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  1. And Nintendo could probably sell double the already crazy amount of Mario Kart 8 copies they've sold if they put in on PC, PS and Xbox due to the massive install base. They don't because the revenue from one copy sold elsewhere doesn't compare to the revenue from actually getting someone into your ecosystem, buying games, purchasing MTX and paying ongoing monthly subs which tend to be very 'sticky'. MS are clearly now in this for the very long-haul. The revenue they get from PS Call of Duty sales is relative chump change to them. If they can get even a fraction of PS owners to buy into the Xbox brand, that's far more important and lucrative long-term. They can afford to swallow any potential loss of revenue on the PS side in the short-term without breaking sweat to play the long game.
  2. Were the people purchasing Horizon and God of War 4 years after release on PC ever really likely to buy a Playstation? You're talking about a group of people who have chosen not to own a console that has been on the market for nearly a decade and who happily waited nearly half a decade after certain game's release to buy them. So long as Sony maintain enough distance between the console release and PC release of games they're porting over, they're wagering that this is mostly an additional revenue stream rather than a cannibalising one. I don't think that would be the case if they brought games to PC day and date but if they carry on bringing across games that are years old then I think they're probably right.
  3. Yeah it was more expensive, less powerful, TV TV TV, mandatory Kinect, used games fiasco. The tide had turned on Xbox way before the XB1 even launched, you didn't have to be some kind of clairvoyant to see where things were headed before the machines were even on shelves.
  4. I feel like Take Two would have been a far more cost-effective purchase. A fraction of the price of Activision and you get GTA 6 exclusive to your platform which is probably the most needle-moving acquisition you could ever make in the console market, the never-ending cash cow that is GTA:Online and a game that still ends up near the top of the yearly charts nearly 10 years after release. I don't think even Call of Duty can match that level of impact. Take Two also have just way more IP I'm interested in in general so perhaps I'm biased but I'm not sure why Activision-Blizzard are valued so much higher. Is it all that lucrative Candy Crush revenue majorly bumping up the price?
  5. Apart from Metroid Dread I barely touched my Switch this year apart from to play a few hours of one of the worst Nintendo games I've ever played (Mario Golf). Aside from that they had what? Pokémon remake, Skyward Sword remaster, 3D World port, Wario Ware? It was far from a memorable year for the platform.
  6. This was really solid. Consistently entertaining and funny, it easily outshines 3 and 4. I don't think 1 and 2 are ever going to be beaten but this feels like the first worthy follow-up to them.
  7. I haven't rewatched any of the very early seasons since they first aired but I do recall the show was slightly more interested in giving the contestants a chance back then and not so preoccupied with just portraying everyone as incompetent. I do distinctly remember they got to do market research before actually ploughing ahead with the product for example. As with basically all reality TV shows over a period of time it's become a very exaggerated version of itself. A lot of reality TV starts off kind of low-key and then as the producers see what become the memorable moments (usually drama, conflict and failure) everything about subsequent seasons becomes more and more geared to increase the frequency of those 'moments' until you lose all sense of balance as the competency gets edited away to nothing. When its all idiocy and failure all the time there is nothing to ground those 'moments' or make them stand out. The major problem I have with The Apprentice is that it's very poor at story-telling for a competition. All reality TV competitions need to be heavily edited to make a narratively satisfying show. You need winner's arcs, villain arcs, 'surprise' upsets, comeback arcs, both season long and episode long arcs. The Apprentice is really bad at basically all of these things. For about 3/4 of each season it's just 60 minutes of failure and stupidity with no contestants being shown to do all that much to stand out either positively or negatively. Even just two episodes in, a good reality TV show should already be laying the groundwork for the season in terms of who is filler, who looks like a frontrunner etc. After two episodes of this it just feels like they're all being portrayed as crap and that the winner is pretty arbitrary and whoever is less bad by a smidgen. At some point about 3 episodes from the end they will start to make one or two people look ok so the finale doesn't look like a joke. Compare it to something like RuPaul's Drag Race which is very, very good at establishing character and narrative arcs early on and maintaining them across the season. It's just as artificial and produced as The Apprentice but it knows how to create and spin satisfying yarns from the material. The editing and storytelling of The Apprentice is amateurish in comparison. I get the appeal of watching overconfident people fail but it's very much like 1984's five minutes of hate but instead its the BBC's weekly 60 minutes of sneering. Karen Brady basically doesn't even try to hide the fact she's just mugging up to the camera for all its worth every time a contestant so much as dares to breathe. It's all faintly depressing.
  8. Resetera are being way more liberal and laid back about what qualifies for their GOTY awards than us. Resetera! If they are more laid back than us about basically anything then it's time to worry. I mean, their rules seem perfectly reasonable to me BuT what iF People KeEp VotiNG For OCArina Of tImE?!
  9. Edited my list for a last minute The Forgotten City add, which is superb. I've not actually managed to finish the game before the voting ends but it's easily one of the best and most interesting games of the year so deserves a spot regardless.
  10. They'll never give up the name Mario Kart even if they do this. It's far too strong a brand even outside of gamers. Agree they should adopt the Smash approach though. Get rid of most of the shitty Z-List mario characters and set the tracks in iconic locations instead of inventing rubbish like Toad's Birth Control Clinic or Waluigi's Gardening Centre.
  11. This is all so arbitrary. If Bowser's Fury was on any other platform it would be a downloadable expansion pack/DLC ineligible for category A. It seems like it's only eligible because of Nintendo's old-fashioned release strategies. There have been expansion packs easily equivalent to Bowser's Fury in terms of new content. On what grounds would one of The Witcher 3 expansion packs for example, which takes place in an entirely brand new location, not be equivalent to Bowser's Fury in terms of new content? The only difference is the release strategy. Nintendo are still forcing you to buy an old game to get Bowser's Fury. That's no different to CDPR requiring you to own Witcher 3 base game to get Blood and Wine.
  12. I feel like Bowser's Fury is an add-on to an old game that has been re-released this year so has to go in category B. It's not a standalone game. I voted against this madness but everyone can have fun arguing what goes in category B now
  13. I had a similar-ish experience with Returnal whereby I spent about 25 hours getting to the end of biome 3 and then pretty much blew through the rest of the game in a single run. I don't think it's because I was too good at the game though, I think I just got a bit lucky with the weapons and upgrades.
  14. This is silly. If a game came out in 2021 and was PC exclusive I'm not going out and buying a PC just so I can play it. If said game was then released on PS5, Xbox Series and Switch in 2022 then the number of people who could enjoy it on this forum would skyrocket given the distinct console bias here. But no-one would be allowed to vote for it simply because it got released on just one platform out of many the year before, even if it became a forum darling as a result of its increased reach.
  15. I'm voting yes because ultimately the list is just a reflection of what the forum enjoyed in any given year. If half the forum didn't get the chance to play a game last year because it wasn't available on their platform then I don't see why they should be forced to exclude it from their lists this year. Games are not movies or music or books. There is a genuine reason many people can't enjoy them in the year of their release because of the platform they come out on which doesn't exist in other media. If half the forum play a game in 2020 and the other half in 2021 because of its staggered release, and it ends up appearing in both year's GOTY lists as a result, then to me that's a fair reflection of the new releases forum members' enjoyed on the platforms they own.
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