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  1. All of the Y chromosomed creatures! Comic was great. They shouldn't have to change much.
  2. And I love the Ghibliotheque guys, but man do they fall for bigger = better a lot.
  3. BUT! For my money, Nausicaa is a better film. Less ponderous.
  4. Lol. Above statments also apply to Watchmen.
  5. Just rewatched the trailer. Visuals are a little.....uncinematic....looking?
  6. This reminds me of the sequence in The Dark Knight Returns where Superman gets caught in a nuclear explosion and he looks skeletal. By the way, Miller may be a right wing-nut, but my God does that sequence contain some of the best Superman writing I've ever seen - just the best writing that manages to convey that there's more depth to him than boy scout and also makes him so alien and strange. Amazing stuff.
  7. 100% read them prior to series.
  8. Quite a bit, I'd say. But the comic is so amazing no tv series could really touch it. But order wise, yes, comic first.
  9. Show can never be forgiven for how it treated Jennifer Carpenter, imo.
  10. Festoon


    I think the most repellent part of it all is I feel that racists like her because she's pretty.
  11. Festoon


    Man I was so happy for her I was screaming at the telly. I NEVER do that but an early breakaway is ALWAYS caught (almost). Genuinely thought I was going to have a heart attack. Amazing scenes.
  12. Is it very "Ryan Murphy" or is it a tolerable style?
  13. Festoon


    Top blagging. Who among us hasn't paused the game near the end of the final boss battle?
  14. Festoon


    I can understand being pissed if I was regaining momenteum though.
  15. Festoon


    Just to note, the crowd are fucking cunts.
  16. Festoon


    Jesus Christ she's just smiling. For fuck's sake.
  17. I've a bit of the old facial aphasia, if someone is made up similarily and really posed similarily, I'm easily fooled. Same with the Morpheus actor.
  18. Jesus, he's the image of Wilson. I was wondering how he had stayed so well-preserved looking. That's the lad from Mindhunter and Hamilton, right?
  19. Weird shortcuts in crowd animation is one. Ashitaka is a twat is another.
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