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  1. It's an ABC show but it's not on Star for some reason.
  2. I always thought it was such a masterstroke to lean Frasier into the more pompous aspects of his character and basically bring in Niles to play Frasier as he was in Cheers as more neurotic. Masterstroke.
  3. I genuinely thought this read: Alien V. Farrow and got really excited for a minute.
  4. Like watching a band immediately followed by a local cover band.
  5. I don't watch films or shows because of who's in them so it baffles me.
  6. Man, you have some good times ahead.
  7. Jesus man, why wasn't this finished and enabled? https://lostnintendohistory.github.io/DS-TV-OUT
  8. Christis on Infinite Christs
  9. Wait, so in Zack Snyder's world, both Superman AND the Joker are Jesus?
  10. Well, at least that famous question is now resolved. Someone tell Alan Moore. And some Roman.
  11. Festoon

    The Jazz Thread

    Can never get enough of this album. Love Gil Evans. La Nevada is great. I also think it's one of the best recorded albums I've ever heard.
  12. I'll say. One of 'em blew up!
  13. The daytime stuff is all awful. It was awful even then.
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