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  1. How do you get the in game options up on Tempest 2000? it says the '-' button, but that mapped to the emulator wrapper menu.
  2. Sensible Soccer and Sensible World of Soccer - Hundreds of hours with many different groups of friends playing that classic. GB Tetris. More recently, Farm Simulator and the brilliant board game adaption Through The Ages on iPad.
  3. Bought this yesterday on Switch. Quite an upgrade from the previous version. Plays really well. I've been obsessed with Initial D Special Stage (PS2/playing on Steam Deck) and Street Stage (PSP/playing on Retroid 3+) Initial D is such a great arcade racer - one of Sega'a absolute finest.
  4. Ah right. The last Proton I have is 7-03. That must be the problem. Great thanks.
  5. Flatout Ultimate Carnage won't run on my Steam Deck. First game that the general consensus is that it works but is unsupported, but doesn't on my SD. I've tried various ways - no changes, proton experimental etc. What loading settings is everyone using?
  6. Been playing this this evening - another Minter classic, but quite different - a more measured pace to something like Space Giraffe. I haven't even tried the one button method, reviews had said the first thing to do was put the bomb and shoot on 2 buttons.
  7. I'm in. I have played a few rounds relatively recently - still holds up as a unique fighting game. Had it when it came out and remember completing the story mode a number of times, but never managing to beat 100 opponents in the other mode.
  8. Fantastic, thanks for your help in checking. Bit of a shame it's 50/50, if they were on sale individually I'd buy the working games.
  9. Does Space Giraffe and the other Llamasoft games (not Tenpest 4000) work on Steamdeck?
  10. I've been a gamer for over 40 years - but never really had a 'Christmas game'. When I think of Christmas and gaming I think of getting Snoopy Tennis Game & Watch and a colour BMX handheld game in the early-mid 80s. Always had too many family things on to sit down and play a game.
  11. It's a fair point - but I don't get much play time, so if I do get 10 mins for a quick blast, I just want to press on the Switch controller and play.
  12. Only played for 10 mins and I'm terrible at it, but Donut Dodo feels like the real deal. Bought it on Steam Deck even though I intend to buy it on Switch, this week.
  13. An early-onwards 80s arcade player here. Strangely, I rarely think of Atari when I think back to what I actually played - except Atari's Star Wars. Furthermore, the first time I played an Atari 2600 was on a 1988 holiday to Canada. The games didn't hold up to the NES, the family I was staying with also had. However, this collection is fantastic. A few holes in the catalogue, presumably due to licensing, but otherwise it's a brilliant package. Emulation/options/configurable controls all good. Digital Eclipse have put a lot of love into the timeline style UI. It puts quite a few retro packages to shame and should be the standard bearer going forward.
  14. A few other memories of the golden era of online gaming... Unreal Championship - a shooter I was good at, unusually. My flatmate and I used to swap the controller, doing a round each. My gamer tag was 'o_Kramer_o' and I had an amazing round, ridiculously high kills and then across the speakers someone said "oh,kramero (pronounced like that) who is this guy??!!" and they all started talking as if I was a mythical online player, the best that ever lived. That phrase is still legendary amongst my friends who were with me that day. Topspin - on Microsoft tournament thingy (with Links 2004) - I won the tournament and I was more nervous than when I actually did high-ish level athletics at the time! Burnout 2 - overall 2nd in the world. I worked hard for that and had a great time working my way up the scoreboard.
  15. Beta Moto GP player here. Put the disc in, headset on - did not move for 8 hours for a drink/toilet/anything. Absolutely, my favourite days of online gaming.
  16. Yup, got that one too - even though I have it completed on Switch. Hotshots is great - the one thing it's missing is good levels of elevation. Was hoping for some Rage Racer style climbs and jumps.
  17. Thanks for the heads up on this. Bought 5 games - Race Condition was the main one that piqued my interest - doesn't disappoint!
  18. What do you mean? Runs at 60fps and looks crisp? Will Batocera run all Model 2?
  19. The Japanese PS2 version runs fine in PCSX2 on the Steam Deck. The game needs the emulator to be set in software renderer. You can also set it to progressive scan mode if you turn off fast boot mode in the emulator and then hold triangle and X when the game loads.
  20. Ghost Squad on Wii. Absolutely loved it - played it more than any of the classic arcade games like Time Crisis etc.
  21. I'm not rllmuk's biggest contributor, more of a reader than writer, but been here since the beginning - I'm very sorry to hear about your sight.
  22. Yep, same here - PS4 DualShock. Some games show PS4 buttons, others Xbox.
  23. I have the upgraded JSAUX dock and would absolutely recommend it. Makes the Steam Deck nearly a Switch - rather than drop in, it's plug in.
  24. Nope. Always been primarily a handheld gamer - so, just continued as I always have done. What it has done though, is opened up lots of games that I have wanted to play but can't - due to restricting myself to non-PC.
  25. Yup in this thread. Haven't got much time, sorry - but if you search my posts (of which there are few) - you'll find what you need - model 3 emu/Supermodel Assistant.
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