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  1. What's this ten pounds cash back people have been mentioning?
  2. Thank you guys, but we've actually managed to fill out our roster with a bunch of real life friends and are working our way through the raids. We've just finished one this week and have Kings Fall and Wrath of the Machine left to go. Awesome gaming.
  3. Enough about Diddler, what about Ed Sheeran? Brap.
  4. Arq was dreadful. I did like Beasts Of No Nation though.
  5. This all relies on what's available on the service. But I'm not sure of the value for money really. I mean I bought destiny about 9 months ago for 25 quid and apart from a couple of breaks for other games (Deus Ex £12, other stuff I already owned) it's all I've played. Add in Rise of Iron (£25 I think) and that's about £62 for 9 months of gaming. £6.89 a month and I don't have to rush through them or give them back when I'm finished. Oh yeah and BF1 for about £40. Still only around £11 pounds a month though and I could sell them on if I wanted afterwards.
  6. Can a curator sort the thread title please.
  7. Too much faff getting into the game and joining a friend. That all put me off to start with. Didn't like the cut scenes or the squad chatter. Combat felt far too easy on the difficulty one up from default. Driving was weird, the cars can take far too much damage and can pretty much drive over any terrain without struggling. I'm going to stick with Destiny and wait for Destiny 2 I think.
  8. So much fun. We've got a fireteam of six now in my friendship group so I can finally experience the raids the way they should be done. I'd only done Vault of Glass before and we did Crota's End last week. It was great working it all out together with none of us having any previous knowledge. We're going through vog again now and I'm really looking forward King's Fall in particular, as well as getting up those final five light levels and hunting the odd few exotics that catch my eye.
  9. I like that they've clearly sorted the white, black and tan people so the predator knows who to go for first.
  10. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  11. But are crew expendable and last survivor worth £5.78?
  12. If it was twice the price you'd not regret it. It's one of the games of the generation.
  13. @Hoodedclaw my user name on there is guest-VgrGHWw2 unless I'm being really dumb and the guest prefix means I'm not actually a proper member. Although I'm level 2 whatever that means.
  14. I've sent it three times now @Shimmyhill so not sure where I'm going wrong if it's not worked. @Hoodedclaw I think we have to be ubisoft friends to share invites?
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