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  1. You could have conveyed that with out using the term dogshit a dozen times.
  2. It more like you had the best meal of you life at a restaurant, and you kept happily eating there for years. Then the chef quit and left his recipe book. But the new management decided to start serving up dog shit. And you keep going back thinking eventually they'll get it right, they've got all the right ingredients.
  3. Why would they think that? The Emperor isn't any where near the Death Star.
  4. Mine was delivered last week, UK, with no extra charges to pay. Local delivery was by Hermes (EVRi) and I could track in through the https://track.passportshipping.com link Panic sent me.
  5. Had no idea it could be so controversial, but then this is Rllmuk.....
  6. What's the build quality like, there seems to be a few faulty ones out there....
  7. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTN01b3n2F7s8eJlF1OSZWwEBEQfABTy3mcWBS7cSs59eQrMmFqG-iRRPjBSOzmUVHro_DiW3msl0sE/pubhtml Someone on Reddit made a Google sheet to keep track of all the shipped order numbers. You can add yours to the list but its recommended to obscure the last couple of digits. My order 48XX was shipped on Monday
  8. Looks like Playdates are finally being shipped in the next few weeks Itshappening.gif Anyone seen any (none Season One) games? There's currently no central shop for them. Found this list on itch https://itch.io/c/2393691/playdate-games Bloom looks like the only commercial offering. https://rngpartygames.itch.io/bloom There's been loads of independent projects on Twitter but nothing looks finish, hopefully that will change when people get the console.
  9. I sold my Dreamcast box on ebay a few years ago. Ironically it fetched more than the Dreamcast console. I'd sold it before I realised the box was in the loft
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