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  1. Trailer = we're still making it.
  2. Dudes, why is this still the 'not-so-famous' celebrity death thread. I mean Ned Beatty, Charles Grodin, Helen McCrory?
  3. Animated by slave labourers in Kilkenny who have really done some excellent work.
  4. Festoon


    That's Kulkarni's schtick - fire and brimstone. Carpet bombing. Nuk8ng the site from orbit. But listen, he's not wrong. Oasis are a covers band covering their favourite music and passing it off as their own so he has a point. They made poor facsimile music - like the covers you used hear in cheapo supermarkets. They're basically The Baron Knights without an attempt at humour.
  5. My memory is the weird decision to use a different (much much flatter and lame) take for the "part time" gag in the film than the one that was in the trailer. I remember thinking, "oof! Director really isn't feelin' this" And the great creepy scene in the nuclear test village which was somewhat undone by gophers and the wonky physics on the fridge.
  6. Festoon


    Fair enough, as I said. I know literally nothing about them other than nothing I've ever heard in passing has made me think "I must make an effort to hear that again". They are literally musical wallpaper. It all just sounds like funky wank to me. Probably worth noting here, it was just a tossed off comment about RHCP, I have no allegiance to them whatsoever. That video was fucking awful but lets not forget the cameraman too being desperate for a naked tit shot. I just saw Cave being a cunt.
  7. Festoon


    No offence man, but I've never consciously listened to a note of their music so I really can't be bothered reading that.
  8. Festoon


    I literally know nothing about them except the bassist is called Flea and also acts.
  9. Quite a suggestion of celtic or Irish myths in a few bits here.
  10. Dark Souls Twilight Princess of the Colossus looks good.
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