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  1. If the metrics didn't show it worked then they wouldn't do it. They've been doing this for many years now.
  2. Majora

    It Takes Two

    It reminds me a lot of mascot platformers from around the turn of the millennium where they'd try to cram 40 different genres in one game. Something like Conker's Bad Fur Day. I like the look of it a lot but it's just a question of whether they can make all those billion different mechanics and gameplay styles feel equally polished and fun.
  3. I've literally never had an issue with the analogue sticks on any controller I've ever owned apart from the rubber on both of my launch PS4 controllers ripping apart after a few years.
  4. I only just got around to playing the demo. It was ok, a bit muddy looking. I was expecting more visually I think. I also continue to find Capcom's HDR calibration screens baffling. Move the slider until both the red and blue sides are the same size - eh? I don't understand how the size of the bars relate to anything, am I being dense?
  5. Most people have heard of Meryl Streep I'm sure, but the question was very specific. Just because you're familiar with the name of an actor and have seen them in a few movies it doesn't mean you're au fait with their body of work. I bet I couldn't tell you anything about three-quarters of the movies she's been in. I'm struggling to understand what point is being made here too, I think it really is just as simple as someone with a very above average knowledge of film not understanding that most people just do not take much interest in the specifics of a director's or actor's filmogr
  6. I've found Stockinformer's Telegram to be amongst the worst. Completely missed loads of drops including Game's PS5 drop today.
  7. I found the fungus section pretty frustrating to be honest, especially the boss. I recall the checkpoints being really poorly placed but I believe they added more checkpoints to the game in one of the post-release patches so I'm not sure if they improved them in that area or not.
  8. I think you are greatly, greatly overestimating the breadth of most people's movie knowledge. Especially when it comes to what type of horror certain directors specialised in.
  9. Is it not an issue that the PS5 forces HDR on everything? So every piece of content you watch on Netflix etc will be in forced HDR mode unless you keep toggling it off in the system menu?
  10. eBay prices are starting to creep down, probably because it's been flooded with consoles after the latest big drop. I mean, most are still hitting £650 but it's definitely edging in the right direction. Still more than enough profit there to make it worthwhile for the scalpers for now though, especially considering eBay keep running £1 max selling fee promotions recently.
  11. I'm not sure about Bowser's Fury, I end up finding it a bit annoying whenever Bowser appears to be honest. I don't feel like his appearances add much to the game and I find myself wanting to go back to normal exploring as soon as he appears. I'm also not a fan of the way the challenges are presented to you. It seems like you have to constantly keep returning to previous areas to see if new elements have been added. I can explore an area and only find three shrines, leave, go back to it later and there's new enemies and a new shine. Go away, come back and now those enemies have rep
  12. Yeah I bought all the episodes late last year, played episode 1 and enjoyed it well enough but haven't felt any burning desire to play more. It's very Lynchian, and I love Lynch, but the thought of sitting down to 'play' this for several hours per episode when I already know it's not really going to go anywhere narratively... I'm going to need to be in a very specific mood for that.
  13. This seems like revisionism just because he's on his way out. Admittedly I don't follow United, or football in general, anywhere near as much as I used to but saying 'it's been mostly a bit meh' is a doing a pretty huge disservice to the years when he was brilliant, the best keeper in the league if not Europe, and was nearly single-handedly winning us games. It sounds like his form has dipped a lot in recent years which is a shame but while he may not go down as an all-time great he put in some outstanding seasons for the team. It's pretty difficult to go down as an all
  14. It's definitely a real eye-opener after many years of not really caring if a game was 30 or 60 so long as it was stable. I started Concrete Genie on PS+ the other day and it felt like a slideshow in comparison to all the other games I had been playing recently. Inevitably games built for the new gen are going to start targeting 30 at some point in order to push the shinies and I'm sure we'll all adjust again because we have no choice. And the likes of BOTW2 - no way it's going to be 60 but no way I'm not going to play it because of that.
