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  1. Yes, I have both. I'd say their a little bit too high, rather than deep. The RG351 is marginally better (button wise) than RG350M or RG350. I love both - but RG351 is pretty much the handheld I've waited forever for.
  2. Same - I use mine mainly for wrestling games and pinball and similar games to what you have mentioned. I'd never played Slam Tilt on Amiga before, but having heard of it. That's a revelation - great game. Wrestling- wise, Giant Gram 2000 plays very nicely. Out of the Aki wrestlers, Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 works very well. Use the Freem edition for an English translation. I am also experimenting with the Toukon Retsuden games - 3 on PS and 4 on DC.
  3. I got this through just before Christmas. It's great - only problem is that I got the PS4 version through just after and have been playing that since.
  4. That's only a couple of quid difference ti the physical version... but not having to pay shipping.
  5. There are different modes - home mode, arcade mode and free mode (and VR mode - not yet tried). You unlock other lines/trains in home mode. There's also a daily roulette mode. Having mainly been playing the PS1 Denshas, I'm quite happy with what you get here. I think arcade mode only has the Yamanote Line and another one. I tried the other one, it's quite difficult - lots of speed changes, horns, dimming lights etc. Your best bet is to have a look through these two guides to see what you think about replayability: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/300155-densha-de-go-ha
  6. Got my copy from Playasia today. Different controls to the older games, but it's a joy to play - loving it. A few weeks ago, I got through the new Densha De Go plug and Play, which is also great. Finding the stopping and timing much easier on these two versions, than PS1 games!
  7. Yeah, love it. The controls are so satisfying and it’s definitely up there with my fave drift racers.
  8. I love this - got it on Switch. A proper arcade racing game - great drifting and the tracks are varied and quite difficult. The controls are great - you can manoeuvre the cars so well around the corners including adjusting in and out a la Outrun 2. Superb!
  9. Surprised more people aren’t playing Inertial Drift. Nails the arcade drifty, tight times, great tracks - thing. While I enjoy Hotshots Racing, Inertial Drift is the better all round arcade package.
  10. Played the demo. Not really interested in music games if you’re not triggering the notes a la Frequency, Beatmania et al.
  11. Is the Switch version also 3/12/20? What would be the best site to order this? Is Playasia still a good option? Or is a there ‘better’ site?
  12. The handlings good, the colours and decorations around the track too and it’s quite fun in a race. The tracks are the disappointment for me - barely any corners worthy of drift and very little elevation.
  13. Probably closest to Intial D in terms of the racing. However, the controls use both analogue sticks - left stick for standard left and right, but much more limited movement than usual and right stick for drift. Has good reviews in general.
  14. I’m getting both. Bit disappointed about how Hotshots Racing has worked out after such a long build up. Tracks don’t seem as technical as I assumed they would be, for example. However, Inertial Drift has only appeared on my radar in the last week or so. 25ish quid for both seems pretty reasonable.
  15. Played through this on 360 again this summer. Still, one of my absolute favourite arcade racers. Just started the PSP version, for a second time with a 10 year gap in between.
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