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  1. She's a horrible cunt. Her face, however was priceless, whatever metal it's made of. HE TOOK YOUR MONEY MAKOSI!
  2. I haven't bought an XBox bacause of that man. I'm serious.
  3. And why is he still calling me stranger at the end of the game? And how come no bad guys kill him? And how does he get safely from place to place BEFORE Leon? And how does he get from the shop to the shooting range before Leon? And is he infected with Las Plagas on the Island?
  4. How did his bike betray him? Did it buy a PS2?
  5. Bah. That wasn't implied at all.
  6. Festoon

    No Face

    At 10.99 a pop I'll bet he did.
  7. The ankh means life, I think.
  8. Festoon

    No Face

    And it didn't take you years like it took Chris Cunningham!
  9. It occured to me after posting that thats what that link probably pointed to. To actually contribute something then, I've checked and apparently it has nothing to do with Smith. Apart from the idea being ripped off from his book, obv. He's NOT a happy camper apparently.
  10. The premise sounds like Michael Marshall Smiths "Spares"
  11. And then beat the living shit out of her.
  12. Saw this last night. Not remotely as bad as it is made out to be. Much better than the woeful Troy.
  13. I FUCKING hate that hypocritical wench.
  14. Was she on? Didn't know they had "walkers" on.
  15. Dunno where that came from? Didn't sem to be disowning her in the BBLB interview. Or on the Channel4 site interview.
  16. She should have stayed, nominated Derek and then left.
  17. Although apparently that Lava Girl and Shark Boy movie of his is utter shite.
  18. Anthony spent most of the time with his hand covering his willy. To keep Craig away from it or to stop it getting hard? Also, Craig was lingering those hands over Anthonys body a little bit too much when carrying him around wasn't he?
  19. But Mr. Hulots Holiday is a gentle social satire for the most part. Hardly riveting or interesting for teens. Playtime is just, not.......all the great ....to be honest.
  20. Well I'm sure he's driving them crazy so it's no surprise he's up. The audience should be keeping him in to torture the others.
  21. Ah, but they've been behaving like cunts towards him first.
  22. What under 14 is going to watch Playtime, Mr. Hulots Holiday, la Belle et la Bete?
  23. He's also in the scene where he jumps into the car to escape the russians at the start. Edit: Bum. Too late
  24. Exactly right. It's hilarious to watch Science ruin it all for them. I think it was Craig who actually said this - "He's ruining MY time in here". Fuck him, it OUR time. A few years ago, my younger brother suggested that he would like to get into the house and behave exactly like Science to punish the other housemates for seeking, nay expecting fame in the house.
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