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  1. It's been reviewed? I thought Nomadland was dull so I'm not surprised if the director struggles to make an action-packed Marvel movie
  2. And all for the low, low price of fuck all. It's what Villeneuve would have wanted.
  3. And all the visuals look kinda ropey too. Reminds me of that terrible Inhumans tv thing
  4. Is it just me that thinks this looks a bit shit?
  5. Rebecca Ferguson was great casting. Her and Edward Scissorhands.
  6. Urgh, Ryan Murphy again. he's bungled this. It's dark as fuck, all the women are made frumpy and stupid-looking, and there's simply not enough story to last 10 episodes without sssllllloooowwwwwiiiiiinnnnnnnggggg it down. Also Linda Tripp is dead, so they're going hog wild with making her the bad guy. Somebody save fine actor Sarah Paulson from the clutches of Ryan Murphy please.
  7. And the Robocop episode is one of the better ones.
  8. I love Dune, the book, and I'm nervous about this tbh. The clothing design is very different to what I've always imagined. And the soundtrack is just obvious. Zimmer at his literal, dull self. Forgettable, forgettable, forgettable. Fuck me, imagine what Johansson would have done with it. What a tragedy. Such a shame Villeneuve never linked up with Hildur Guðnadóttir - it would be nice to have a unique soundtrack for Dune.
  9. People saying it's warmed up Indy. It's not even warmed-up National Treasure. Stuart Campbell is going to love that 'jumping from a packing crate into a moving aeroplane' shot.
  10. Oh my god! What if <screenshot> means <scenario plotwise that I have extrapolated from screenshot?>
  11. That's what bugged me, I found her arrogant and I don't feel it has anything to do with her being 19.
  12. Bizarre, but rllmuk-adjacent if anything ever was.
  13. Freya was beginning to grate - every time she was given critique her response was "I wanted it to be like that" even if the comment was "well, this looks like shit" - "that's exactly how I wanted it to look". Grr. And all delivered in a creaky vocal fry. So annoying.
  14. I always thought that that was insane of Naughty Dog. Page was famous at the time, how in the name of Jesus did they think this was ok?
  15. That was better than expected, to be honest. At least it seems like a genuine effort made with love.
  16. Well, the point is he's kinda not the Kwisatz Haderach, at least he's not the one the Bene Gesserit planned for.
  17. I remember Noah Berlantsky getting this wrong too. The whole thing is a critique of the 'white saviour' trope.
  18. Yeah, I'm not sure how they took such good raw story and made it quite boring.
  19. I think they forgot that actors portray different characters in different films.
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