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  1. He's too vain to use a pseudonym. He's such a prick. Trying to redeem himself in terms of Gadot, Carpenter and Fisher he can't resist slagging them off in what he thinks is a clever way to damage their perception or careers. Gadot: We got on great but she no speakee the English good. Carpenter: We got on great but she sometimes struggled with her lines. Fisher: Bad actor in both senses. Which is exactly the kind of gaslighting, mean spirited, adolescent behaviour he's being accused of. He's literally doing the thing in his interview about how he doesn't do the thing.
  2. Meat Loaf, age 74. Damn shame. RIP big man.
  3. 100% likelihood. To add some danger, we need to go deeper. When they're attacked I wager that Thomas Wayne tries to shield Martha (like a PROPER MAN) and gets gunned down first.
  4. Perfect. Paying due respect to the man who is a bat. Hopefully we'll also get to see what happened to his parents in slow motion. I wanna see pearls hitting an alleyway or the fans have been shortchanged. And why he gets fascinated with bats.
  5. This is looking like the perfect films for lads that like 'dark', 'gritty' and 'realistic'
  6. I'm staggered that people expected an 18-rated show with blood and gore.
  7. I'm hoping CDP Red have taken the challenge of trying to amaze people with the first DLC as a relaunch opportunity.
  8. I think the way is timely. Edit: Y'know, I was watching a video recently where the narrator was talking about the novel Tolkien began writing set in Aragorn's son's reign. I had never heard of this and I thought it was fascinating that Tolkien wanted to show that evil never really dies, that men forget, and that constant vigilance is required, but that he abandoned the idea as he found that it was depressing. Fascinating stuff. I had no idea.
  9. So it's Numenor, the show? I wonder if they have permission from Peter Jackson to basically half-inch the style of his take on LoTR. Everything looks consistent design-wise, even the font.
  10. I know some of the comps on it. It does have grain, but they had to dial down the aberration and fading (even though it's still there) as it looked a little unappealing and too old-timey.
  11. Really? I can't agree with that. Either way, the fucking director shouldn't be speaking of actors in this way. He seems to only attack women mostly too.
  12. And his whole "Fisher is a shit actor" schtick is really strange because of the existence of the Synder cut, and, y'know, he's pretty good in that. Like, it's really strange - he might have gotten away with that if people didn't have anything to judge it on, but they do. What a twat.
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