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  1. Deathloop is going to tank isn't it? Love the idea but it's even more niche and harder to explain than any of their previous games. Thank god Arkane have got something of a safety net now.
  2. Sony are more Disney than HBO. Gorgeous, beautifully produced, big budget spectacles aimed squarely at the mass market which are mechanically shallow and derivative because they are simply far too expensive to risk alienating anyone.
  3. I really liked the Q-Beam against the big enemies that tended to keep their distance or fly away. Shotgun was useless against them and I never bothered upgrading my throw capabilities. I fully upgraded the Q-Beam, got the power where you could dash meters away and leave a clone of yourself behind, then by the time your clone disappeared and you'd unloaded your Q-Beam on the distracted enemy they were dead.
  4. MS are cultivating a platform where these left-field indie games are easily accessible at a cheap price via Gamepass. Sony aren't. Microsoft may not be publishing them but they are actively pushing them and giving them much more visibility.
  5. They've cast her for the bantz/witty repartee surely? Which she is good at. Unproven in an action role but you've got to start somewhere right? Willing to keep an open mind.
  6. Christopher Dring is legit, always has info about UK sales before it's officially released. Wii U did absolutely diabolically in the UK, I think it barely cracked 700k.
  7. I thought it was ok, maybe my expectations were too high after seeing the sky-high critical reception. I feel like I never need to see another time-loop movie where we're shown how enjoyable foreknowledge/lack of consequence is before boredom sets in and the protagonist needs to show some personal development in order to break the loop etc. It played with structure a little but at heart it's something I've seen many times over.
  8. You'll be swimming in health soon enough but early on you do really have to play it very much like a stealth game. Turrets and strategic placing of red explosive cannisters are your friends early on. For your neuromods, don't sleep on increased recycling yield, the ability to extract more material from enemies and improved combat weapon damage. The first two might seem boring early on but you'll be thankful down the line.
  9. Really interesting article. Naughty Dog working on a The Last of Us remake (literally nobody asked for this) Sony Bend being denied the opportunity to do a Days Gone 2 and very nearly turned into a support studio. More confirmation Sony isn't really interested in smaller games anymore. The writing has been on the wall for a while now that they're a very blockbuster focussed first party these days and this seems to further confirm that.
  10. Minecraft has probably the easiest achievements if you've never played the xbox version before. You can get an achievement just for cutting down a tree or opening a chest. That's stuff you can stumble across with about 10 seconds of starting the game.
  11. I doubt Microsoft give a single fuck about getting Death Stranding on Xbox anymore, it would do nothing. If they are in talks it'll be for something new.
  12. A lot of American comedies are team-written which means that the writing credits for each episode can be very misleading. The Simpsons is one of the best examples of this - the credited writer for each episode often didn't come up with a lot of the best bits within the episode that their name is on. If you ever listened to the DVD commentaries it became obvious how each episode was an enormous group effort. Also, while Matt Groening is rightly credited as creator and executive producer, it becomes very, very apparent via the commentaries that he really wasn't all that responsible for what it e
  13. The ending to the main game wasn't satisfying, I agree. The ending to The Signal/Writer DLC was quite satisfying as I recall though. Wonder how many people ever actually played them. They also added some gameplay elements which made things feel more varied. I remember reading the making of book and they ended up cutting out a lot of things from the final game. Not just when it transitioned from open world to linear either, they cut out lots of different enemy types such as wildlife and also set-pieces like a forest fire (possibly because the 360 couldn't handle it? It was creaking
  14. Yeah I think the operator there is broken as it wouldn't go into the morgue for me either. Just kept chilling around the elevators. Did get in another way eventually but can't remember how.
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