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  1. No it's dull, dull, dull. Book spirit totally absent. Also, why does ducky-looking Lily James get so much work? She's incredibly dull and is the same in everything.
  2. Edit: I was confused. Too many goddam streaming services.
  3. Oh thank God, it looked so....bright. I was worried.
  4. Plot is an absolute mess. Kept waiting for it to get going. Didn't.
  5. That's what I meant. It's not quite as formulaic - and if Disney are less formulaic than you, something is wrong.
  6. While I sympathise with this, Pixar sure do have a lot of main character plus initially 'wacky' sidekick go on a journey and learn an important lesson films. While the messages delivered can still be valuable, the formula can feel very exposed and threadbare on some of them. I think it's an artifact of the 'brain trust' method of creating their films. Certain structures that are plain and clear and work keep coming to the fore. One reason I liked Frozen, actually, was the genuinely unexpected character twist, which really pointed out the last line of the opening number "beware the
  7. Jennifer Carpenter's character is dead so what's the fucking point?
  8. TIs very good, if a little familiar at points. I preferred Wolfwalkers.
  9. It's enjoyable, not as scary as Season One but then again, it's not trying to be seeing as it owes a large debt to Henry Miller. Enjoyed it overall but I wish it was a bit more surprising, it felt like it was dragged out a little in terms of looping explanations of what was going on. Love the cast returning in different roles, though. Knives Out 2 should do likewise.
  10. Needs more Flanagan. Not scary or inventive enough by ep 4. But it has an amazing photographic cameo in Ep. 2. Amazing.
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