  15. Link's Awakening is a relic of its time and an unmistakeable product of the system it launched on. It is composed of tiny areas and dungeons, obtuse roadblocks and unengaging combat. Despite being small the dungeons are as well designed as always but everything in between is completely forgettable. I could barely even tell you anything about it and that's after playing the Switch remake at launch...chain chomp, phone huts, giant egg, some monkeys I think. Meh. It's been bettered so many times over by now in literally all aspects that I find it impossible to get excited over.
  16. It's an extremely well-made and entertaining movie that gets far more hate than it warrants because it made so much money, won so many awards and was incredibly popular amongst women. Never underestimate how much men on the internet love to vent their spleen at something both successful and popular with women. The craft in the second half of the movie is undeniable but despite the first half being cheesy and broad as fuck, with a cartoon baddy, it works. There's enough there to make your root for Jack and Rose and the situation they're in. As a piece of cinema history i
  17. I feel like Ellie has been cast several years too early. She doesn't feel fully formed as a queen or like she has much to say and so she comes off as dull. Needs a lot more time in the oven. I think Bimini has it in the bag. She brings comedy, she brings performance, she brings fashion, she's extremely likeable. Possibly one of the most well-rounded queens ever. I laughed so hard at 'Gemma was banging on my dressing room door earlier...I let her out eventually'.
  18. 1. Breath of the Wild - 10 2. Majora's Mask - 10 3. Ocarina of Time - 10 4. Wind Waker - 9 5. Twilight Princess - 9 6. Link to the Past - 8 7. Skyward Sword - 6 8. Link's Awakening - 6 9. Phantom Hourglass - 5 Zelda is a legendary series and one I generally love dearly but I've never bought into this whole 'even the worst Zeldas are amongst the best games ever!' rhetoric.
  19. Skyward Sword is the most restrictive 3D Zelda ever made, Breath of the Wild is the most open. Skyward Sword focussed so much on puzzles it had no sense of place, in Breath of the Wild the sense of place arguably came at the expense of some puzzle, and especially dungeon, focus. A few isolated elements being in both games does not a throughline make when the games are so completely opposite in approach. 'Collecting things to upgrade equipment' is so broad you could apply it to practically every action adventure or RPG ever made, including most Zeldas. I forgot Skyward Sword even h
  20. The motion controls were honestly the least of the game's many problems. In fact, without them I daresay its shortcomings will be even more exposed.
  21. I think it's going to be longer than 2-3 months. They're still going for £650-700 on eBay so it's still well worth it for the scalpers, you get one maybe two big drops per month and they're gone in seconds. I see them being hard to get until at least Autumn and then it'll start being hard to get them because Christmas. So most of the year basically.
  22. Florence was great, got a little choked up on the train when I played it. Inspired use of mechanics to show the different stages of a relationship.
  23. I'm not so sure about this. Skyward Sword got a mixed reception even at the time and its sales were mediocre. It was the worst selling 3D Zelda game of all time on the best-selling Nintendo home console of all time. The reception it got was so lacklustre, and it was so comprehensively overshadowed at the time by Skyrim's release, that it basically caused Nintendo to completely overhaul the series. It will sell ok because it's Zelda and the Switch is doing really well but I don't expect anything particularly great sales-wise. There really isn't that much nostalgia for this entry and
  24. I wouldn't be surprised if BOTW2 is one of those projects where they start off believing it will be a quicker sequel due to the foundations already being laid and then they end up adding so much to it it takes just as long as any other sequel. I'm not too bothered about this though, I'd rather it take a couple of years longer but feel just as magical as the first. Yeah, I'm not the biggest Skyward Sword fan anyway but the problem with this HD remaster is that the painterly look seems to have been lost somewhat. It's now so sharp that you don't get that impressionist art s
  25. If nothing else, I got some entertainment out of Aonuma desperately trying to sell Skyward Sword by invoking memories of Breath of the Wild. "Remember Breath of the Wild? You liked Breath of the Wild. Remember the glider in Breath of the Wild? You liked the glider. Skyward Sword has a glider too. You'll like Skyward Sword. Please buy Skyward Sword, it's definitely like Breath of the Wild."
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