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  1. Justice Smith is great in this. his accent and demeanour had me doubting he's American. Only realised today that John Francis Daley was one of the co-directors of this.
  2. Yes, there's no reason for Part 2. They should've just made a movie.
  3. I think that was when the writers lunch was over and they had to go back to school.
  4. Haven't even bothered with the final episode. Tiresome shite.
  5. Ah right, I thought they were unmemorable. He seems to specialise in songs where the lyrics are very important but they rattle by too fast to comprehend.
  6. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Absolute bilge. 0.5/5
  7. Pixar laying off 75 people, lots involved with Lightyear including Galyn Susman, the person who saved Toy Story 2 by taking a copy home on a hard drive. Presumably some sort of retiring deely.
  8. LMM had nothing to do with Enchanted. That was Stephen Schwartz. That's why they were good. Haven't seen Hamilton.
  9. The three heads of Cartoon Saloon with their jaws on the floor says it all.
  10. The one about the guy desperate to take personal opinions as objectively wrong.
  11. 'What if your dad was a telephone?'
  12. I don't like his music at all. Everything I've heard sounds lame.
  13. Anyway, it's not Awkafina's fault, it's the dreadful influence of Lin Manuel Mirandas awful music. Disney need to dump that guy already. Awful, boring, dull raps.
  14. Perhaps not, but poor casting in any case.
  15. Compared to nothing, really. I just find the premise a bit lacking and a lot of it to be obvious and sub-Twilight Zone/Outer Limits, really. The subsequent move to Netflix has inflated the budget and provided A-list casting but it hasn't helped the writing, rather it exposes the weakness of the ideas even more, imo. There's nothing with a Squid Game impact here, or even Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. Good on Brooker for his success though, it's just not for me.
  16. Astonishingly good. Touches of Kate Bush.
  17. No, all of Black Mirror is shite.
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