we'll see if we get it. I genuinely love the figures in there, and there are enough of them in there for me to go a bit wild and do some experimentation on paint processes and see if something sparks something! Either that or it'll be like the previous two box-sets I bought and I end up never using them and selling them
  4. I popped it on yesterday and found myself in camp. For some reason I took out the binoculars and scoured the area. My eyes found the inimitable charms of Miss Grimshawe. After a moment she noticed me, winked and made a cheeky face. I found that to be the best thing I’ve found in a game ever. Well, probably not but it made me smile inanely and thank the gods for this game.
  5. You can click on the images and get big old pics up - well, it allowed me to do this on Chrome. I put in a £1 pledge for now. I think the sculpts are great, but I'm not entirely sure I'd have any fun painting them up. But, I'm a fan of Ian Miller and I do like at least giving token support to this sort of thing, so we'll see come pledge manager day.
  6. Honestly, I go through this all the sodding time. The last two generations of consoles were a flurry of selling a console, buying another one, selling that one and rebuying another. God knows how many Xbox and PS consoles I've had over the years. I tend to square it away by effectively saying I'm 'renting it' for a while and then getting most of the money back later on. I mean, at the moment I've got both the new ones, and they're fantastic. But...I just flow right back onto the PC. It just is what I'm happiest using for the majority of my gaming. But, I suspect this time I'll hang on to both for the forseeable. The BC of the Xbox has been absolutely great, and replaying my old faves (that never came to the PC of course) is always great, and the PS5 is...well it's there for those big budget, money no object games that you don't tend to get anywhere else. So, in effect they'll never get the game time that the PC does, but I'm kind of happy to have them staring at me. Twin monoliths either side of my TV.
  7. I found the death sequences in the Tomb Raider remake to be some of the worst torture-porn-esque garbage imaginable. Most games I'm more than happy with whatever gore the thing throws up, but that's usually in a game that is knowingly taking the piss out itself, or done in a distinctly over the top way - Doom 2016 and Eternal are two examples where it's just wonderfully funny. But, seeing Lara die in the most hideously graphic ways seemed utterly pointless, and I could never see the reasoning behind it. Unless the graphic designers just really hate women, and/or love seeing people die in as brutal a way as possible. Awful, cringe-worthy stuff and thoroughly embarrassing.
  8. Nintendo show that no matter how much money you can spunk away on lost causes, you can claw it all back fairly swiftly without too much problem. I don't think anyone should worry unduly about it. Although I am hoping someone in Sony is worrying enough to decide that bunging more games on the PC is a good idea.
  9. If it’s any consolation it took me at least two years before the game got its hooks on me and I completed it. I’m glad I did, as the story it tells was genuinely absorbing!
  10. From a tech point of view, the gameplay characters have still got the slightly odd white outline to them all. I'm assuming it's absolutely a design decision, but it kind of makes them stand out too much from the backgrounds. At 60fps, it looks a bit strange to me. I'm sure I'll not notice it as much when playing though.
  11. Apologies if this has been mulled upon above, but I wonder how long Activision as an MS company will actually last, and whether MS will slowly and silently just drop the name entirely? Were it not for all the awful stuff going on in Blizzard, I'd imagine that that name has/had a certain amount of cache, but Activision? Activision are fucking useless. You could burn that name into the ground and no-one would give a pot to piss in. As long as you have your Call of Duty and...um...whatever else is a big name for the company (I have literally no idea), then I'll be more than happy for the Activision to fade into complete and utter obscurity.
  12. Honestly, that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. Wheel of Time
  13. Judging by what they’ve done with WoT, I’m not entirely convinced. However, at least with the Silmarillion there’s an opportunity for wiggle room considering the book is effectively a history rather than a full on tale.
  14. Well, after years and years of never really bothering to get much past the first few missions with Conner, I've now finished Assassin's Creed 3. Well, I say finished, but quite honestly the epilogue seems to be something that could go on forever, and I really think I've had my fill of the thing. All in all, I actually did enjoy the game. I think it's got some really still impressive things going on in it and you can certainly see the level of ambition they were pumping into the game. Admittedly, most of that ambition went on stuff that no-one in their right mind would think was necessary, but there we go. But I can't say I didn't enjoy Connor's revenge tale to a certain extent! Fuck knows what was happening in the modern day sequences though - I thought I had an inkling of what was going on throughout the game, but the ending stuff completely left me gaga. It really doesn't help that Desmond and his band of merry men seem to suck the air out of the room when they speak or do anything, but well...there you go. However, I'm glad I got through it. It'll lead me nicely onto what everyone seems to think is the best 'traditional' AC game - number 4! Another one which I've tried and failed miserably to get into since the original launch, so this time I'm confident...I think. I will just say that the remastered version of AC3 - which is what I was playing this time - is fucking useless. Half of the time, the game looks vastly inferior to the original and there are colossal bugs remaining all over the place. But there we go - I got it free ages ago, so I can't complain too vehemently. Bravo to me. I guess.
  15. Bah, the last good game Ferrari did was 'Sam Fox Strip Poker' in the 80s, and the replayability on that particular slice of Spectrum goodness was pretty much zero after we got a look at those explicit pixels.
  16. It's effectively why despite my better judgement I'm still intrigued to see what Rocksteady actually do with the Suicide Squad. The overall idea of the game doesn't interest me in the slightest, but...those guys know how to make a decent game, so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But...if it's not the best game ever made....oooooooh, I'll be furiously typing rude words on my keyboard.
  17. The PC version has kind of become the version to buy if you have a good enough machine - which is of course a perverse state of affairs considering the state of the thing on its original launch. However, these days it runs spectacularly well - I never played it on the consoles back in the day, so don't have much to compare it to, but running the game with all the bells and whistles on it at 4k is pretty bloody cool. It still looks thoroughly next gen as far as I'm concerned!
  18. Tricky to use when you’ve not got the top part of a thumb, like this photo amply shows.
  19. I'm really not a fan of the dual-shocks at all. Whilst I can sort of appreciate the haptics on the thing, the PS5 controller is painful as fuck when I've used it for a prolonged period. And I find my thumbs slip off those fucking sticks all the time. Each iteration of that damn thing I hope that they'll do the same concave stick as the Xbox ones, yet they never do. The Xbox controllers are aces - nice and comfy-wumfy. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that the build quality in the Series ones is a little worse than the previous ones. Edit: I am aware that you can put extra grippy nubbins on the thumbs sticks, but I'll be damned if I'm doing that. I like moaning about it too much.
  20. The Uncharted games sound fucking fantastic with the headset. And that also follows through to the Last of Us games too.
  21. Buy whatever comes along. If it doesn’t fit you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to sell it for for more thn you paid for it!
  22. Steady on now! I mean the game itself might have been on the ropey side, but if you wanted to show off what next gen was at the beginning of the X1/PS4 generation then Killzone 4 blew my eyes off. It's still an extraordinary opening sequence! Just...y'know...ignore the gameplay mostly...and the fact that in all the Killzone games you seemingly play as a dwarf.
  23. I do hope the dev teams involved in this farce are putting as much dosh safely aside, because there’s no angle I can see where this is going to end well at all. Everything about this screams ‘catastrophe’. Plus, the thought of even being in the same room as a cunt as colossal as Roberts is the stuff of nightmares.
  24. I dunno…Nintendo have this habit of confounding everybody all the time, so I wouldn’t put it past ‘em.
  25. Also why if you can get your hands on even a 'basic' rtx card, then you'll have a pretty capable gaming PC without spending too much money. If things weren't so chronically fucked up with supply of course.
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