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  1. Pretty sure they did exactly this but in the US only. The consoles are still selling for between 750-800 on eBay so the scalpers market is going absolutely nowhere for a while.
  2. Haven Island, Mumbai and Isle of Sgail all took me absolutely forever first time. We're talking 3-4 hours at least, I often took a break in the middle of them to get something to eat. Nothing like poking around a Hitman level for the first time although I too prefer the medium sized levels which still usually take a couple of hours or so.
  3. Yes, but unbelievably it's even more complicated First you need to redeem the legacy pack for Hitman 1. The instructions for how to do so vary by platform: https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-legacy-faq/ This will unlock the season 1 content in Hitman 2 only. Then you need to redeem the access pass to get the season 1 content from Hitman 2 into Hitman 3. For Hitman 2 content, you need to redeem the access pass from the Hitman 2 in-game store to move the content into 3. This again varies depending on platform. Scroll down to the access pass section here and
  4. Simplygames have been proper price-gouging shits with these new consoles. Really put me off ever buying from them in the future. They're doing it with their Series X stock too even though the eBay prices for that are now barely above the break-even point once you take into account fees and postage costs.
  5. Looking at Metacritic it's easily the best reviewed Hitman game ever Glancing over a few reviews it seems to be benefiting from reviewers almost using it as an opportunity to review the trilogy as a whole rather than just focusing on the one game. I think it's grown in stature from a critical perspective over the course of the trilogy as reviewers come to appreciate just how much high quality content IO have pumped out across 5 years (and especially in light of what certain other developers may have recently put out in a similar time-frame...)
  6. You get 11% cashback for games from the MS Store via Quidco. I used that, plus cheap credit from CDKeys, plus the 6,000 points from the punch card to really drive the price of the digital version down. Not that I would have begrudged paying full price.
  7. To me, a 'perfect for Gamepass' game would be something I probably wouldn't have bought unless it was on a deep sale but I'm glad I got the chance to play it because it's 'free' and I enjoyed it. New Super Lucky's Tale is a good example. Perfectly competent 6/10 platformer that I completed and enjoyed. Would I pay full price for a sequel? Likely not. Would I play a sequel if it came to Gamepass? Definitely.
  8. I've been replaying Hitman 2 on Series X and to be honest it still struggles to hold 60fps at 4K a lot of the time so I've been using unlocked framerate mode instead of unlocked graphics mode and so far as I can tell that is basically locked 60. It's only slightly softer looking too, I can't really discern any major differences aside from that. Will be interesting to see how 3 performs on it.
  9. Yeah, IOI have confirmed it will be unlocking at 13:00 UTC on Wednesday. PC only unfortunately. It was possible to pick up the previous two games for super cheap on the Xbox store over the holidays but I think that sale has ended now.
  10. Majora

    The Medium

    Blair Witch was the worst game I played in whichever year it was released in. I also played Layers of Fear and between the two games I don't think I was genuinely unnerved once. The quality of writing in both was awful as well. Literally the only reason I have this preloaded is because it's the first 'proper' Series S/X exclusive and it's meant to make good use of the SSD. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have even bothered preloading it for free.
  11. I've been alternating between the Elite Series 2 controller and the standard Series X/S controller over the past couple of months, usually just using the Elite until it needs to charge and then using the standard controller til that runs out of juice, and I think I might just prefer the standard controller overall. They've made some improvements to little things that you don't really notice unless you regularly use both. Elite controller advantages - it's all about the paddles really. They're a godsend in anything that requires you to click the sticks for anything remotely importa
  12. The longer a show is talked about, the greater the chance someone who hasn't heard of it or isn't currently watching it gets sucked in just by hearing other people talk about it for 10 weeks. With the Netflix model you largely only get one chance to be a hit or sink into obscurity after a week because discussion on the show tends to end so abruptly after launch.
  13. My interpretation is that it's based on what you have installed in the Hitman 2 client rather than what you've previously purchased but like everything to do with this process it's still all a bit vague and woolly. I'm basing that on this If they could just detect your previous purchases why would you need to import Hitman 1 into Hitman 2? They also make the point of saying they detect what you have installed for Hitman 2.
  14. I suspect the reason why there's so much faff transferring progress and levels is because they never intended to end up with three different clients. I reckon, back when they were releasing each mission episodically, that they planned to just keep adding new episodes to that client over the years. Then it didn't pan out very well and they decided to just release Hitman 2 as a separate game because if it was just seen as more mission add-ons to Hitman 1 it would have flopped, but that required a separate client and we've wound up here. I wonder if they regret ever committing to taki
  15. What they've done differently is that the Hitman 3 client already contains all the previous games' levels as part of the initial download, you just need to redeem access passes to unlock those levels. So no matter which version of Hitman 1 you own, you'll be redeeming the Hitman GOTY access pass to unlock it in 3. This is a big simplification from the billion different ways you could upgrade from 1 to 2. For Hitman 2 you either download the Hitman 2 access pass or Hitman 2 Gold edition access pass depending on the version you own to unlock the levels in 3.
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