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  1. It's absolutely what happened. Abrams is a pandering prick.
  2. McGregor is nearly up to winning fights as fast as he commits sexual assult.
  3. I don't think reviews stop people seeing films. And I'd rather reviewers were honest.
  4. Hm. You definitely wouldn't want someone making a derivative version of Moore and Gibbon's work.
  5. Festoon


    It'll Dolittle at the Box Office. EDIT: It cost $175 million. Holy shit!
  6. Natasha, as you must know, you are my sister..
  7. I'm obsessed by how pedestrian he is.
  8. Yep, week to week definitely works better as a word-of-mouth thing.
  9. Love some of the neggers to explain how this is good writing.
  10. All this is missing is "by Tod. Age 16".
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