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  1. I've gotten addicted to Schitt's Creek to the point where very little else is getting a look in at the moment. Was a bit middling for the first few episodes but it starts picking up steam in the second half of season 1 and by season 2 it's just great episode after great episode. And while the whole cast is great, Catherine O'Hara is amazing. Her comedic chops are something else.
  2. I just don't understand how they're going to get it to work in VR on PS4. Last time I played Hitman 2 on Xbox One X it still had an uneven framerate. How many compromises are they going to have to make to the visuals to get it to a locked 60fps in VR on the base PS4?
  3. Majora

    The Touryst

    It really does look excellent. I've been enjoying it more the further I get into it, the comparisons to Stacking and Costume Quest are actually dead on.
  4. I bought a few in the past and then realised that I barely ever touched or did anything with the contents so I haven't bought one for years now. The only one that stood out to me as being much good was the Alan Wake collectors edition. I think it was only about 5-10 pounds more and came with some pretty decent extra stuff for that amount.
  5. Really? The almost complete lack of NPC routines or behaviour killed any feeling of the world feeling alive to me. It feels alive on a very surface level - winds blowing and particle effects and nice (albeit incredibly abrupt) day/night and weather cycles but get below the surface level and it does very little to make the world feel authentic and lived-in. It's very, very limited in terms of how the NPCs behave, and its environmental storytelling is not even in the same stratosphere as some other open world games.
  6. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    I don't know if I'd say it's fantastic but The Touryst is pretty nice and chill. I tried the Switch demo a while back and this version, unsurprisingly, looks much better and cleaner because of the higher res and anti-aliasing. It's quite simple but it's one of those game worlds where it's just pleasant to potter around in the sun-drenched calm. That is until you get to the arcade subquest which is pretty damn hard.
  7. Majora

    Xbox Game Pass

    I had a pretty good time with Minit, it's much less frustrating than it sounds. The Touryst is meant to be relatively short and had a lot of fans when it was released on Switch last year.
  8. I don't believe for one second that the split in the UK will be anywhere close to that. Not when it's roughly been a 60/40 split in userbase between PS4 and XB1 for a lot of the gen, though I imagine it's probably drifted more in favour of PS4 over the past year or two.
  9. I've said this before but the first time OLED properly blew me away was on a loading screen of all things. I had been playing SOMA on my old LED and the loading screen just looked kinda greyish and it had a glowing logo of some kind in the middle of the loading screen too. Got my OLED, booted up SOMA again and saw that the loading screen was actually, genuinely pitch black and the glowing logo just popped right off the screen next to that inky darkness. I've seen some fantastic looking HDR stuff on my screen since then but that's the moment that really sticks with me of realising that OLED was the real deal.
  10. I've decided to sell this, some of you may no doubt be relieved to hear. I still haven't finished area one of the map and looking at the size of areas two and three I just know I'm never, ever going to finish it as I'm already a bit bored. I don't dislike the game and enjoy the combat but I'd rather just spend another 20 or so hours playing something else as I feel like I've already seen most of what it has to offer at this point and the narrative hasn't engaged me at all. CEX are offering 40 quid for it at the moment so I've not really lost out giving it a shot.
  11. By complete coincidence I just saw this article on Resetera and it does a really good job articulating my thoughts as to why RDR2 and BOTW have satisfying worlds to explore in comparison to Ghosts: https://www.vg247.com/2020/07/27/red-dead-redemption-2-vs-ghost-of-tsushima/amp/ Agree the bandit camps in BOTW were quite repetitive and disappointing but you had loads of stuff like Eventide Island, various minigames, actually varied towns and settlements, Kass riddles and environmental puzzles embedded in the landscape with very little prompting. Even with the korok seed puzzles repeating you still had a good 20-30 different kinds of puzzles they were hidden behind that you had to figure out, or even notice in the first place, for yourself. And with shrines, the reward for me was that I got another (hopefully) bite-sized puzzle to solve rather than thinking oh great another shrine. For me the puzzle was the reward, unless it was yet another one of those combat shrines obviously. Autonomy counts for a lot too. That nothing was ever marked on your map apart from the markers you put there meant each discovery felt like your own even if it was just the end result of a cunning trail of invisible breadcrumbs laid by Nintendo. Ghosts is typical question mark on the map territory. Anyway, Ghosts and BOTW clearly have different goals but in terms of whether the worlds are worth exploring or not it's not even a comparison for me.
  12. Obviously it depends on the length of the game but I rarely play more than 2-3 different games per month on GamePass (lack of time rather than the selection being lacking) but that is still much better value for me than actually buying them. Sure, I don't own them but I hardly ever replay games and resell any physical games once I've completed them anyway so effectively renting several games per month at this cost is still much better value for the way I consume games.
  13. I feel jealous of posts like this because I really just don't find the world in this very interesting to explore. It's pretty and tranquil and some of the views from up high are really nice but in terms of things to find there's not really a lot. I loved just exploring in BOTW and RDR2 but their environments felt really diverse and full of things to stumble over, both large and small. In this all the settlements look and function the same and all I'm likely to find is a pointless flag or another fox to follow or another bird to follow. The shrines are honestly the only thing I find rewarding to find. Where it fails most obviously though is in the NPC events. Literally all I have seen in about 10 hours play are repeated instances of enemy groups guarding a tied up NPC or enemies fighting a bear and usually getting mauled. It doesn't feel like a lived-in world, just a really pretty map with camps dotted around and 2 repeating random events. It's the main reason I'm focusing on the missions because I don't find just riding around and exploring the world to be rewarding and I can take in any pretty bits of the map while I'm traveling to the next mission anyway.
  14. Obviously this will differ from person to person but I definitely don't buy as many games as I did before GamePass. I'll still buy big new releases I'm hyped for on release, barring MS first party obviously, but I buy far fewer 'I'll pick this up when I have nothing else to play/when it hits £20' type games. I buy far fewer games on sale and a lot less indie games too because there's such a wide range of options on Gamepass.
  15. Because Gamepass. It's not just about Microsoft's first party exclusives, it's about all the indie games that launch on the service day one and the wealth of third party games you can get on there too. Even if I only ever played one or two Gamepass games a month it pays for itself many times over. That said, I chose PS5 as I think I'm happy to enjoy Gamepass on my One X for now.
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