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  1. July - August is going to be crazy: July 27th - Flight Simulator July 29th - The Ascent August 13th - Hades August 19th - 12 Minutes August 25th - Psychonauts 2 I want to try all five of those and I almost certainly would have been willing to pay for at least three. I'm just not sure where I'm going to find the time.
  2. Majora

    It Takes Two

    Two million copies sold now. I still haven't finished this but have been plugging away at it with a friend over the past couple of weeks whenever we get a chance. It's absolutely brilliant, easily my Game of the Year so far. Endlessly varied, creative and fun. We've had so many laughs while playing and it's just accessible enough for him to not find it overwhelming while still remaining challenging enough in places for me to stay engaged. The 'best co-op game since Portal 2' plaudits weren't exaggerating. I actually feel a bit mean I only paid £20 for it, it doesn't fee
  3. The 6 games in 6 months thing is what they're positioning as the big headline day 1 titles, obviously there's way more. Quite a few big games leaving end of this month, I might finally give The Messenger a shot Xbox: Outer Wilds Monster Hunter World Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Battle Chasers Nightwar The Messenger Soul Calibur VI PC: Mistover Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Battle Chasers Nightwar The Messenger Out of the Park Baseball 21
  4. The challenge where you have to defeat 25 enemies using only the enforcer does seem like an early difficulty spike to be fair. The enforcer is a really short range gun, the enemies are scattered around a lava filled arena so you have to either warp, jump or wall run around to get within range of them, if you run out of ammo you have to find the ammo boxes which might be on the other side of the arena. I left it for a while, upgraded the enforcer quite a bit, came back with a lot more health and still struggled on hard.
  5. A Crack In Time is still the best Ratchet game and I think it comes closest to what @CrichStand is looking for. The Ratchet puzzles are a lot more plentiful and challenging than the puzzles in this and there are lots of little planetoids you platform around Mario Galaxy style that are more substantial than most of the platforming in this also. It's still only ever ok as a platformer because the moveset and challenge just isn't there but it's the Ratchet game with the best balance and variety. Rift Apart is at its best when it's a tightly paced, set-piece driven action game. The fi
  6. It's El Spatula in a Microsoft thread, literally no point engaging.
  7. It's hideous looking. If you told me it was a no-name free to play mobile title I'd believe you. Such a shame.
  8. I voted Microsoft, as a display of Gamepass clout it was wholly convincing and there's a lot there I want to play. Nintendo finally showed me some games I want to play on my Switch this year and it's great to see some of their smaller franchises back but it was a very uneven presentation on the whole. And some of the reveals were better on paper than in reality (the Advance Wars remake looks like a cheap mobile game)
  9. Now that the dust has settled I'm...whelmed. But at least it looks like my Switch is finally going to get some use this year besides Ring Fit Adventure. I'm really happy to see a new Wario Ware and will definitely be getting that. Metroid Dread I should be excited about but it looks a bit rough. I like Advance Wars but I'm not paying 50 quid for two ancient games with worse graphics than the originals. Mario and Rabbids looks great and is getting bought. Banana Blitz I'll definitely buy as they're finally remastering the only good games in the series. Brea
  10. Hmmm. On paper Wario Ware, Metroid Dread and Advance Wars is amazing but I thought they all looked pretty ugly And Zelda is clearly still miles off. Some nice surprises on the whole though.
  11. Nintendo sent a very interesting survey around recently which asked people if they would be happy to pay $50 for a new Wario Ware game. That's an incredibly specific question. Basically what I'm saying is that new Wario Ware is CONFIRMED along with new Rhythm Tengoku and a brand new Ouendan game probably.
  12. I don't know, the way it's bandied about 4K can mean nearly anything nowadays to be honest unless they actively specify native. I'd rather performance mode have a lower resolution and keep cutbacks to draw distance/lighting to a minimum rather than have native 4K but more severe graphical downgrades.
  13. There must be some difference beyond frame rate or they wouldn't bother having separate modes. Performance mode is probably either not native 4K or has some reduced graphical settings.
  14. Why would they release Mario Kart 9 on the Switch when 8 Deluxe is still selling stupid amounts every year? MK9 is a game to save for the first year of Switch 2.
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