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  1. I think I might be starting to drop off this. I really like the hub and happily spent about an hour pottering around the questionable area collecting stuff and doing the quests. But then I went into the trippy mail room level and have just gotten a bit bored. It looks great but the linear platforming levels are a bit dull and perfunctory no matter how nice the visual trappings. Felt like it took forever to get the violin when it wasn't really that long a course. I'm also not finding the dialogue that interesting or funny for how long the conversations can be. I always exhaust the conversation options but rarely feel particularly rewarded for doing so. Very different kinds of platformers but since I've seen It Takes Two mentioned a few times in here, I felt that was just as creative but more consistently engaging and varied even though the writing was terrible. I'll stick with it for a bit but I'm not finding myself itching to go back to it.
  2. You need fire to light all the campfires although obviously they could have just been changed to something else. I don't understand why you can't just equip a power directly from the wheel instead of having to map it to a bumper/trigger every single time. I've made the mistake of thinking I could do that so many times now. As mentioned above, I've used the control settings where double jump + glide is just 3 presses of the A button and then you press the A button again to get your ball out (oo-er). So 4 taps of the A button to access the ball which frees up a power slot for something else. It could still be way less fiddly though.
  3. I really enjoy the sense of journey and progression through Bright Falls. You start off at one place and are given a destination you can see way off in the distance and spend the chapter slowly working way your way towards it. Then when you get there you can usually look back and trace where you've come from. Few games capture a sense of an arduous, coherent journey and sense of place very well but Alan Wake was one of them, up there with the likes of Half Life 2 and The Last of Us 2. It's not as good as those two games for various reasons but there's an awful lot about it I love. It just needed a bit more gameplay variety and a bit more narrative restraint to be a classic I think.
  4. I was disappointed in the trailer, I thought the characters' faces in the cutscenes still looked really ropey.
  5. Insomniac were so relatively inexpensive because they didn't own any IP, you're just buying the people and the set-up basically. But yes, it's become clear that it was a huge get for Sony. It feels like they're shouldering a disproportionate amount of the PS5 line-up relative to their size.
  6. Very samey. Nothing there to convince those of us (like me) who feel Sony rely far too heavily on cinematic third-person action games. I know it's their thing but the other two platforms have way more varied first party output these days.
  7. Forspoken looked simultaneously impressive yet ropey.
  8. Majora

    The Witness

    It's not just the fact he's a bit arrogant, he seems like a pretty horrible person politically too. Braid and The Witness are both incredible games but I'd be loathed to support a new release from him again.
  9. I've sometimes wondered whether they do little deals to have games featured in the reward quests. Nothing huge but they do act as drivers to the featured games. It would certainly explain why a game like Black Desert is showcased over and over again for no apparent reason.
  10. Majora

    PS5 Pro

    This article is a load of bollocks. Here are some games that may or may not appear. Here's a list of games that are already known about but which they're claiming 'Tom' got from his 'sources'. Conveniently absolutely nothing yet unannounced though. Why do people give nothing articles like this the time of day?
  11. Glad it will have all the licensed music, that kind of stuff is never a given with rights issues. The end of Chapter 2 wouldn't be the same without Poe - Haunted kicking in.
  12. Try to at least get to the casino level if you can. It's only 1-2 hours in. I just got to the Questionable Area, the hub is far bigger than I expected. Narratively I'm finding it a bit messy at this stage. There seems to be lots of little threads which do all contribute to what I guess is the main story but between the hub world opening up and all the different quests I have open I feel a bit unfocused and have kind of lost track of the bigger picture. It's not really a huge problem, I assume at some point the story focus will tighten again and I'm having lots of fun just exploring and being in the world.
  13. 360 comfortably outsold PS3 in the UK, it wasn't even really close. It was nearly always borne out in the multiplatform splits too. https://metro.co.uk/2013/06/27/xbox-360-beats-wii-as-the-uks-best-selling-console-3858990/
  14. In an ideal world they would redo the facial animation in the cutscenes but I suspect that's too much effort. It'll be nice to finally be able to play it on console in higher than 540p though.
  15. I don't think you can really judge this after 20 minutes. At least wait until you have had an explore of the main hub, preferably even further. The tutorial level is nothing really.
  16. Majora

    It Takes Two

    The first two stages are amongst the worst in the game, it gets so much better than that.
  17. This is great but, incredible nitpick incoming, making you have to press Y on the purple currency which then releases several more purple things you have to collect is one of those things where I just wonder why they implemented it that way. Why not just run up to it and press Y to collect? Or better yet, just run over it and collect it. It just adds a completely unnecessary button press and then several seconds of collecting a few more purple bits for something so frequent and utterly mundane.
  18. Majora

    12 Minutes

    This thread is disappointing to read. I'll still give it a try because why not but my expectations are incredibly low now.
  19. The previews of Psychonauts 2 have been glowing. It's disappointing that the likes of The Ascent, The Medium and 12 Minutes turned out below expectations but you're comparing games from either unknown indie devs or devs with a poor track record to a game from a dev with a proven track record behind it. And a game with a well regarded prequel at that.
  20. Majora

    12 Minutes

    Not reading any of the reviews but it sounds a little like The Sexy Brutale in the way that the time-loop structure can be by turns clever/involving and frustrating when you keep repeating the same loop because you can't figure out what to do next. Or indeed a lot of time-loop games for that matter.
  21. No equivalent to Versus Campaign in L4D1/2 has really dampened my enthusiasm for this. Prior to the Game Pass announcement I was planning to buy this. If it were not coming to Game Pass I wouldn't be any more. Campaign mode was fun for a bit in L4D but it was versus mode that gave it real longevity. Tearing apart a human team at full health with a well orchestrated infected ambush was incredibly satisfying and something that took real knowledge of the maps and potential spawn points as well as great timing. Without that I fear the fun is going to be rather short lived. Thank god for Game Pass eh?
  22. Majora

    12 Minutes

    I'm willing this to be excellent but I'm cautious. Annapurna publishing is usually a good sign but Maquette was a bit shit and it's easy to see how the structure could end up getting repetitive. Fingers crossed they pull it off.
  23. I'm really interested in 12 Minutes but I feel like it's the kind of game there will be no middle ground for. It's so high concept it'll either knock it out of the park or people will be incredibly disappointed.
  24. It was mainly just that the demo was timed, confined you to one specific area of the mall, and had practically no focus on time management or escort missions. There was a boss fight you could do as I recall but generally the focus was just on exploring, mucking about and trying out all the items. When the actual game came out, people were sharply divided because of how pressured it could feel in comparison. The timer, the expiring quests, all the NPCs you had to save who would die at the drop of a hat...it really turned off some who were sold on the much more laid back demo.
  25. Oh, how could I forget Dead Rising? The early 360 days were great for demos, I don't think we'll ever see so many big games get meaty pre-release demos like we did back then. I must have played that demo so many times experimenting with everything. I actually really liked the full game too even though it wound up being quite a different beast to play than the demo might have led people to believe.
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